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Bosch WTE86300US/03 Operating & Installation Instruction

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Operating, Care and


Table of Contents

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  • Page 1 Operating, Care and Installation Instructions...
  • Page 2: Table Of Contents

    Table of Contents Definitions ................. IMPORTANT SAFETY INSTRUCTIONS ............GROUNDING INSTRUCTIONS .............. INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS .............. Introduction ................Information concerning waste disposal ............Before installing the dryer ..............Electrical connection ............... Integrated socket ................. Condensate hose connection ............... Installation - step by step ..............Built under Installation ..............
  • Page 3 Congratulations o n havingselected Eachdryerwhichleaves ourfactory a Boschclothesdryer,the choiceof hasundergone a thorough Definitions thosethat demandexceptional performance test andis infull performance fromtheirclothesdryer. workingcondition.If youhaveany questionsespecially concerning Thisdryercomplieswith installation of the dryer- our UL2158A ElectricClothesDryers. customerservice teamwillbe A distinctive featureofyourdryeris happyto adviseyou. WARNING - This indicates that lowenergyconsumption.
  • Page 4: Important Safety Instructions

    1. Read all instructions before Do not use fabric softeners washing, which may smoke or using the dryer. Bosch dryers products to eliminate static catch fire by itself. are provided with Operating, unless recommended by the Care and Installation 17.
  • Page 5: Grounding Instructions

    GROUNDING 28. Do not operate this dryer until you are sure that the dryer INSTRUCTIONS has been installed according Improper connection of the to the INSTALLATION This appliance must be grounded. equipment grounding conductor In the event of malfunction INSTRUCTIONS and that can result in a risk of electric breakdown,...
  • Page 6: Installation Instructions

    INSTALLATIO INSTRUCTIONS Introduction Information Before installing concerning waste the dryer Read these installation instructions disposal completely and carefully. They will Unpacking the appliance save you time and effort and help to Disposal of the packaging ensure optimum dryer performance. Be sure to observe all listed warnings and cautions.
  • Page 7 Installationlocation The installation room must be well ventilated, otherwise the dryer will operate below optimum performance. Do not install t he dryer: Do not operate the dryer at outdoors temperatures above 104°F (40°C) in an environment withdripping and below 41°F (5°C). Low water, temperatures affect the automatic...
  • Page 8: Electrical Connection

    CSA listed in Canada. upturned end wire terminating place with reverse handling. connectors. The Bosch dryer requires a 4-wire receptacle. Do not make a sharp bend or crimp wiring/conductor at con- nections.
  • Page 9 7. Tightenall3 screws(3 Nm)so Connecting 3-wire power supply Additional grounding procedure cord thatthe powerconductors are 1. Remove the screws from the Some local regulations heldsecurely in place. cover of the terminal block 8. Checkthe U.L strainrelief require a separate ground. located at the top rear of the In such cases, the required clampto makesurethat it is...
  • Page 10: Integrated Socket

    Only the listed drain line installed and run to a washer may be connected. For all suitable drain. other connections Bosch will The connection for the condensate assume no liability. hose is located on the back of the dryer.Connect the condensate drain hose to the dryer.
  • Page 11: Installation - Step By Step

    Installation Check list before If the dryer is not level or if it does wobble, the feet must be step by step using the dryer adjusted. Adjust the 1. Unpack the dryer. 1. Check that steps 1-8 have height-adjustable feet until the been implemented properly.
  • Page 12: Your New Dryer

    I STRUCTIONS OPERATI Your new dryer Open the door..and close the door. Lint filter Air cooler Open the maintenance flap ..and close the maintenance falp.
  • Page 13: Panel

    Panel Program selector Selects a program. See page 16. Status lights Display Can be rotated in both directions. Indicates the estimated remaining time of To switch off the dryer, rotate the programs and if selected the delay start time. program selector to "Off". Permanent press Regular/Cotton Start...
  • Page 14: Safety Information

    To save energy, money and time, while drying. 6. Conduct an appliance test, see Bosch recommends the following: Failure to follow these page 1 1. Drain the laundry thoroughly! instructions may result in...
  • Page 15: Temporary Disconnection Of The Dryer

    Drying tips In principle, the following applies to Temporary Laundry all drying programs: disconnection To ensure a uniform drying Identification result, sort the laundry of the dryer of fabrics according to fabric type and drying program. Observe the treatment symbols on Operate your dryer only when you Fasten zippers, hooks and...
  • Page 16: Program Selection

    Special programs Program selection 7+;Y+h;_, ..o_ ..,<, ,, ; ..7_,{f f 7<) For optimum drying results your Short dryer offers several program groups program '" and additional options. fiu _d J_;l<f)" i y_ oD{_'_hm 0_7_1' i I Finish Wools Select the required drying program from the program table according...
  • Page 17: Indicator Of Program Sequence

    Indicator of program Start Delay G sequence Sets the delay start time of the dryer (Start in .. hours!) 0-24 The dryer uses an electronic (0.5 h steps) scanning system for all programs except the time programs and the The selected time is displayed. special "Wool Finish"...
  • Page 18: Operation

    The estimated remaining time will be indicated. Operation Lint filter indicator flashes for 5 seconds - "Check lint filter"! Using the dryer 8. Press the "Start!Stop" button. The "Start!Stop" indicator light illuminates. If an automatic program has been selected, the indicator lights 4.
  • Page 19: Cleaning And Care

    Cleaning and care Cleaning the dryer 6. Close filter and re-insert. 2. Open the door. RISK OF EXPLOSION! 7. Close the door. Never use solvents or highly flammable liquids for cleaning. Cleaning the air cooler 3-4 times a year or if o (Filter) flashes continuously after the fluff filter has been cleaned.
  • Page 20: Cleaning The Moisture Sensor

    Cleaning the moisture Changing the light [-_Do not damage the air cooler! bulb sensor Clean with warm water only; do not use hard/sharp-edged Occasionally the moisture sensor The dryer light turns on inside the objects! has to be cleaned because a fine drum when you open the door.
  • Page 21: Troubleshooting

    Troubleshootin Before calling the customer service, 1. Set program selector to "Off". check whether you can rectify the 2. Turn off the circuit breaker. fault yourself by means of the RISK OF ELECTRICAL SHOCK ! 3. Pull the mains plug out of the following table.
  • Page 22: Service And Repair

    SERVICE and REPAIR If you are having a problem with Please be sure to include, if writing, your Bosch dryer and are not or have available, if calling, the pleased with the service you have following information: CAUTION - Label all wires prior...
  • Page 23: Statement Of Limited Product Warranty

    Bosch would still pay for labor and parts and ship the parts to the nearest authorized service provider, you would still be fully liable and responsible for any travel time or other special charges by the service company, assuming they agree to make the service call.
  • Page 24 Out of Warranty Product: Bosch is under no obligation, at law or otherwise, to provide you with any concessions, including repairs, pro-rates, or Product...
  • Page 25: Warranty Exclusions

    God. In no event shall Bosch have any liability or responsibility whatsoever for damage to surrounding property, including cabinetry, floors, ceilings, and other structures or objects around the Product.
  • Page 26: Program Selection Table

    Program selection table Automatic programs ForCottonsandcoloredsmadeof cottonor linen, "Regular/Cottons" Press"Low heat"buttonfor temperature-sensitive textiles, Press"Easyironing"buttonto preventthe laundryfrom creasing, Forlaundry, Bed linenand tablelinen,towels which is to be ironed Dampdry Bed linenand tablelinen,towels,T-shirts,sportsshirts,overalls T-shirts,sportsshirts,dresses, t rousers,overalls,underwear which is notto be ironed Terrytowels,kitchentowels,handtowels,bed linen,underwear, c otton Regulardry socks Terrytowels,kitchentowels,handtowels,bed linen,underwear, c otton...
  • Page 27: Summary Of Instructions

    Summary of instructions Safety information Preparing the dryer Selecting a program Check the lint filter. The filter should be cleaned before and after every drying process. Always follow the IMPORTANT SAFETY INSTRUCTIONS (see page 4). Warm ares 40 m n. Finisch EXPLOSION HAZARD!
  • Page 28 9209/9000240475...