Garmin GPSMAP 295 Quick Start Manual

Garmin gpsmap quick start guide 295.
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Quick Start Guide

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  • Page 1

    Q Q Q Q Q u u u u u i i i i i c c c c c k k k k k S S S S S t t t t t a a a a a r r r r r t t t t t GPSMAP 295...

  • Page 2: Unit Features

    Thank you for purchasing the GARMIN GPSMAP 295 —the result of our continuing effort to provide quality, user-friendly navigation systems for all your needs. This Quick Start guide is designed to introduce the basic functions of the unit. Please take a few...

  • Page 3: Battery Installation

    The GPSMAP 295 operates on 6 AA batteries or an external power source (from 10-35 volts DC). AA batteries are installed in the compartment on the back of the unit. These batteries provide up to three hours of continuous use. Rechargeable NiCad or lithium batteries may also be used.

  • Page 4: Cigarette Lighter Adapter

    A cigarette lighter adapter is provided with your GPSMAP 295. For extended operation, you may wish to use this adapter and leave the batteries installed as a backup power source. External power from 10 to 35 volts DC may be applied to the unit.

  • Page 5: What Is Gps

    (be “initialized”) or given the opportunity to find itself. The first time you use your GPSMAP 295, it may take several minutes to get a position fix. Because the GPSMAP 295 relies on satellite signals to provide you with navigation guidance, the receiver needs to have an unobstructed, clear view of the sky for best performance.

  • Page 6

    Q Q Q Q Q u u u u u i i i i i c c c c c k k k k k S S S S S t t t t t a a a a a r r r r r t t t t t Keypad Usage / Data Entry Example of the on-screen cursor highlighting the “GOTO”...

  • Page 7

    Take the GPSMAP 295 outside and find an open area where the antenna has a clear view of the sky. You may either hold the unit at a comfortable height with the antenna pointing up (see page 2), or place the unit in one of the supplied mounting brackets (see Appendix A in your Pilot’s Guide).

  • Page 8

    ‘Poor Coverage’ receiver status and message. The Satellite Status Page is the first main page you’ll view while your GPSMAP 295 is acquiring satellites and determining a position. This page shows you status information including number of satellites received, their location above you in the sky, and the signal strength of each satellite received.

  • Page 9

    Additionally, there are many settings on the GPSMAP 295 you can make on your own. For example, speed can be displayed in knots, miles per hour or kilometers per hour. The GPSMAP 295 provides the flexibility to have separate settings for Aviation Mode and Land Mode (and saves them so you do not have to re-enter them the next time you switch between modes).

  • Page 10: Main Page Sequence

    A smaller map can also be depicted on the HSI page. See your Pilot’s Guide for additional information. The GPSMAP 295 features five main pages which are linked together, in series. You can quickly cycle through these main pages—in either direction—using the PAGE and QUIT keys. Each of these main pages is described in greater detail in the reference section of this manual.

  • Page 11: Viewing Database Info

    One of the most important features of your new GPSMAP 295 is the built-in Jeppesen database, which inlcudes information on airports, runways, frequencies, approaches, navaids and airspace boundaries. This information is readily available from the D WPT key or directly from the Map Page.

  • Page 12: Going To A Waypoint

    Q Q Q Q Q u u u u u i i i i i c c c c c k k k k k S S S S S t t t t t a a a a a r r r r r t t t t t Going to a Waypoint To select a GOTO destination from the waypoint information pages, select the on-screen ‘GOTO’...

  • Page 13: Map Page

    If the Map Page is not currently displayed, press PAGE (repeatedly) until the Map Page appears. The Map Page shows your movement using a real-time track log (an electronic breadcrumb trail that appears directly on the map as you’re traveling), and your present position as an airplane icon in the center of the map.

  • Page 14

    Q Q Q Q Q u u u u u i i i i i c c c c c k k k k k S S S S S t t t t t a a a a a r r r r r t t t t t HSI Page The ‘Big Numbers’...

  • Page 15: Nearest Airports

    A list of the nine nearest airports within 200 miles of your present position is always just a keystroke away! For in-flight emergencies or if you just want to stop for a break, you can select an airport from the list and designate it as your destination.

  • Page 16: Troubleshooting

    • Have you moved more than 500 miles from the last calculated position with the GPSMAP 295 turned off? Your GPSMAP 295 may be looking for the “wrong” satellites if it thinks it is on the other side of the Earth. You may need to select “AutoLocate” from the Satellite Status Page Options (see your Pilot’s Guide).

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