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   Summary of Contents for Beko Oven

  • Page 1

    Please read this manual first. Dear Customer, We would like you to obtain the best performance from your product that has been manufactured in modern facilities under strict quality control procedures. Therefore, we advise you to read through this User Manual carefully before using your product and keep it for future reference.

  • Page 2: Table Of Contents

    General information on baking, roasting and Important safety instructions grilling ..........20 General safety ..........7 How to operate the electric oven ....20 Safety for children ......... 7 Operating modes ......... 21 Safety when working with gas ......8 Using the oven clock........

  • Page 3: General Information, Overview

    Grill switch Handle Shelf positions Foot Wire shelf Tray Ignition button Auxiliary burner Front right Normal burner Front left Oven knob Normal burner Rear left Thermostat lamp Wok burner Middle Thermostat knob Rapid burner Rear right Mechanical timer 4 /EN...

  • Page 4: Technical Specifications

    Power 2900 W Front right Auxiliary burner Power 1000 W OVEN/GRILL Main oven Fan oven Energy efficiency class Inner lamp 15–25 W Grill power consumption 2500 W Basics: Information on the energy label of electrical ovens is given in accordance with the EN 50304 standard.

  • Page 5: Package Contents, Injector Table

    User manual the wire shelf and tray. Oven tray Used for pastries, frozen foods and big roasts. Injector table Position hob...

  • Page 6: Important Safety Instructions, General Safety, Safety For Children

    • Rear surface of the oven gets hot when it is in due to the product not being earthed in use. Make sure that the gas/electrical accordance with the local regulations.

  • Page 7: Safety When Working With Gas, Safety When Working With Electricity, Intended Use

    • When the door is open, do not load any heavy monoxide is a colourless, odourless and very object on it and do not allow children to sit on toxic gas, which has a lethal effect even in it. It may overturn or door hinges may get very small doses.

  • Page 8

    This product should not be used for warming the damage caused by improper use or handling plates under the grill, drying towels, dish cloths etc. errors. by hanging them on the oven door handles. This The oven can be used for defrosting, baking, roasting and grilling food. 9/EN...

  • Page 9: Installation, Before Installation

    Do not move by pulling on the door handle or knobs. Move the appliance a bit at a time until placed in the position required.

  • Page 10

    (100 °C min.). The appliance must be secured against overbalancing by using the supplied two safety chains on your oven. Fasten hook (1) to the kitchen wall (5) and connect safety chain (2) to the hook. Hook (is not supplied)

  • Page 11: Installation And Connection

    Room size Ventilation opening DANGER smaller than 5 m min. 100 cm The power cable must not be clamped, to 10 m min. 50 cm bent or trapped or come into contact greater than 10 m 'den not required with hot parts of the product. A damaged power cable must be replaced In the cellar or min.

  • Page 12

    Additional protection by a residual current circuit breaker is recommended. 2. Fitting a different plug The moulded plug on this appliance incorporates a 13A fuse. Should the fuse need to be replaced an ASTA approved BS1362 fuse of the same rating must be used.

  • Page 13

    150mm/6 inches (hot region) Gasket of the rear of the appliance. Do not pass the hose Gas (safety) hose through the (**) hot region behind the oven. Valve with 90° outlet Connection piece Gas supply pipe...

  • Page 14: Gas Conversion

    Gas Safe registered installer or • Adjusting the feet of oven service agent. 4 feet are supplied together with your oven. Exchange of injector for the burners Each foot must be installed into respective 1. Take off burner cap and burner body.

  • Page 15: Compliance With Eee Directive, Package Information, Future Transportation, Disposing Of The Old Product

    To prevent the wire grill and tray inside the oven from damaging the oven door, place a strip of cardboard onto the inside of the oven door that lines up with the position of the trays. Tape the oven door to the side walls.

  • Page 16: Preparation, Tips For Saving Energy, Initial Use, First Cleaning Of The Appliance, Initial Heating

    Keep children away. during cooking. Always use heat resistant oven gloves when • Try to cook more than one dish in the oven at putting in or removing dishes into/from the the same time whenever possible. You can hot oven.

  • Page 17: General Information About Cooking, Using The Hobs

    How to use the hob Gas cooking General information about cooking • Size of the vessel and the flame must match DANGER each other. Adjust the gas flames so that they Never fill the pan with oil more than one will not extend the bottom of the vessel and third of it.

  • Page 18

    Gas shut off safety system (in models with DANGER thermic component) Release the button if the burner is not ignited within 15 seconds. As a counter measure Wait at least 1 minute before trying again. against blow out due to fluid There is the risk of gas accumulation and overflows at burners, safety explosion!

  • Page 19: How To Operate The Oven, Grilling, How To Operate The Electric Oven

    • Slide the wire shelf or baking tray with grill Be careful when opening the oven door into the desired level in the oven. If you are as steam may escape. grilling on the wire shelf, slide the baking tray Exiting steam can scald your hands, face to the lower rack to collect fats.

  • Page 20: Operating Modes, Using The Oven Clock

    3. Select operation mode and temperature; see. How to operate the electric oven, page 20. Rack positions (For models with wire shelf) » The oven will be heated up to the preset Operating modes temperature and will maintain this temperature until the end of the cooking time you selected.

  • Page 21: Cooking Times Table, How To Operate The Grill, Cooking Times Table For Grilling

    Baking and roasting Cooking times table 1st rack of the oven is the bottom rack. The timings in this chart are meant as a guide. Timings may vary due to temperature of food, thickness, type and your own preference of cooking.

  • Page 22: Maintenance And Care, General Information, Cleaning The Hob, Cleaning The Control Panel, Cleaning The Oven

    Clean oven door washing liquid, a soft cloth or sponge to clean To clean the oven door, use warm water with the product and wipe it with a dry cloth. washing liquid, a soft cloth or sponge to clean the •...

  • Page 23: Removing The Door Inner Glass

    Pull the inner glass panel (3) towards yourself Removing the door inner glass until it detaches from its plastic slots (4). The inner glass panel of the oven door can be • When reinstalling the glass panel, make sure removed for cleaning.

  • Page 24: Replacing The Oven Lamp

    If your oven is equipped with a round lamp: Replacing the oven lamp 1. Disconnect the product from mains. DANGER 2. Turn the glass cover counter clockwise to Before replacing the oven lamp, make remove it. sure that the product is disconnected from mains and cooled down in order to avoid the risk of an electrical shock.

  • Page 25

    26 / EN...

  • Page 26: Troubleshooting

    Troubleshooting Oven emits steam when it is in use. It is normal that steam escapes during operation. This is not a fault. Water drops occur during cooking The vapour that arises during cooking can condense and form water droplets when it hits cold surfaces of the product.

  • Page 27: Guarantee And Service


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