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Frigidaire 242290700 Use & Care Manual

Top mount refrigerator
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Energy Saving Tips ................................................
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  • Page 1 CONTENTS _tu_es ......Energy Saving Tips ..........Temperature Controls USA 1-800-944-9044 Canada 1-800-265-8352 _!_;iii_ii_ii_ii_ii_ii_ii_ii_...
  • Page 2 Read and Save These Instructions This Owner's Guide provides specific operating instructions for your model. Use your refrigerator only as instructed in this guide. These instructions are not meant to cover every Please read all instructions before using this refrigerator, possible condition and situation that may occur.
  • Page 3 Electrical Information Child Safety • The refrigerator must be plugged into its own - Destroy carton, plastic bags, and any exterior dedicated 115 Volt, 60 Hz., 15 Amp, AC only wrapping material immediately after the refrigerator electrical outlet. The power cord of the appliance is is unpacked.
  • Page 4 ThisUse&Care Guide provides g eneral operating instructions foryourmodel. U sethe refrigerator onlyas instructed inthis Use& Care Guide. B eforestarting the The direction in which your refrigerator doors open refrigerator, follow these important first steps, (door swing) can be reversed, from left to right or right Location to left, by moving the door hinges from one side to the other.
  • Page 5 Step 3 Step Remove top hinge cover. Unscrew and remove the top Unscrew and remove the middle hinge and middle hinge hinge and top hinge shim. Keep the screws so they can shim. Save the screws. Lift the refrigerator door up and be used on the opposite side.
  • Page 6: Refrigerator Door

    Step Remove right pin assemblies from the bottom of the freezer and refrigerator doors. On the opposite side, insert Replace attach the replacement pin assemblies (located in Middle Door the plastic bag with the Use and Care Manual) with a Hinge screwdriver.
  • Page 7: Cool Down Period

    Cool Down Period Cleaning , Wash any removable parts of the refrigerator interior, For best performance, allow four hours for the refrigerator to and exterior with mild detergent and warm water. Wipe cool down completely. The refrigerator will run continuously for the first several hours.
  • Page 8: Adjustable Interior Shelves

    Freezer Shelf Crispers Freezer Control Freezer Door Bins Refrigerator Control FuIFwidth Door Bins Lamp Switch Adjustable Front Feet Glass Shelves Interior Light (located in center of control housing) Adjustable Interior Shelves Interior Light (some models) Multi-position adjustable interior shelves can be moved The light comes on automatically when the door is to any position for larger or smaller bottles.
  • Page 9: Cleaning The Inside

    Cleaning the Inside Wash inside surfaces of the refrigerator with a solution of two tablespoons of baking soda in one quart (1.136 liters) warm water. Rinse and dry. Wring excess water out of the sponge or cloth when cleaning in the area of the controls, or any electrical parts.
  • Page 10 Visit our web site at 1-800-944-9044 States)] (United 1-800-265-8352 (Canada) cAusE CO..ECTIO. REFI_GERATOR OPERATION Refrigerator does not Refrigerator is plugged into a Use another circuit. If you are unsure about the outlet, ® ® run. circuit that has a ground fault have it checked by a certified technician.
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  • Page 12 Product features or specifications as described or illustrated are subject to change without notice. Canada 1.800.265.8352 Electrolux Electrolux Canada Corp. Frigidaire 1.800.944.9044 5855 Terry Fox Way 10200 David Taylor Drive Mississauga, Ontario, Canada Charlotte, NC 28262 L5V 3E4...