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Fujitsu Rugged Tablet Case User Manual

Fujitsu computer systems corporation rugged tablet case user's guide


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F u j i t s u C o m p u t e r S y s t e m s C o r p o r a t i o n
Rugged Tablet Case
User's Guide
These instructions provide details on using the rugged
tablet case with your Fujitsu LifeBook notebook when
it is in tablet mode. The case provides added protec-
tion when transporting, using, or storing the note-
We recommend that you read these instructions prior
to using the case with your computer.
Package Contents
Included in the package are the following items:
Rugged tablet case
Full-size pen (designed to fit in the pen holder on
the front of the case. This pen will not fit in the pen
holder that is built into the system.)
Pen tether
Hand strap (2 pieces)
Case handle
Shoulder strap


Table of Contents

Summary of Contents for Fujitsu Rugged Tablet Case

  • Page 1 F u j i t s u C o m p u t e r S y s t e m s C o r p o r a t i o n Rugged Tablet Case User’s Guide I N S T R U C T I O N S...
  • Page 2 Application button access Figure 1. Rugged tablet case - Front The pen which came with the system is too small to fit snugly in the pen slot, so a full-size pen is included with the case. The pen holder on the top front of the case should be used to store the pen.
  • Page 3: Installing The Hand Strap

    PC Card access Hand strap slots Figure 2. Rugged tablet case - back Installing the hand strap The hand strap is designed to let you hold your system securely when it is installed in the case. Use of the hand strap is highly recommended.
  • Page 4 Insert the shorter of the two pieces of the hand strap into the bottom slots with the Velcro “hooks” strip fac- ing up. (Figure 3) Pull it through until the retaining bar is snug against the case. Retaining bar Figure 3. Inserting hand strap halves Insert the longer piece of the hand strap into the top slot with the “fuzzy”...
  • Page 5: Installing The System

    Installing the system To install your system into the rugged tablet case, perform the following steps: Position the case face down (the same orientation as when you installed the hand strap). Position the system in tablet mode with the display fac- ing down, and hold it by the edge opposite the battery.
  • Page 6 Flexible edge Figure 5. Enclosing the system Figure 6. System in case...
  • Page 7: Using The Hand Strap

    Using the hand strap When you want to hold the case using the elastic hand strap, first separate the two halves. Place your hand in a comfort- able position on the bottom of the system and re-secure the strap against the back of your hand. When not using the hand strap, attach it snugly against the back of the computer.
  • Page 8 Repeat the procedure above with the other end of the handle. Figure 8. Inserting strap into buckle. Figure 9. Pulling strap through buckle...
  • Page 9: Installing The Shoulder Strap

    Figure 10. Tightening the strap Installing the shoulder strap To install the shoulder strap, open the spring-loaded clips on both ends and attach one to each of the D-rings (Figure 11). Figure 11. Installing the shoulder strap...
  • Page 10 Pull it snugly to tighten the loop. Caring for the rugged tablet case The case is made of rugged materials, and is designed to withstand daily use.
  • Page 12 For technical support call: 1-800-8fujitsu (1-800-838-5487) or e-mail us at: Fujitsu, the Fujitsu logo, and LifeBook are registered trademarks of Fujitsu, Ltd. All other trademarks mentioned herein are the property of their respec- tive owners. Product description data represents Fujitsu design objectives and is provided for comparative purposes;...

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