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Positioning Your Mouse; Connecting Peripherals; Connecting Your Mouse And Keyboard; Usb Interface - Acer Veriton A430_31 User Manual

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Positioning your mouse

The mouse should be placed on the same surface as your keyboard so that
you can reach it with ease.
Adjust its position to allow enough space for movement without making you
stretch or lean over.
Use your arm to move the mouse. Do not rest your wrist on the table when
moving the mouse.

Connecting peripherals

Setting up your computer is easy. For the most part, you only have four things to
connect: the mouse, keyboard, monitor and power cable.
Note: The peripherals shown in the connections below are for your
reference only. Actual device models may vary in select countries.

Connecting your mouse and keyboard

USB interface

Plug your USB mouse or keyboard cable into any of the USB ports
the front and rear panels of your computer.

PS/2 interface

Plug the PS/2 keyboard cable into the PS/2 keyboard (purple) port on the rear panel
of your computer. Plug the PS/2 mouse cable into the PS/2 mouse (green) port on
the rear panel of your computer.

Connecting a monitor

To connect a monitor, simply plug the monitor cable into the video port on the rear
panel of your computer .
Note: When a VGA card is added to the PCI Express slot, the monitor
should be connected to the add-on card and the onboard VGA will be
Note: Refer to the monitor manual for additional instructions
and information.
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Table of Contents

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