Alcatel One Touch 132 User Manual

Alcatel mobile phone user manual.
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   Summary of Contents for Alcatel One Touch 132

  • Page 2: Table Of Contents

    Call settings ..................32 Table of contents Call control ..................35 Network ....................35 Security ....................36 Safety and use ..............3 Restore default settings ..............36 Regulatory information ............8 Tools ...................37 General information ............10 10.1 Calculator ....................37 Getting started ..............12 10.2 Calendar ....................37 Set-up ....................12...

  • Page 3: Safety And Use

    Emergency call numbers may not be reachable on all cellular networks. You should never rely only Safety and use ......on your phone for emergency calls. Do not open, dismantle or attempt to repair your mobile phone yourself. Do not drop, throw or bend your mobile phone. Do not paint it.

  • Page 4: Radio Waves

    ICNIRP guidelines for this device model are: - Municipal waste disposal centres with specific bins for these items of equipment ONE TOUCH 132: - Collection bins at points of sale. Maximum SAR for this model and conditions under which it was recorded.

  • Page 5: Regulatory Information

    The following approvals and notices apply in specific regions as noted. Additional information about electromagnetic fields and public health are available on the following site: ONE TOUCH 132: Your telephone is equipped with a built-in antenna. For optimal operation, you should avoid touching it or degrading it.

  • Page 6: General Information

    ONE TOUCH 232: General information ....• Internet address: • Hot Line Number: see "TCT Mobile Services" leaflet or go to our Internet site. On our Internet site, you will find our FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) section. You can also contact us by e-mail to ask any questions you may have.

  • Page 7: Getting Started, Set-up

    Protection against theft Getting started ..... Your telephone is identified by an IMEI (phone serial number) shown on the packaging label and in the product’s memory. We recommend that you note the number the first time you use your telephone by entering * Set-up # 0 6 # and keep it in a safe place.

  • Page 8: Power On Your Phone, Power Off Your Phone

    Make sure the battery is correctly inserted before connecting the Power off your phone charger. • The mains socket must be near to the phone and easily accessible (avoid Hold down the key from the main screen. electric extension cables). ONE TOUCH 132 only. ONE TOUCH 232 only.

  • Page 9: Your Mobile, Keys

    Menu/Confirm an option - Press and hold: switch languages  Lock (press and hold) Profiles  Right softkey Calendar Power on/Power off Create message  End call Alarm Deactivate the Torch  Torch ONE TOUCH 132 only. ONE TOUCH 232 only.

  • Page 10: Idle Screen Icons, Call

    Idle screen icons From Idle screen - Press: # In ONE TOUCH 132: - Press and hold: Silent mode on/off Activate/deactivate the vibrator Battery charge level. In Edit mode: Call forwarding activated: your calls are forwarded. - Press: input a space From idle screen Alarm clock programmed.

  • Page 11: Making A Call, Calling Your Voicemail

    Alarm clock programmed. Calls ........Voicemail message arrived. Making a call Unanswered calls. Dial the desired number then press the key to place the call. If you Roaming. make a mistake, you can delete the incorrect digits by pressing the right softkey.

  • Page 12: Receiving A Call, During A Call, Contacts

    Receiving a call Adjusting the volume You can adjust the sound level during a call using the key. When you receive an incoming call, press the key to talk and then hang up using the key. Handling two calls The caller’s number is displayed if it is transmitted by the network •...

  • Page 13: Consulting Your Contacts, Adding A Contact

    You can move from one field to another by scrolling up and down. If you use your phone abroad, store the numbers in Contacts in international format "+" followed by the country code. ONE TOUCH 132 only. ONE TOUCH 232 only.

  • Page 14: Create Message

    Specific letters (accent) will increase the size of the SMS, this may cause multiple SMS to be sent to your recipient. Channel set Select/Add/Edit/Delete channels. Ringtone setting Set the ringtone. ONE TOUCH 132 only. Depending on your network operator. ONE TOUCH 232 only. ONE TOUCH 232 only.

  • Page 15: Available Options

    Available options When you press "Options", you may have access to View, Call, Save, Delete, Delete all, Edit before call, Create SMS, etc. ONE TOUCH 132 only. ONE TOUCH 232 only. ONE TOUCH 132 only. The quality of the radio depends on the coverage of the radio station in that ONE TOUCH 232 only.

  • Page 16

    You can customise your welcome animation or image that appears when you switch on your phone. You can also customise your OFF screen with an image or animation. ONE TOUCH 132 only. ONE TOUCH 232 only. ONE TOUCH 232 only.

  • Page 17

    SIM card. 9.1.5 Languages Display language for messages (select using ). The "Automatic" option selects the language according to the home network (if available). ONE TOUCH 132 only. ONE TOUCH 232 only. Contact your network operator to check service availability.

  • Page 18

    9.2.2 Billing 9.2.5 Call barring You can access different items with this option: You can activate or deactivate the call barring for outgoing and incoming calls. The various options are: Amount Last call cost/Total You can view the total cost of cost/Max cost/Reset charged calls or reset it and enter Outgoing calls...

  • Page 19: Call Control

    9.2.8 Beep duration Security You can activate or cancel the beep emitted during a call with a specified SIM Security frequency (enter the frequency and confirm by "OK"). Activate PIN The SIM card protection code is requested each 9.2.9 Auto redial time the phone is powered on if this code is activated.

  • Page 20

    10.5 Game To return to the main screen, press Your ALCATEL ONE TOUCH phone includes a game. Select "Game settings", it allows you to manage settings, in which you may set background 10.2 Calendar audio alert or vibration alert Once you enter this menu , there is a monthly-view calendar for you to 10.6...

  • Page 21

    Navigation key then confirm by pressing "ok". This profile will turn off all ringtones, including notification sounds. Alert type For ONE TOUCH 132: Ring, Silent. For ONE TOUCH 232: Ring, Silent, Vibration only, Vibration and Ring, Vibration then Ring. Volume Adjust the volume using the left/right key.

  • Page 22: Latin Input Mode

    . Press the key once and the word will be modified each time you press a key. As you go on, the word will keep changing. Example: For "Tomorrow", press on the following keys: = Too -> -> ->Tomorrow ONE TOUCH 132 only. ONE TOUCH 232 only.

  • Page 23: Telephone Warranty

    1) Non-compliance with the instructions for use or installation, or with Telephone warranty ..technical and safety standards applicable in the geographical area where your phone is used, 2) Connection to any equipment not supplied or not recommended by Your phone is warranted against any defect or malfunctioning which may TCT Mobile Limited, occur in conditions of normal use during the warranty period of twelve (12) months...

  • Page 24: Troubleshooting

    • Avoid storing large amounts of data in your phone as this may affect its performance. Only use your telephone with ALCATEL ONE TOUCH batteries, chargers and accessories in your box. • Use User Data Format to perform phone formatting, (to perform User Data format, hold down # while simultaneously pressing the power on/off key under the power off mode).

  • Page 25

    My phone cannot charge properly Unable to receive incoming calls • Make sure you are using an ALCATEL ONE TOUCH battery and the • Make sure your phone is switched on and connected to a network (check charger from the box for overloaded or unavailable network) •...

  • Page 26: Messaging, Access, Network, Services

    • Switch on the backlight upon request ONE TOUCH 132 only. ONE TOUCH 232 only. User Data Format ALL user phone data: Contacts, messages and files will be lost permanently. Please store phone data in SIM card before you want...

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