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Frigidaire 218954901 Owner's Manual

Frigidaire refrigerator owner's guide


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P/N 218954901 (0101)


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  • Page 1 READ AND SAVE THESE INSTRUCTIONS P/N 218954901 (0101)
  • Page 2: Table Of Contents

    Record Your Model and Serial Numbers Record the Model No. and Serial No. of this refrigerator in the space provided below. These numbers are found on the serial plate located on the ceiling of the refrigerator compartment.
  • Page 3: Important Safety Instructions

    Consult a qualified electrician. Do Not Use An Extension Cord Or Adapter Plug. • If voltage varies by 10 percent or more, performance of your refrigerator may be affected. Operating refrigerator with insufficient power can damage compressor.
  • Page 4: First Steps

    • out of direct sunlight and away from range, dishwasher, or other heat sources, if possible. • on a floor that is level and strong enough to support a fully loaded refrigerator. • where a water supply is available for automatic ice maker.
  • Page 5: Connecting Ice Maker To Water Supply

    The ice maker requires a 1/4 inch (6.4 mm) copper water supply line (with shutoff) from your household water system. Allow enough tubing behind your refrigerator to permit moving out to clean floor. A water line kit is available through your dealer at extra charge. This kit includes 1/4 inch diameter copper tubing, plus parts to connect to your cold water line.
  • Page 6: Energy Saving Ideas

    8 to 12 hours before loading with food. Refrigerator Control • The refrigerator control should be set at the midpoint (-) of the dial for a trial period of 24 hours. • After 24 hours, adjust the control as needed. For colder temperatures, turn the dial a notch toward COLDEST.
  • Page 7: Fresh Food Storage

    Chilled Air Control knob within the COLDEST or COLD range. Meat will be partially frozen and may be kept fresh longer than if stored on a refrigerator shelf.
  • Page 8: Automatic Ice And Water Dispenser

    Replace light bulb with an appliance bulb of the same wattage. How the Water Dispenser Works The water tank is located behind the drawers in the refrigerator compartment. As the water is dispensed, the tank is automatically refilled. For proper operation of the dispenser, the supply water pressure must fall between 30 psi and 120 psi.
  • Page 9 Automatic Ice and Water Dispenser (continued) Do not use the ice WARNING chute as a handle when removing or replacing the ice storage bin. Surfaces there may be sharp. Repositioning the Auger Ice Dispenser Tips 1. Ice cubes stored too long may develop an odd flavor. Empty the container and return it to the proper position.
  • Page 10: Care And Cleaning

    Use caution when cleaning in the area of the coils. Surfaces there may be sharp. The air vents on the lower access panel at the rear of the refrigerator should be cleaned periodically. Clean the vents by using a vacuum cleaner with its dusting tool attachment.
  • Page 11: Removing Handles And Doors

    • Empty ice storage bin. • If a hand truck is used in moving, load refrigerator from the side. • Turn rollers as far up as possible. This will protect them during sliding or moving. • Cabinet should be well padded and handled with care. DO NOT DROP.
  • Page 12: To Remove Freezer Door

    2. Loosen, but DO NOT REMOVE, bottom lower hinge bolt. Remove top lower hinge bolt 3. Carefully lift door up and off loosened lower hinge bolt. Store doors in a safe place until refrigerator is moved to desired location. Keep all hardware for reinstallation. To Reinstall Freezer Door: 1.
  • Page 13: Avoid Service Checklist

    Power outage. Check house lights. Call local electric company. Room or outside weather is hot. It is normal for the refrigerator to work longer under these conditions. Refrigerator has recently been disconnected for a period of time. It takes about 8-12 hours for the refrigerator to cool down completely.
  • Page 14 Water collecting in bottom of drawer is normal. Weather is humid. This is normal in humid weather. When humidity is lower, the moisture should disappear. Door is slightly open, causing cold air from inside the refrigerator to meet warm air from outside. See Occurrence section OPENING CLOSING OF DOORS Ice maker wire signal arm is in "up"...
  • Page 15: Normal Operating Sounds

    Door was closed too hard, causing other door to open slightly. Close both doors gently. Refrigerator is not level. It rocks on the floor when it is moved slightly. Be sure floor is level and solid and can adequately support refrigerator. Adjust rollers as needed.
  • Page 16: Warranty

    REFRIGERATOR WARRANTY Your refrigerator is protected by this warranty WARRANTY PERIOD One year from original FULL ONE-YEAR purchase date WARRANTY Second through fifth LIMITED 2 years from original YEAR WARRANTY purchase date (Cabinet Liner and Sealed System) LIMITED Time periods listed above.
  • Page 17: Service Information In Canada

    Service Information in Canada To avoid unnecessary cost and inconvenience, make a few simple checks before calling for service. Common occurrences and their solutions can be found in the Avoid Service Checklist. Be sure you have followed the instructions in this manual.

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