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Before operating this oven, please read these instructions completely.


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    MICROWA VE OVEN N364E OPERATING INSTRUCTIONS Before operating this oven, please read these instructions completely.

  • Page 2: Table Of Contents

    (3) door seals and sealing surfaces. (d) WARNING : It is hazardous for anyone other than an authorised NEC repairer to carry out any service or repair operation which involves the removal of a cover which gives protection against exposure to microwave energy.

  • Page 3: Earthing Instructions

    • The voltage used must be the same as specified on this oven. Using a higher voltage may result in a fire or other accident causing oven damage. Using low voltage will cause slow cooking. NEC is not responsible for damage resulting from use of this oven with a voltage of ampere fuse other than those specified.

  • Page 4: Specifications

    SPECIFICATIONS POWER SUPPLY 230~240V AC 50 Hz SINGLE PHASE WITH EARTHING POWER CONSUMPTION 1350 W MICROWAVE OUTPUT POWER 1000 W FREQUENCY 2450 MHz OUTSIDE DIMENSIONS (W X H X D) 563 x 318 x 418 mm (22.1 x 12.5 x 16.5 in.) CAVITY DIMENSIONS (W X H X D) 380 x 246 x 386 mm (14.9 x 9.7 x 15.2 in.) NET WEIGHT...

  • Page 5: Important Safety Instructions

    IMPORTANT SAFETY INSTRUCTIONS READ CAREFULLY AND KEEP FOR FUTURE REFERENCE WARNING : To prevent fire, burns, electric shock and other hazards please heed the following warnings. Listed below are, as with all appliances, certain rules to follow and safeguards to ensure high performance from your microwave oven.

  • Page 6: Features Diagram

    FEATURES DIAGRAM 1. Door latch - When the door is closed it will 6. Door release button - Pushing this button automatically lock shut. If the door is opened stops oven operation and opens the door. while the oven is operating, the magnetron will automatically shut off.

  • Page 7: Features Diagram

    FEATURES DIAGRAM (continued) 10. Time set pad - Used to set the cooking time 17. Power - Used to set power level. and the present time. 18. Defrost - Used to defrost food(for time). 11. Display - Cooking time, power level, indicators and present time are displayed.

  • Page 8: Operation Procedure

    OPERATION PROCEDURE This section includes useful information about oven operation. 1. Plug power supply cord into a standard 3- pronged 10 Amp, 230~240V AC 50Hz power outlet. 2. After placing the food in a suitable container, open the oven door and put it on the glass tray. The glass tray and roller guide must always be in place during cooking.

  • Page 9: Controls

    CONTROLS SETTING THE CLOCK When the oven is first plugged in, the display will flash ":0" and a tone will sound. If the AC power ever goes off, the display shows ":0" when the power comes back on. 1. Touch CLOCK pad. NOTE : This oven has a multiple clock This is a 12 hour clock system.

  • Page 10: Weight Defrosting

    WEIGHT DEFROSTING WEIGHT DEFROSTING lets you easily defrost food by eliminating guesswork in determining defrosting time. Follow the steps below for easy defrosting. 1. Touch MEAT pad. The DEFROST & g indicator light and 500 is displayed. MEAT The display will show what you touched. 2.

  • Page 11: Cooking In One Stage

    COOKING IN ONE STAGE 1. Touch POWER pad. The M/W indicator lights. (Select desired power level.) The display will show what you touched. POWER This example shows power level 5. NOTE: If steps 1nd 2 are omitted, the 2. Touch the number pads for the cooking time. oven will cook at full power.

  • Page 12: Kitchen Timer Mode

    KITCHEN TIMER MODE Timer operates as a minute timer, can be set to delay cooking and used as a hold setting after cooking.However delay cooking can not be programmed for defrost. Timer operates without microwave energy. HOW TO USE AS A MINUTE TIMER 1.

  • Page 13: Speedy Cook

    SPEEDY COOK SPEEDY COOK allows you to reheat for 30 seconds at 100% (full power) by simply touching the SPEEDY COOK pad. By repeatedly touching the SPEEDY COOK pad, you can also extend reheating time to 5 minutes by 30 second increments. 1.

  • Page 14: One Touch Cooking

    ONE TOUCH COOKING (CONTINUED) 1. Touch DISH WARMER pad When you touch DISH WARMER pad once, DISH once for 350g or twice for 450g. "350" is displayed. WARMER After 1.5 seconds, the display is changed into cooking time and the oven starts cooking. * DISH WARMER * •...

  • Page 15: Less, More

    LESS, MORE To alter one touch cooking or cooking time whilst oven is in operation, use LESS or MORE.(except for defrosting) Press LESS/MORE to decrease/increase the one touch cooking time in multiples of 10 seconds. The overall one touch cooking time can be increased to a maximum of 99 minutes 50 seconds. Press LESS/MORE to decrease/increase the cooking time in multiples of 1 minute.

  • Page 16: Utensil Test

    UTENSIL TEST Dishes that do not absorb microwave energy are best for microwave cooking. Look on the label to verify that the particular cups, glasses, plates are indeed suitable, especially paper goods. If you are not sure, try this utensil test to check. •...

  • Page 17: Care Of Your Microwave Oven

    CARE OF YOUR MICROWAVE OVEN Turn the oven off before cleaning. It is occasionally necessary to remove the glass tray for cleaning. Wash the tray in warm sudsy water or in a dishwasher. Keep the inside of the oven clean. When food spatters or spilled liquids adhere to oven walls, wipe with a damp cloth.

  • Page 18: Use Your Microwave Oven Safely

    USE YOUR MICROWAVE OVEN SAFELY GENERAL USE Do not attempt to defeat or tamper with safety interlocks. Do not place any object between the oven front frame and the door or allow residue to build up on sealing surfaces. Wipe with a mild detergent, rinse and dry. Never use abrasive powders or pads. Do not subject the oven door strain or weight such as a child hanging on an open door.

  • Page 19: Before You Call For Service

    1. Check utensils. Metal containers or dishes with metal trim should not be used. 2. Check that metal skewers or foil does not touch the interior walls. If there is still a problem, please contact an authorised NEC repairer. DO NOT ATTEMPT TO SERVICE THE OVEN YOURSELF! QUESTIONS AND ANSWERS * Q : I accidentally ran my microwave oven without any food in it.

  • Page 20

    Western Australia Perth 45 Sarich Court, Osborne Park 6017 (08) 9445 5901 For Service in outer areas, please contact your NEC retailer for the address of the nearest Authorised NEC Service Centre NEC Australia Pty. Ltd. Home Electronics Group 244 Beecroft Road EPPING 2121...

  • Page 21

    NEC Australia Pty. Ltd. ABN 86 001 217 527 Home Electronics Group 244 Beecroft Road (P.O. Box 443) EPPING 2121 Phone 131 632 for your nearest NEC office.

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