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User Manual
Model N-730E
Please read carefully before operation.


   Summary of Contents for NEC N-730E

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    User Manual Model N-730E Please read carefully before operation.

  • Page 2: Table Of Contents

    Contents Safety Instructions Utensil safety Testing suitability of cookware Foil containers Food safety Oven utensils and accessories guide Technical Data Unpacking Installation Connecting to the mains The microwave and accessories Name and function of parts Accessories Control panel Display window Turntable installation How to operate your microwave oven Pause/Clear...

  • Page 3: Before Using Your Microwave Oven

    'SRKVEXYPEXMSRW SR XLI TYVGLEWI SJ ]SYV RI[ 1MGVS[EZI 3ZIR Thank you for having chosen a NEC product. We are convinced that you will find your new microwave oven very useful and that it will be of great help to you. As with all new kitchen appliances, it will take some time to learn all the new functions and features, but with time, this oven will become indispensable to you.

  • Page 4: Testing Suitability Of Cookware

    Testing suitability of cookware Food safety • • Place the cookware in the cavity along with a Do not heat food in a can in the microwave oven. glass half full of water. Heat on 800 W (100%) for Always remove the food to a suitable container. •...

  • Page 5: Oven Utensils And Accessories Guide

    Oven utensils and accessories guide A variety of Utensils and Materials may be used for cooking in your microwave oven. For your safety and to prevent damaging utensils and your oven choose, appropriate utensils and materials for each cooking method. The list below is a general guide.

  • Page 6: Unpacking

    GETTING STARTED Unpacking Connecting to the mains N.B. When you unpack the oven, check that the The oven is delivered with the power cord and a plug product is free from damage. Damage or any missing for 220 - 240V, 50Hz, earthed socket outlet. Earth parts must be reported immediately to the retailer.

  • Page 7: The Microwave And Accessories

    The Microwave and Accessories Name and function of parts Turntable Installation 1. Cooking compartment. Wipe the compartment 1. Place the turntable support on the cavity Bottom. clean after using the oven. 2. Place the turntable on top of the turntable support 2.

  • Page 8: Control Panel

    CONTROL PANEL 1. Display window - showing time of day, operating mode and cooking time. 2. Auto Defrost by weight. - Poultry - Meat - Fish 3. Beverage. To automatically heat up drinks. 4. Reheat. To reheat foods. 5. Auto Start. To set a start time. 6.

  • Page 9: How To Operate Your Microwave Oven

    How to operate your microwave oven. Pause/Clear Child safety lock If you would like to stop the oven during cooking This oven has a safety feature which prevents the Accidental running of the oven by a child. After the without opening the door, touch Pause/Clear ONCE. lock has been set, no part of the microwave oven will To continue cooking, touch Start.

  • Page 10: Microwave Cooking

    Microwave cooking This basic microwave cooking method allows you to Foods with high moisture content should be cooked cook food for a desired time. In addition to the on maximum power as this is the fastest cooking maximum power level, you can select different method and best maintains the natural flavour and texture of the foods.

  • Page 11: Microwave Cooking In Two And Three Stages

    Microwave cooking in two or three stages This basic microwave cooking method allows you to Foods with high moisture content should be cooked cook food for a desired time at different power levels. on maximum power as this is the fastest cooking In addition to the maximum power level, you can method and best maintains the natural flavour and select different microwave power from 10 levels,...

  • Page 12: Manual Defrosting

    Manual defrosting For manual defrosting (without operating the Auto Defrost feature), use 160W. To speed up the defrosting of dense foods over 450g (1lb), the oven may be started on Hi W(800W) power for 1- 3 minutes, then reduce to 160W until defrosting is complete.

  • Page 13: Memory Cooking

    Memory Cooking If you often cook or reheat the same types of dishes, you can store the cooking times and functions in the oven’s memory, so that you do not have to reset them each time. You can store one cooking. Example : To set memory 1.

  • Page 14: Auto Programmes

    Auto Programmes The Auto Programme features allow you to simply and automatically cook or defrost a range of popular foods. Your oven offers the following Auto programmes. Programme Microwave mode Quantity Display Defrost Poultry Microwave Only 0.1kg - 3. 0kg de f1 Defrost Meat Microwave Only...

  • Page 15: Auto Defrost

    Auto Programmes (Auto Defrost) Auto Defrost by Weight is an accurate defrosting method for frozen meat, poultry or fish. Example: To defrost 1.7 kg of Poultry: 1. Touch Pause/Clear. 2. Touch Poultry Defrost button once . 3. Set the desired weight ( 1.7 kg ) by pressing buttons ’ 1 ’ then ’ 7 ’ on the number pad. 4.

  • Page 16: Recommendations For Defrosting Using 160w

    Recommendations for Defrosting (Using 160W) Some foods such as bread and fruit, can successfully be thawed manually by using the power setting. STANDING FOOD PREPARATION (160W) TIME Bread Place on microwave-proof rack or kitchen paper. Small loaf 8–10 min. 10–15 min. Turn over halfway through defrosting time.

  • Page 17: Microwave Hints

    Microwave Hints Microwave Tips • • Always keep the oven clean – avoid spill-overs Softening Honey and do not forget to clean under the glass tray If you have a jar of honey which has and the inside of the door. crystallised, remove lid and place the jar in the •...

  • Page 18: Care And Cleaning

    Care and cleaning The oven must always be clean. Residue of food from spillovers or spatters will attract microwave energy causing it to burn on. This could reduce the efficiency of the oven and may cause bad odours. Do not attempt to tamper with or make any adjustments or repairs to any part of the oven.

  • Page 19: After Sales Service And Spare Parts

    Customer service IMPORTANT : For all general enquiries about your NEC appliance If you call out a technician for one of the above or for other information on NEC products, contact faults or to repair a fault caused by incorrect our Customer Service centre by mail or telephone.

  • Page 20

    Western Australia Perth 45 Sarich Court, Osborne Park 6017 (08) 9445 5901 For Service in outer areas, please contact your NEC retailer for the address of the nearest Authorised NEC Service Centre NEC Australia Pty. Ltd. Home Electronics Group 244 Beecroft Road EPPING 2121...

  • Page 22

    NEC Australia Pty Ltd. ABN 86 001 217 527 Home Electronics Group 244 Beecroft Road (P.O. Box 443) Epping NSW 2121 Phone 131-632 for your nearest NEC office. MO-P5354...

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