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GPRS Dial Up
User Guide
Windows ME


   Summary of Contents for NEC GPRS Dial Up

  • Page 1

    GPRS Dial Up User Guide Windows ME...

  • Page 2: Legal Notice

    The most recently revised copy of any NEC Wireless Phone user document and GPRS Frequently Asked Questions document can be found at website NEC is not responsible for any loss or corruption of data, loss of income or business, or any consequential, incidental, or special damage howsoever caused.

  • Page 3: Table Of Contents

    USB Drivers............................ 4 Creating “USBTools” Folder...................... 4 Copying the NEC USB Drivers ....................5 Connecting the NEC USB Cable To the NEC Wireless Phone..........8 Installing the NEC USB Drivers....................9 Technical Support and Assistance .................... 13 Uninstall NEC USB Drivers Process..................13 GPRS Dial Up Settings.........................

  • Page 4: Gprs Dial Up

    Your NEC Wireless Phone can be connected to your laptop or desktop computer and used for a GPRS dial up connection instead of using a modem with a telephone line. When you use the GPRS Dial Up, AT&T Wireless will charge applicable data rates for access to GPRS Data Capable services.

  • Page 5: What Is Needed To Make Gprs Work

    Equipment The equipment that is required includes: • NEC Wireless Phone. • NEC approved USB cable to connect the NEC Wireless Phone to the computer. • Desktop computer or laptop with the system requirements stated on the next page. Software The software that is required includes: •...

  • Page 6: System Requirements

    System Requirements The lists below describe the computer system requirements for installing the NEC USB Drivers on a personal computer or laptop. Hardware Requirements • Processor: 133 Mhz (minimum) or higher • RAM: 32 MB for Windows ME • Drives: Hard disk with 30 MB available •...

  • Page 7: Usb Drivers

    GPRS Dial Up Settings. Creating “USBTools” Folder Create a folder on the C:\ drive called USBTools. The NEC USB Drivers will be copied to the USBTools folder to make it easier to find the downloaded drivers for the installation process.

  • Page 8: Copying The Nec Usb Drivers

    If you have not created the “USBTools” folder on the C:\ drive as instructed on page 4, do so now. To copy the USB Drivers from the NEC website to USBTools folder: 1. Locate the USB Drivers at the website: Select Toolbox and GPRS Dial Up.

  • Page 9

    4. Select USBTools folder to display in the Save in: field and click the Save button. The zip file is saved to the USBTools folder. 5. Close the Internet window. Open Windows Explorer or My Computer. Open the USBTools folder.

  • Page 10

    6. Double-click UsbDriverVer1-1-1 zip icon. For Classic mode, the WinZip window displays with a list of files. Click on the Extract button to display the Extract dialog box. Make sure that the All files button is selected and the Use folder names box is checked. Extract the files to the USBTools folder.

  • Page 11: Connecting The Nec Usb Cable To The Nec Wireless Phone

    (End/On-Off) key to power-on the NEC Wireless Phone. New hardware found message box displays. NOTE: Check that the NEC Wireless Phone’s battery level icon in the status bar of the Idle screen shows to be fully charged. The USB cable does not charge the phone’s battery.

  • Page 12: Installing The Nec Usb Drivers

    Installing the NEC USB Drivers After you connect the USB cable to your computer, plug the cable into your NEC Wireless Phone, and power-on the phone, the Add New Hardware Wizard displays. 1. Click the Specify the location of the driver button. Click Next to continue to the...

  • Page 13

    2. Click the Specify a location box. • Remove any checkmark in the Removable Media (Floppy, CD-ROM…) box. 3. Click the Browse button. The Browse box displays. Find and click on Win98 in C:\USBTools\USB Driver Ver1.1.1. The folder name Win98 is highlighted. Click OK and return to the wizard screen.

  • Page 14

    5. Click Next.

  • Page 15

    Add New Hardware Wizard screens. NOTE: The next wizard screens will report “unknown device.” This is part of the normal installation process. The “NEC Portable Phone USB Modem” and “NEC Portable Phone USB OBEX Port” will be installed.

  • Page 16: Technical Support And Assistance

    3. Double-click UNINWNUS icon. 4. Follow the on-screen instructions. NOTE: If you uninstall the NEC USB drivers using any other method (for example, using the Remove Hardware Wizard) and decide to re-install the drivers at a later time, you will encounter installation problems. Therefore, be sure to...

  • Page 17: Gprs Dial Up Settings

    GPRS Dial Up Settings This section provides the information of: • How do I create a new Internet connection in order to utilize the NEC Wireless Phone as a modem? • How do I use the new Internet connection? • How do I end the GPRS connection?

  • Page 18

    4. Enter a name, such as “m-mode” in the name field. Select NEC Portable Phone USB Modem in the drop-down list. Click Next to continue. 5. Type *99# in the Phone number field and click Next. Select United States of...

  • Page 19

    6. Click Finish.

  • Page 20

    7. Go to Dial-Up Networking. Double-click the m-mode icon. The Connect To window displays.

  • Page 21

    8. Click the Properties button.

  • Page 22

    9. Remove the checkmark in the Enable software compression box. Select Security tab.

  • Page 23

    10. The User name and Password fields should remain blank, as they are not used to log onto the GPRS interface. Click OK.

  • Page 24

    11. Go to Dial-Up Networking. Double-click the m-mode icon. The Connect To dialog window displays.

  • Page 25

    12. Click the Connect button. 13. Wait for confirmation of connection. 14. Click on the desktop Internet Explorer© icon and begin accessing the Internet.

  • Page 26: Using The New Internet Connection

    Each time that you want to use the AT&T GPRS connection: 1. Check the NEC Wireless Phone’s battery level icon in the status bar of the Idle screen for sufficient charge. The USB cable does not charge the phone’s battery.

  • Page 27: Disconnecting Gprs

    2. Right click on the desktop icon or the taskbar icon (lower right corner of screen) for the mMode connection. 3. Click Disconnect option from the drop-down menu. 4. Remove the USB cable from the NEC Wireless Phone and computer.

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