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Operating Instructions - Frigidaire DC Use & Care Manual

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The Popcorn setting automatically provides the correct cooking
time for most brands of microwave popcorn. You may wish to try
several and choose your favorite. Pop only one bag at a time.
Unfold bag and place in microwave oven according to directions.
• Suppose you want to pop a 3.5 oz bag (regular) of popcorn.
Touch Popcorn once. The microwave oven starts automatically.
- Touch Popcorn once for 3.5 oz bag (regular).
- Touch Popcorn twice within 2 seconds for 2.85 - 3.5 oz bag
(light regular).
- Touch Popcorn three times within 2 seconds for 1.5 or
1.75 oz bag (snack).
To use Popcorn pad, touch within 3 minutes after cooking,
opening and closing the door or touching the Clear/Off pad.
1. Dinner Plate
1 plate
1 Regular
1 Large
1 Small
2. Beverage
.5 - 2.0 cups
3. Rolls/ Muffins
1 - 8
4. Soup
1 - 6 cups

Operating Instructions

Special Features
Use this setting to reheat precooked foods from the refrigerator. Place meaty portions and bulky
vegetables to outside of plate. Cut large items like baked potatoes in smaller pieces. Flatten foods
such as mashed potatoes and other dense foods. Cover with wax paper or plastic wrap. ONE
After cooking, check that food is very hot throughout and that the bottom center of the plate is
very hot. If not, continue heating using time and power level. Allow to stand, covered, 1 to 2
Touch Reheat and then the number pad 1 once for a regular amount of food: approximately 4 oz
sliced meat or poultry, 1/2 cup potato or rice and 1/2 cup of vegetables or equivalent. REG will
appear in the display.
Touch Reheat and then the number pad 1 twice within 2 seconds for a larger amount of food on a
dinner plate. LARGE will appear in the display.
Touch Reheat and then the number pad 1 three times within 3 seconds for a smaller amount of
food on a dinner plate. SMALL will appear in the display.
This setting is good for restoring cooled beverages to a better drinking temperature. Touch
Reheat and then the number 2 pad for a 0.5 cup increase per touch. Stir liquid briskly before
heating and stir carefully at end of cycle to avoid "eruption."
Use this setting to warm rolls, muffins, biscuits, bagels etc. Large items should be considered as 2
or 3 regular size. Arrange on plate; cover with paper towel. For refrigerated rolls or muffins, it may
be necessary to double the entered amount to ensure the proper serving temperature. For
example, enter quantity of 2 for 1 refrigerated muffin.
Place in a bowl or casserole. Cover with lid or plastic wrap. At end, stir, re-cover and let stand 1 to
3 minutes.
Reheat automatically computes the correct warming time and
microwave power level for foods shown in the chart below.
• Suppose you want to reheat 3 cups of soup.
1. Touch Reheat pad once.
2. Touch number pad 4 to select 1 cup of soup.
3. Touch 2 more times for 3 cups or hold down until the desired
quantity appears.
4. Touch START/Plus 1 Min pad.
1. To reheat different foods or foods above or below the quantity
allowed on the REHEAT CHART, use manual operation.
2. Reheat can be programmed with More or Less Time Adjustment.
See page 12.

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Table of Contents

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