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Please read this manual before operating your
device and keep it for future reference.


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    A N D R O I D T A B L E T User Manual Please read this manual before operating your device and keep it for future reference.

  • Page 2: Intellectual Property

    All Intellectual Property, as defined below, owned by or which is otherwise the property of Samsung or its respective suppliers relating to the SAMSUNG Galaxy Tab, including but not limited to, accessories, parts, or software relating there to (the “Galaxy Tab System”), is proprietary to Samsung and protected under federal laws, state laws, and international treaty provisions.

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    © 2013 Samsung Electronics America, Inc. All rights reserved. Do you have questions about your Samsung Mobile Device? For 24 hour information and assistance, we offer a new FAQ/ARS System (Automated Response System) at: www.samsung.com/us/support ® ® ® Nuance , VSuite...

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    ® ® DivX , DivX Certified and associated logos are trademarks of Rovi Corporation or its subsidiaries and are used under license. ® ® DivX Certified to play DivX video up to HD 720p, including premium content. ® ABOUT DIVX VIDEO: DivX is a digital video format created by DivX, LLC, a subsidiary of Rovi Corporation.

  • Page 6: Table Of Contents

    Table of Contents Section 1: Getting Started ......6 Status Details ......25 Quick Settings ......26 Understanding This User Manual .

  • Page 7: Table Of Contents

    Section 4: Messaging ....... 51 Section 7: Photos and Video .....74 Types of Messages ....51 Camera and Camcorder ....74 Gmail .

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    Group Play ......104 Samsung Link ......115 Help .

  • Page 9: Table Of Contents

    Battery Use and Safety ....164 SECURITY OF THE INFORMATION Samsung Mobile Products and Recycling . . . 166 WE COLLECT ..... . . 198 UL Certified Travel Charger .

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    ACCURACY OF THE INFORMATION WE COLLECT ..... . . 199 CHANGES TO PRIVACY POLICY ... . 200 Social Hub End User License Agreement .

  • Page 11: Section 1: Getting Started, Understanding This User Manual

    Section 1: Getting Started This section helps you to quickly start using your device. Note: Unless stated otherwise, instructions in this user manual Understanding This User Manual start with the device unlocked, at the Home screen. The sections of this manual generally follow the features of your device.

  • Page 12: Battery

    Text Conventions Battery Indicator This manual provides condensed information about how to The Battery icon in the Status Bar shows the battery use your device. To make this possible, the following text power level. When battery power is 15% or less, your device conventions are used to represent often-used steps: prompts you to charge the battery.

  • Page 13

    1. Insert the USB cable into the Charging Head Warning! While the device is charging, if the touch screen does not function due to an unstable power supply, unplug the USB power adapter from the power outlet or unplug the USB cable from the device. 3.

  • Page 14: Turning Your Device On And Off, Setting Up Your Device

    Turning Your Device On and Off Turning Your Device Off 1. Press and hold the Power/Lock Key. Turning Your Device On 2. At the Device options prompt, touch Power off. Press and hold the Power/Lock Key. 3. At the Power off prompt, touch OK. For more information, refer Setting Up Your Device to “Unlocking the Device”...

  • Page 15: End User License Agreement, Samsung Account, Set Date And Time

    I understand and agree to the terms and conditions above check box. Touch Add Wi-Fi network to enter a Network SSID that is 2. If you do not agree to provide Samsung the error log not listed. data from any Software Update failure your device Touch Scan to make sure you have an accurate list of experiences, touch the No thanks button.

  • Page 16: Got Google, Make It Google

    Got Google? Note: If you skipped Wi-Fi setup, the Wi-Fi setup screen Your new device uses your Google account to fully use its displays and you must connect through a Wi-Fi network. Android features, including Gmail, Maps, Navigation, Google Talk, and Google Play. Touch Get an account or enter the email address and The Got Google? screen allows you to sign in, if you already password of your existing account.

  • Page 17: Backup And Restore

    Backup and Restore Free Dropbox Account This screen also displays if you signed in to your Google To get a free 50 GB Dropbox account for two years: account. 1. Touch Create account, enter the required fields, and 1. Read the backup and restore information. touch Register for Dropbox.

  • Page 18: Creating A New Google Account, Retrieving Your Google Account Password, Using Google Maps, Task Manager

    Creating a New Google Account Using Google Maps In order to utilize your device to the fullest extent, you will In order to use some applications related to Google Maps, need to create a Google Account when you first use your you must first connect Wi-Fi.

  • Page 19: Memory Card

    Task Manager Application 5. Touch Storage to view internal (Device memory) and external (SD card) storage memory statistics. The Task Manager application provides information about applications, including Active applications, Downloaded, 6. Touch Help to view useful tips for extending battery life. RAM manager, Storage, and Help.

  • Page 20: Installing A Memory Card, Removing A Memory Card

    Installing a Memory Card Removing a Memory Card 1. Open the Memory Card Slot cover and turn to expose Important! To prevent damage to information stored on the the slot. memory card, unmount the card before removing it 2. With the gold contacts facing down, carefully slide the from the device.

  • Page 21: Galaxy Tab Accessories, Securing Your Device

    Galaxy Tab Accessories Locking the device manually To find accessories for your Galaxy Tab: Press the Power/Lock Key. 1. Go to http://www.samsung.com/us/mobile/galaxy-tab- Unlocking the Device accessories. 1. Press the Power/Lock Key. Galaxy Tab accessories display. The Lock screen displays. 2. Use your model number to find compatible 2.

  • Page 22: Troubleshooting

    Troubleshooting Tip: Touch one of the app shortcut icons and then swipe to If your device has fatal errors, hangs up, or freezes, you may launch that application. need to reset the device to regain functionality. • If your device is frozen and unresponsive, press and hold the Note: You can customize the Lock screen and set the type of Power/Lock Key for 8 to 10 seconds.

  • Page 23: Section 2: Understanding Your Device, Features

    Section 2: Understanding Your Device • This section outlines key features of your device and Messaging Features: describes the screen and the icons that appear when the – Gmail device is in use. It also shows how to navigate through the –...

  • Page 24: Front View

    • 5. Home: Display the central Home screen. Touch and Preloaded applications such as Google Play Books, Google Play Magazines, Google Play Store, Music Hub, and Polaris Office. For hold to display recent apps that have been accessed. more information, refer to “More Application Information” on 6.

  • Page 25: Back View

    Back View 1. Camera Lens: Used when taking photos or recording videos. 2. 3.5mm Headset Jack: Plug in for headphones. 3. Memory Card Slot: Install a memory card for storage of files. 4. Charger/Accessory Port: Plug in a USB cable for charging or to sync music and files.

  • Page 26: Home Screen

    Home Screen The Home screen is the starting point for using your device. Note: Unless stated otherwise, instructions in this user manual start with the device unlocked, at the Home screen. 1. Status Icons: Indicate the status of your tablet. Touch the Time / Status Icons area to display the Status Details panel.

  • Page 27: Extended Home Screen, Display Settings

    8. Google Search: Search the web by typing or speaking. Note: The center panel displays when you touch For more information, refer to “Google Search” on Home. page 58. 9. Widgets: Applications that run on the Home screen. Customizing the Home Screens Some widgets are found on the Home screen by To customize the Home screens to suit your preferences: default.

  • Page 28

    Adding and Removing Home Screen Panels Your device comes with seven Home screen panels. You can customize the Home screen by removing or adding panels. Note: The panel in the center position displays when you touch Home. From a Home screen, pinch the screen from the left and right side to the center to display the editing screen.

  • Page 29: Navigating Your Device

    Navigating Your Device Screen Capture Use command buttons and the touch screen to navigate. Touch and hold the Power/Lock Key and Home Command Buttons to capture and save an image of the current screen. Back Note: A copy of the screenshot is automatically saved to the Back to return to the previous screen, option, or Touch clipboard.

  • Page 30: Notifications, Status Details

    Screen Navigation For example: • Touch Pinch a photo in Gallery to zoom in. • Pinch a webpage to zoom in or out. Touch items to select or launch them. For example: Notifications • Touch the on-screen keyboard to enter characters or text. •...

  • Page 31: Quick Settings

    Quick Settings 2. The Quick Settings are: • Wi-Fi: Touch to enable or disable Wi-Fi. For more information, To view and control the most common settings for your refer to “Wi-Fi” on page 87. tablet, as well as accessing the complete Settings application, open the Quick Settings panel.

  • Page 32

    4. To view all Quick Settings on one screen, touch Sweep the pop-up to the left to see additional settings. Touch to customize the quick setting buttons (see • Blocking mode: When enabled, notifications for selected “Notification Panel” on page 129). Touch features will be disabled.

  • Page 33

    Notifications display in the System Bar and, in some cases, Music App: A song is playing in the Music app. under the Notifications heading in the Quick Settings to alert Touch the Music icon or touch the Status Details to you to activity on the tablet such as new messages, see the song title and music player controls.

  • Page 34: Status Bar

    Status Bar Screenshot Captured: A screenshot has been captured. The Status Bar is part of the System Bar and displays icons to show network status, battery power, and other details. Nearby Devices: The Nearby devices setting is enabled. For more information, refer to “Nearby Battery Level: Shown fully charged.

  • Page 35: Primary Shortcuts, Other App Shortcuts

    There are also other application shortcuts on the main Home communicating with a Wireless Access Point (WAP). screen, which are: ChatON, Camera, Gallery, Dropbox, Samsung Apps, and Play Store. Alarm Set: Displays when you set an alarm to ring at a specified time. For more information, refer to For more information, refer to “More Application Information”...

  • Page 36: Widgets, App Shortcuts

    Widgets Removing Widgets When you first turn on your tablet, there are various widgets Touch and hold the Widget until the Remove icon on the center Home screen. They can also appear on the displays, then drag the widget to the Remove icon. Home screens to the left and right of the center Home Note: This action does not actually delete the Widget, it just screen.

  • Page 37: Folders

    4. Touch and hold the application icon until the Home 3. Touch the Unnamed folder field, use the keyboard to enter a name for the folder, and touch OK. screen displays, then slide your finger where you want to place the icon and release it. A new folder displays on the Home screen.

  • Page 38: Wallpapers

    Removing a Folder 3. Touch Home screen, Lock screen, or Home and lock screens. Touch and hold the folder until the Remove icon The Select wallpaper from pop-up displays the displays, then drag the folder to the Remove icon. following options: Note: Any App shortcuts in the folder are also removed.

  • Page 39: Multi Window Tray

    Multi Window Tray 4. Touch one of the icons to launch the application. For more information, refer to “Apps Screen” on page 35. There are shortcuts available that link to apps that you might need while working in other apps, such as Internet, Alarm, ChatON, Chrome, Contacts, Email, Gallery, Gmail, My Files, Polaris Office, S Note, S Planner, and so on.

  • Page 40: Apps Screen

    Customizing the Multi Window Tray To manually change the order of the icons on the Apps screen: You can choose applications to display on the Multi Window 1. From a Home screen, touch Apps. Tray and arrange them in any order. 2.

  • Page 41: Entering Text

    Google voice typing and Applications screen is listed and described. If the application • Samsung keyboard. is also described in another section of this user manual, then a cross reference to that particular section is provided. You can set a default text entry method in Settings. For more Various widgets are also described.

  • Page 42: Using The Samsung Keyboard

    To choose a text input method while entering text: 1. Touch the top of the screen and swipe downward. In addition to the default QWERTY keyboard, there are two other types of the Samsung keyboard: a Floating keyboard The Quick Settings screen displays. and a Split keyboard.

  • Page 43

    QWERTY keyboard. • Touch once to switch from abc to Abc mode. Note: Enable Predictive text in Samsung keyboard settings. • Touch twice to switch to ABC mode. When ABC mode is enabled, For more information, refer to “Configuring the Samsung the Shift key background turns blue.

  • Page 44: Editing Text

    Using Google Voice Typing from the Samsung Editing Existing Text Keyboard To edit text that you have entered: 1. Touch the text at the point you want to edit. When you enable the Google voice typing setting, you can use your voice to enter text instead of the keyboard.

  • Page 45

    Copying, Deleting, or Replacing Text 3. Depending on the action you want to take for the selected text, in the pop-up touch: To select and copy, delete, or replace text: • Select all to highlight all text in the field. 1.

  • Page 46: Using The Handwriting Feature

    Using the Handwriting Feature Pasting Text To paste previously copied text: You can enter text simply by using your finger to handwrite 1. Touch the text at the point you want to paste the copied letters on your screen. text. 1.

  • Page 47: Using Google Voice Typing

    • To return to the Samsung keyboard, touch and hold The software converts your voice to text, which is then select from the pop-up menu. displayed in the message.

  • Page 48: Section 3: Contacts And Accounts, Accounts

    Setting Up Your Accounts • Samsung account: Add your Samsung account. For more Set up and manage your synchronized accounts with the information, refer to “Signing In to your Samsung Account” Accounts setting. on page 148. 1. From a Home screen, touch...

  • Page 49: Contacts

    Contacts • Some fields have preset values. Touch the field and touch the desired value. For example, touch the Label tab and Store contact information for your friends, family, and touch a label for the field. colleagues to quickly access information or to send a message.

  • Page 50

    Updating Contacts Managing Photo IDs To update an existing contact: To remove or update a contact’s Photo ID: 1. Touch Contacts. 1. Touch Contacts. 2. Touch a contact in the Contacts list to view its 2. Touch a contact in the Contacts list to view its information.

  • Page 51

    Joining Contacts • Favorites: Show only your favorite, or starred, contacts. For 1. Touch Contacts. more information, refer to “Favorites” on page 50. • Contacts: Show all your contacts. Touch the Search field and 2. Touch a contact in the Contacts list to view its enter a keyword to list contacts that contain that keyword.

  • Page 52: Importing And Exporting Contacts

    Sharing Contact Information Importing and Exporting Contacts You can send a contact’s information by way of Bluetooth to To back up and restore your contacts information, you can other Bluetooth devices or in an Email or Gmail as an export your contacts list to a storage device, such as a PC, or attachment.

  • Page 53: Groups

    Groups Renaming a Group To rename a group that you created: Assign contacts to Groups to make searching for contacts 1. Touch Contacts. faster or to quickly send messages to group members. Creating a New Group 2. Touch Groups and then touch the group you want to rename.

  • Page 54: Adding Group Members, Removing Group Members

    Adding Group Members Removing Group Members To add a contact to a group, just Edit a contact’s Group field. To remove contacts from a group: For more information, refer to “Updating Contacts” on 1. Touch Contacts. page 45. 2. Touch Groups and then touch the group from which you To add multiple contacts to a group: want to remove members.

  • Page 55: Favorites

    Favorites Note: Touch Groups above the Contacts List and then touch Mark contact records with a gold star to identify them Starred in Android to list the Favorites that are being as favorites. saved on your Google account. Adding Favorites Removing Favorites To add a contact to the Favorites list: 1.

  • Page 56: Section 4: Messaging, Types Of Messages, Gmail

    Section 4: Messaging Gmail This section describes how to send and receive messages and other features associated with messaging. Send and receive email with Gmail, Google’s web-based Types of Messages email. Your device supports these types of messages: To access Gmail: •...

  • Page 57: Email

    Email Refreshing Your Gmail Account Refresh your account to update your device from the Gmail Use Email to view and manage all your email accounts in one servers. application. 1. Touch Gmail. To access Email: 2. In the Application Bar, touch Refresh.

  • Page 58: Managing Your Email Accounts

    Managing Your Email Accounts 4. Touch Next to go to the next screen or touch Previous to go to the Apps screen. You can view email you receive for all accounts in the Combined view screen or you can view email accounts Note: For Exchange ActiveSync accounts, the Activate device individually.

  • Page 59: Email Settings

    Email Settings • Spam addresses: Manage your spam address list. • Rules for filtering: Create rules for filtering email based on Use the Email Settings to configure your Email preferences. names, address, or subject. Note: Available settings depend on the email provider. •...

  • Page 60: Google Talk

    Composing and Sending Email Google Talk 1. Touch Email. Talk is Google’s instant messaging and audio and video chat 2. If you have multiple accounts set up, choose an service. You can use it to communicate, in real time, with other people who also use Google Talk on another Android account from the menu at the top of the screen.

  • Page 61: Google

    Google+ 2. Follow the on-screen instructions to invite friends to chat. Google+ makes messaging and sharing with your friends a You can invite anyone with a Google Account to lot easier. You can set up Circles of friends, visit the Stream become your friend in Google Talk, so you can chat to get updates from your Circles, use Messenger for fast messaging with everyone in your Circles, or use Instant...

  • Page 62: Messenger, Chaton

    Messenger ChatON With Google Messenger, you can bring groups of friends A smart-messaging app that gives you a host of innovative together into a simple group conversation, putting everyone ways to stay connected with all your friends and family, on the same page. When you get a new conversation in regardless of their device or platform.

  • Page 63: Section 5: Internet And Social Networking, Google Search

    Section 5: Internet and Social Networking This section describes the various Internet and social Touch and speak the search criteria slowly and networking applications available on your device such as clearly. Google searches for the information and Google and Voice Search, Google+, Internet, Local, Maps, displays results.

  • Page 64: Internet, Google

    Google+ Touching and Dragging • Touch and drag your finger on the screen to navigate pages and Share updates and see what is going on around you with to reposition pages within the screen. Google+ for mobile. Entering Text in a Field To get started: •...

  • Page 65

    Using Browser Windows 3. Touch a match to complete the URL. – or – You can have multiple windows open at one time and easily switch between windows. Continue entering characters and touch the Go key to 1. Touch Internet. load the page.

  • Page 66: Local

    Internet Quick Controls 5. To cancel, display the Quick controls and touch Settings Labs and touch Quick controls to Use Quick Controls to maximize your viewing area while uncheck it. browsing the internet. Local 1. Touch Internet. 2. While viewing a webpage, touch Menu Settings Google Local is an application that uses Google Maps and...

  • Page 67: Maps

    5. Touch your location at the bottom of the Local pop-up Tip: Rotate the device to landscape mode for convenient to write or view reviews, check in here, and so on. browsing. 6. For more information touch Menu Help. Maps Scrolling •...

  • Page 68: Navigation

    Latitude Navigation With Google Latitude, you can see the location of all of your Use Google Navigation to find a destination and to get friends on a map or on a list. You can also share or hide your walking or driving directions. location.

  • Page 69: Play Books, Play Magazines

    Play Books Play Magazines Use the Play Books app to read eBooks from the Internet- Google Play Magazines helps you subscribe to your favorite based Google Play Books service. Google eBooks is a new magazines so you can have them available to read on your way to discover, buy, and enjoy your favorite books online tablet at your leisure.

  • Page 70: Youtube

    YouTube YouTube Menu From the YouTube main screen: View and upload YouTube videos right from your device. Touch Menu for options. Apps From a Home screen, touch YouTube. To configure YouTube settings: To find a YouTube video. Touch Menu Settings. Touch Search and use the keyboard to enter a Follow the on-screen instructions.

  • Page 71: Section 6: Music, Listening To Music, Play Music App

    Section 6: Music Google Play Music This section explains how to use the music features of your device including the Music app, the Music Player, and the Google Play Music is a new service from Google that gives Music Hub. you instant access to your personal music collection on the Listening to Music Internet and your compatible Android devices without the...

  • Page 72: Changing Library View, Play Music Options

    Changing Library View Play Music Options You can change the way you view the contents of your Options are available for playing songs, albums, or playlists: library. 1. Touch Play Music. 1. Touch Play Music. 2. Touch an album or song. 2.

  • Page 73: Making Online Music Available Offline

    Shopping for Music at the Play Store Making Online Music Available Offline To visit the Google Play Store where you can find and buy In addition to playing the music that you add to your online music: library, you can play music stored on your device’s internal storage.

  • Page 74: Music Player

    Music Player Searching for Music To find music in your library: Music Player plays songs stored on your tablet or an installed 1. Touch Music Player. memory card. 2. Touch Search and use the keyboard to type the To access Music Player: 1.

  • Page 75: Managing Playlists

    Adding Songs to or Removing Songs from Playlists – Music auto off: Set the option Off or set your music to turn off 1. Touch Add to playlist and touch a playlist. automatically by touching one of the time values. –...

  • Page 76: Playing Music

    Accessing the Music Player Playing a Playlist 1. Touch the Playlists tab. If you navigate away from the Music Player application and 2. Touch Favorite, Most played, Recently played, music is playing, the Music notification icon is displayed in the System Bar. Recently added, or touch a playlist title that you created.

  • Page 77

    Music Player Screen During playback, use the sound and playlist controls: 1. Song Title / Artist / Album: Identifies the song, artist, and album. 2. Info: Touch to view information about the current song. 3. Volume: Touch to display a volume control slider. Touch and drag on the scale to set volume.

  • Page 78: Options While Playing A Song

    Options While Playing a Song 7. Playback Controls: These buttons control the playback of songs: There are various options and controls available while a song • Touch to advance to the next song. Touch and hold is playing: to scan forward through the current song. 1.

  • Page 79: Section 7: Photos And Video, Camera And Camcorder

    Section 7: Photos and Video 2. Touch OK to change the storage location to memory This section explains how to use your device’s built-in camera and camcorder, the Video Player app to view and card. manage videos, and the Gallery app to view, capture, and –...

  • Page 80: Camera Screen

    Camera Screen The following items can be found on the Camers screen as illustrated: 1. Front / Rear 2. Quick Settings 3. GPS Active 4. Storage Indicator 5. Photos Remaining 6. Current Mode 7. Record Button 8. Camera Button 9. Mode 10.

  • Page 81: Taking Photos And Recording Videos, Camera And Camcorder Settings

    Taking Photos and Recording Videos 5. Touch Back to leave the Camera and display the previous screen. To take a photo or record a video: 1. Touch Camera. Important! Do not take photos or videos of people without their 2. Using the display as a viewfinder, compose your photo permission.

  • Page 82

    Quick Settings Configuring Camera and Camcorder Settings To use the Camera Quick Settings: To configure Camera and Camcorder settings: 1. Touch Quick Settings. While in Camera mode, touch Menu Settings. 2. Touch a Quick Setting icon and then touch a setting. Camera To edit the Quick Settings: •...

  • Page 83: Touch Mode

    General • Save as flipped: Set self-portrait mode and set this option to On to take and save a mirror-image photo or video. • GPS tag: Touch to switch the GPS tag on or off. • Storage: Set whether to store your photos and videos on your •...

  • Page 84

    Using the Image Viewer 6. To share photos or videos, touch Share. Touch an option, such as Email, and follow the on-screen After taking a photo or recording a video, use the Image instructions. After using this option, the most recent Viewer to view or play, share, delete, or edit your photos and videos.

  • Page 85

    Touch and drag the dot on the end of the Note: Photos and videos are stored in the /storage/extSdCard/ progress bar to fast forward or rewind the video. Touch DCIM/Camera folder as jpg and mp4 files. For more the left end of the progress bar to restart the video. information, refer to “My Files”...

  • Page 86: Video Player

    Video Player 5. Touch a video to play it. While playing a video, touch the screen to display or hide on-screen playback Use Video Player to view and manage videos stored on your controls. tablet. 6. Touch Select device to select a DLNA-enabled 1.

  • Page 87: Gallery

    – 10. During playback, touch Menu for options: Subtitles: View subtitles for the video, if available. • Share via: Share the video. Touch an option, such as – Auto play next: Enable or disable auto play of the next video. Bluetooth, and follow the on-screen instructions.

  • Page 88

    Selecting Photos and Videos to View • Settings – 1. Touch Gallery. Tag buddy: Enable Weather, Location, Person, and Date tagging. All albums display. – Face tag: Set whether to look for a face in this picture. 2. Choose items to display by making selections from the •...

  • Page 89: Viewing Photos And Videos

    • Copy to clipboard: Copy the current photo to the clipboard. the bottom of the screen. Touch a thumbnail to view the • Print: Print the current photo to a Samsung printer. photo or video it represents. • Rename: Enter an new file name.

  • Page 90

    Setting a Picture As • Crop: Allows you to crop the image. Touch and drag the crop box or the sides or corners of the crop box to create the crop You can use the photos you take as a contact’s photo or as area, then touch Done.

  • Page 91: Playing Videos, Sharing Photos And Videos

    5. Touch and drag the crop box or the sides or corners of – or – the crop box to create the crop area, then touch Done To restart the video, touch Rewind or to end the to save the cropped photo as the contact’s icon or Fast Forward.

  • Page 92: Section 8: Connections, Wi-fi

    Section 8: Connections Finding Wi-Fi Networks Your device includes features to connect to the internet and to other devices by using Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, or a USB cable. You can have your device automatically notify you of Wi-Fi available networks. For more information, refer to “Advanced Settings”...

  • Page 93

    Adding a Wi-Fi Network Manually Turning Wi-Fi Off 1. From any screen, touch the top of the screen and 1. From a Home screen, touch Apps swipe downward. Settings. The Status Details screen displays. 2. Under Wireless and networks, on the Wi-Fi tab, touch OFF / ON icon to turn Wi-Fi on.

  • Page 94: Wi-fi Direct

    Wi-Fi Direct 6. On that device, touch Accept. You have 30 seconds to touch Accept on the device to Wi-Fi Direct allows device-to-device connections so you can which you want to connect for the connection to be transfer large amounts of data over a Wi-Fi connection. made.

  • Page 95: Bluetooth

    Bluetooth Sharing Information with Connected Device To share videos, photos, or other information with the Bluetooth is a short-range wireless communications connected device, follow these steps: technology for exchanging information over a distance of 1. View the information that you want to share. For about 30 feet.

  • Page 96: Pairing With A Bluetooth Device

    Pairing with a Bluetooth Device 5. From the list of found devices, touch the target device, then follow the prompts to complete the pairing: Search for a Bluetooth device and pair with it, to exchange • If the target device requires a PIN, enter a PIN for the target information between your device and the target device.

  • Page 97: Managing Downloads

    Managing Downloads Receiving Data from a Bluetooth Device To receive data from a Bluetooth device: Files, apps, and other items you download in Internet, Gmail, 1. Turn Bluetooth on. For more information, refer to Email, or in other ways, are stored on your tablet’s internal storage.

  • Page 98: Uninstalling An App

    Uninstalling an App To uninstall an app from the Apps screen: 1. From a Home screen, touch Apps. Apps come pre-installed on your device and you can download additional apps from Google Play. If you decide to, 2. Touch Menu Uninstall to display the Uninstall you can uninstall apps you downloaded from Google Play and screen.

  • Page 99: Kies Via Wi-fi

    Kies Via Wi-Fi Connecting With Samsung Kies 1. Install Samsung Kies software on your PC. Samsung Kies is a software that enables you to update your device firmware, synchronize files, and transfer data to and Warning! Close any running applications before connecting from your device directly by connecting to the PC.

  • Page 100

    Memory Card Formatting a Memory Card Formatting erases all content from the memory card and Your device supports removable microSD or microSDHC prepares it for use with your device. memory cards for storing music, photos, videos, and files. Formatting a Memory Card Using Your Device Installing and Removing a Memory Card 1.

  • Page 101: Synchronizing With Windows Media Player, Connecting As A Mass Storage Device

    Synchronizing with Windows Media Connecting as a Mass Storage Device Player You can connect your device to a PC as a removable disk and access the file directory. If you insert a memory card in the Ensure that Windows Media Player is installed on your PC. device, you can also access the files directory from the 1.

  • Page 102: Section 9: Applications, Updating Applications, Gps Applications

    Section 9: Applications GPS Applications This section contains a description of each application that is available on the Apps screen, its function, and how to GPS applications allow you to achieve real-time, navigate through that particular application. If the application GPS-enabled, turn-by-turn navigation and to access local is already described in another section of this user manual, searches based on a variety of category parameters.

  • Page 103: Accessing Applications, Alarm

    Alarm Important! If you touch or cover the internal GPS antenna Set alarms for reminders or for wake-up times. while using GPS services, it may impede the GPS Adding and Configuring Alarms signal resulting in the GPS services not working in an optimal manner.

  • Page 104

    Activating Alarms Turning Off an Alarm 1. Touch Alarm. When the alarm sounds, to turn off the alarm: 2. To activate the alarm, touch Turn alarm on. A gray Touch and drag to the right. alarm means the alarm is deactivated. Setting the Snooze Feature 3.

  • Page 105: Calculator, Camera, Chaton, Chrome

    Calculator Camera The Calculator provides the basic arithmetic functions to Take photos and record video with your device’s built in solve simple arithmetic problems and advanced operators to Camera. solve more complex problems. For more information, refer to “Camera and Camcorder” on 1.

  • Page 106: Downloads, Contacts, Dropbox

    Contacts 6. Touch Sort by size or Sort by date, at the bottom of the Downloads pop-up, to switch back and forth. Touch Store contact information for your friends, family and Clear list to cancel the download and clear the colleagues, to quickly access information or to send a download history.

  • Page 107: Flipboard, Email

    Email Download the Desktop Application 1. Use your computer’s browser to navigate to: Send and receive email using popular email services. For http://www.dropbox.com/. more information, refer to “Email” on page 52. Touch Email. 2. Follow the on-screen instructions to install this Flipboard application on your target computer containing the desired files.

  • Page 108: Game Hub, Gallery, Gmail, Google, Google Settings

    Gallery Gmail Use Gallery to view, capture, and manage photos and videos. Send and receive email with Gmail, Google’s web-based email. For more information, refer to “Gmail” on page 51. For more information, refer to “Gallery” on page 82. Touch Gmail.

  • Page 109: Group Play, Google

    Google+ 2. Navigate to the file you want to share and touch Share via Group Play. Share updates and see what is going on around you with For more information, refer to “Gallery” on page 82. Google+ for mobile. For more information, refer to “Google+” on page 56. Note: After the initial Group Play request, touch Group Play instead of Share.

  • Page 110: Help, Internet, Local

    Using Group Play Directly Help You can also access Group Play from the Applications screen. Use this app to learn more about your camera, change 1. Touch Group Play. important settings, use key applications, and link to product videos. The Group Play screen displays. 1.

  • Page 111: Memo, Maps

    Maps Memo Viewing Options While viewing your Memos: Use Google Maps to find your current location, get directions, 1. Touch List to view your memos in a list mode. and other location-based information. For more information, refer to “Maps” on page 62. Touch an entry in the list on the left to view the memo on the right of the screen.

  • Page 112: Music Hub, Messenger, Music Player, My Files

    Messenger My Files With Google Messenger, you can bring groups of friends Find, view, and manage folders and files, such as music files, together into a simple group conversation. photo files, video files, and so on, stored on your tablet. If the file is associated with an application on your device, you can For more information, refer to “Messenger”...

  • Page 113: Paper Artist, Navigation

    4. While browsing files, use these controls: 5. To view a photo file: • Touch the file. Up: Display a higher directory. The Gallery app is used to open the photo. For more information, refer to “Viewing Photos and Videos” on page 84. Search: Use the keyboard to enter a search 6.

  • Page 114: Play Magazines, Play Books, Play Movies & Tv, Play Music

    Play Books Play Movies & TV Google eBooks is a new way to discover, buy, and enjoy your Any movie you rent from the Google Play Store can be favorite books online and offline. downloaded for offline viewing through this application. In addition, the Play Movies &...

  • Page 115: Play Store

    Play Store Updates to Downloaded Apps You can check for new versions of applications by visiting the Google Play Store provides access to downloadable Google Play Store. Items that have a new version available applications and games to install on your device. It also will say Update.

  • Page 116: Polaris Office, S Planner

    Polaris Office S Planner Polaris Office Mobile for Android is a Microsoft Office Your device includes a powerful planner to help you organize compatible office suite. This application provides a central your schedules more conveniently and effectively. Learn to place for managing your documents online or offline. create and manage events and tasks, and set alarms to remind yourself of important events and tasks.

  • Page 117

    • List: Display only event and task names and dates for a 6. Touch Menu to select from the following options: • Go to: Use this option to go directly to a different date using the selected year. Touch a year at the bottom of the screen to display another year.

  • Page 118: Managing Events

    Creating an Event or Task 3. Touch Menu for these options: • Forward: Launches email for you to forward the event. To create an event or task: • Share via: Allows you to share the event or task via Bluetooth, 1.

  • Page 119: S Translator

    Event notification, or one of your accounts. Options display on the right side of the screen. Note: Sign into your Samsung account before using 4. Touch fields on the screen to configure the Calendar. S Translator. For more information, refer to “Signing In to •...

  • Page 120: Voice, Samsung Apps, Samsung Link

    The Samsung Disclaimer for S Voice displays. Samsung Apps 2. Touch Confirm. Connect to Samsung Apps and make your smart device even The Terms of Service displays. smarter. Simply and easily download an abundance of 3. Touch Terms of service and Privacy policy to read those applications to your tablet such as games, news, reference, documents and then touch Agree.

  • Page 121: Screen Saver, Settings, Smart Remote

    Screen Saver Smart Remote When your tablet screen automatically times out, instead of a Allows you to locate and watch programming on your tv and blank screen, enable the Galaxy Note Screen Saver, which is then control your entertainment system with gestures from actually an action-packed video tour of all the fantastic the device.

  • Page 122: Story Album, Talk, Trip Advisor, Video Player, Voice Search

    Google searches for the information and displays results or Talk. Touch displays Retry. Trip Advisor Use Trip Advisor to get help to get from here to there. 1. Touch Trip Advisor. 2. Sign in with your Samsung Account. 3. Follow the on-screen instructions.

  • Page 123: Watchon

    WatchON. 2. Touch Menu for the following options. • Sign in: Sign in to your Samsung account to improve your Note: Sign into your Samsung account before using WatchON. WatchON experience. For more information, refer to “Signing In to your •...

  • Page 124: World Clock, Youtube

    World Clock 4. To add the city, touch Add on the pop-up. 5. To change the order of the cities, touch Change View the date and time in any time zone. order. Touch the grid on an entry and drag the 1.

  • Page 125: Section 10: Settings, Accessing Settings, Wireless And Networks

    Section 10: Settings Wi-Fi This section explains Settings for customizing your device. Accessing Settings Your device supports Wi-Fi a/b/g/n. Use Wi-Fi settings to manage your device’s Wi-Fi connections. To access Settings: For more information about using your device’s Wi-Fi From a Home screen, touch Apps features, see “Wi-Fi”...

  • Page 126

    Scan for Wi-Fi Networks Advanced Settings To make sure you have an accurate list of Wi-Fi networks. Set up and manage wireless access points. 1. Touch Settings Wi-Fi. Touch Settings Wi-Fi, and then touch Scan. 2. Touch Menu Advanced. Add Wi-Fi Network The following options display: To open a dialog where you can add a Wi-Fi network by entering its Network SSID (the name it broadcasts), security...

  • Page 127

    Wi-Fi Direct Settings 5. Touch End connection OK to end the Wi-Fi Direct connection. You can configure your device to connect directly with other Wi-Fi capable devices. This is an easy way to transfer data For more information, refer to “Wi-Fi Direct” on page 89. between devices.

  • Page 128: Data Usage

    Data Usage Additional Bluetooth Settings When Bluetooth is on, additional settings are available. From this screen you can view the Wi-Fi or Ethernet data 1. Touch Settings Bluetooth. usage. 1. Touch Settings Data usage. 2. Touch Scan to scan for nearby discoverable devices. After searching, touch a device to pair with it.

  • Page 129: More Settings

    • Auto sync data: Enable or Disable this option to automatically Press and hold the Power/Lock Key then touch Airplane mode. sync data. Disable auto sync will reduce data usage and conserve battery power, but notifications and updates will need –...

  • Page 130

    Connecting To a VPN 1. Touch Settings More settings VPN. The VPN settings menu allows you to set up and manage Virtual Private Networks (VPNs). 2. Touch the VPN to which you want to connect. 3. In the pop-up that opens, enter any requested Important! Before you can use a VPN you must establish and credentials.

  • Page 131: Screen Mirroring

    Nearby Devices • Not-allowed devices list: Indicate the devices not accessible to your device. This option allows you to share your media files with nearby DLNA (Digital Living Network Alliance) enabled devices. • Download to: Set whether to download data to Device or SD card.

  • Page 132: Device

    Blocking Mode Kies via Wi-Fi Kies via Wi-Fi allows you to sync your PC wirelessly with your When enabled, notifications for selected features are tablet provided they are both on the same Wi-Fi network. You disabled. can view and share videos, photos, music, ringtones, and 1.

  • Page 133

    Sound Notifications Volume Select a default ringtone for message, alarm, and other notifications. Set the volume level for all types of sounds. 1. Touch Settings Sound Default notifications. 1. Touch Settings Sound Volume. 2. Touch a ringtone to hear a sample and select it. 2.

  • Page 134

    Adapt Sound Notification Panel You can find the best sound for you and use this while you Customize the Notification panel. play music. 1. Touch Settings Display Notification panel. 1. Touch Settings Sound Adapt Sound. 2. Touch Brightness adjustment to adjust the screen 2.

  • Page 135

    Screen Mode Screen Timeout Set the screen mode. Set the length of delay between the last key press or screen touch and the automatic screen timeout (dim and lock). 1. Touch Settings Display. 1. Touch Settings Display. 2. Touch Screen mode. 2.

  • Page 136

    Smart Screen Font Style and Size To set Smart stay and Smart rotation: Set the font for screen displays and the size you want it to display. 1. Touch Settings Display. 1. Touch Settings Display. 2. To set the screen to stay on as long as you look at it, 2.

  • Page 137

    Storage Unmounting an SD Card 1. Touch Settings Storage. From this menu you can view the device memory or mount, unmount, or format an SD card. 2. Touch Unmount SD card. Device Memory 3. At the prompt, select OK to safely unmount the memory card.

  • Page 138: Power Saving Mode

    Power Saving Mode Battery When enabled, your device automatically analyzes the See how much battery power is used for device activities. screen and adjusts the brightness to conserve battery power. 1. Touch Settings Battery. 1. Touch Settings Power saving mode. The battery level displays in percentage.

  • Page 139: Application Manager

    Application Manager Downloaded Displays apps you have downloaded onto your device. You can download and install applications from Google Play or create applications using the Android SDK and install them 1. Touch Settings Application manager. on your device. Use Application manager settings to manage 2.

  • Page 140: Running Services

    • Uninstall: Deletes the application from the tablet. 4. Touch one of the applications to view application information. For more information, refer to “Uninstalling an App” on page 93. The following options display: • Clear data: Clears application data from memory. •...

  • Page 141: Personal

    Personal Lock Screen Screen Lock This section of the Settings screen lets you manage the personal settings for your device. Choose settings for unlocking your screen. For more information about using the lock and unlock features, see Location Services “Securing Your Device” on page 16. You value your privacy.

  • Page 142

    • • PIN: Select a PIN to use for unlocking the screen. Help text: Display help text on the lock screen. When enabled, a check mark appears in the check box. • Password: Create a password for unlocking the screen. •...

  • Page 143

    Security Secured with Pattern Encryption This additional option is available when Screen lock is set to Pattern: To require a numeric PIN or password to decrypt your tablet • Make pattern visible: Enable this option to make the pattern each time you power it on or encrypt the data on your SD visible.

  • Page 144

    Enable or Disable Remote Controls Use this option to allow your device to be locked and tracked, Once you have signed in to your Samsung Account, you can and for your data to be deleted remotely. You must sign up enable or disable Remote controls.

  • Page 145

    Device Administration Find My Mobile Web Page To launch the Find My Mobile web page: To add or remove device administrators: 1. Touch Settings Security Find my mobile web 1. Touch Settings Security. page. 2. Touch Device administrators. 2. Select which application to launch the application. Enable or disable installation of non-Google Play Touch Internet or Chrome and select Always or Just applications.

  • Page 146

    Credential Storage 5. Touch OK to return to the certificate list. Trusted Credentials When enabled, a check mark appears in the check box. If a certificate authority (CA) certificate gets compromised or for some other reason you do not trust it, you can disable or Install from Device Storage remove it.

  • Page 147: Language And Input

    Samsung keyboard to display the 2. Touch Default and select a keyboard. following options: Samsung keyboard is the only selection available for • Input languages: Used to set a default text entry language. this device. Touch this field, scroll through the options, and touch the 3.

  • Page 148

    – Learn from Facebook: Log in to let your device learn your • Handwriting: Touch to display the following options: Facebook style. – Recognition type: Sets the stroke recognition for the – Learn from Gmail: Log in to let your device learn your Gmail content.

  • Page 149

    • Help: Displays help for using the Samsung keyboard and XT9 Voice output provides audible readout of text, for example, the contents of email messages. predictive text. 1. Touch Settings Language and input. • Reset settings: Reset keyboard settings except XT9 my words 2.

  • Page 150: Back Up And Reset

    1. Touch Settings Backup and reset. • Touch your Samsung Account to manage your sync settings or 2. Touch Back up my data to enable or disable back up of remove your Samsung Account. application data, Wi-Fi passwords, and other settings •...

  • Page 151: Accounts

    Your device provides the ability to synchronize information Factory Data Reset from a variety of accounts, including Email, Facebook, Google, and your Samsung account. Depending on the Use Factory data reset to return your device to its factory account, you can choose to synchronize your calendar, defaults.

  • Page 152

    For Samsung accounts, touch Account settings to some other account you have added, such as Email. manage Samsung account settings. Each of your accounts (Google, Samsung, and so on) – or – are listed under Accounts. For Email accounts, touch Settings to manage various settings for that account.

  • Page 153: System

    3. Touch variety of services to display information about Samsung services that are available. It is possible to control certain aspects of your tablet by 4. If you have no Samsung account, touch Create new simply tilting it. You can tilt your tablet to reduce or enlarge account.

  • Page 154: Voice Control

    Accessory • Palm touch to mute/pause: Once enabled, you can pause Dock any on-screen video or mute any current sound by simply covering the screen with your hand. Once you remove your To enable your tablet to play sounds when inserting and hand from the screen, the device goes back to normal by either removing the device from the dock: continuing to play the current video or unmuting the current...

  • Page 155: Date And Time

    Date and Time Accessibility By default, your device receives date and time information Accessibility services are special features to make using the from the wireless network. When you are outside network device easier for those with certain physical disabilities. Use coverage, you may want to set date and time information the Accessibility settings to activate these services.

  • Page 156

    Services • Screen timeout: Select the screen delay time the screen delays shutting off after inactivity for the selected period of Enable or disable accessibility services. time. Note: You must activate Accessibility before enabling services. • Lock automatically: This option only appears depending on the Screen lock setting.

  • Page 157

    Vision • Accessibility shortcut: Add a shortcut to Accessibility settings that displays when you press and hold the Power key. Read the To set vision options: OFF / ON icon to displayed instructions. Touch the 1. Touch Settings Accessibility. enable this option. 2.

  • Page 158

    Hearing Mobility To set hearing options: To set mobility options: 1. Touch Settings Accessibility. 1. Touch Settings Accessibility. 2. Configure the following settings: 2. Configure the following settings: • Sound balance: When you are using a stereo device, touch the •...

  • Page 159: About Device, Menu "about Device"

    Device status. option. • Legal information: Touch an option to display open source licenses, Google and Samsung legal information, Privacy Alert, and license settings. ® Tip: To find your device’s DivX...

  • Page 160

    Software Update Options To register your device and check for a software update: 1. Touch Settings About device Software update. 2. Touch Update. Your device is connected to the server and a search is performed for a software update. 3. Touch Auto update to check for updates automatically. When enabled, a check mark appears in the check box.

  • Page 161: Section 11: Health And Safety Information, Exposure To Radio Frequency (rf) Signals

    Section 11: Health and Safety Information This device is capable of operating in Wi-Fi mode in the 2.4 The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has published and 5 GHz bands. The FCC requires that devices operating information for consumers relating to Radio Frequency (RF) within 5.15-5.25 GHz may only be used indoors, not outside, exposure from wireless phones.

  • Page 162

    mode. Whereas high levels of RF can produce health effects While RF energy does not ionize particles, large amounts can (by heating tissue), exposure to low level RF that does not increase body temperatures and cause tissue damage. Two produce heating effects causes no known adverse health areas of the body, the eyes and the testes, are particularly effects.

  • Page 163

    Risk of Brain Cancer from Exposure to Radio Results of this study did NOT show that cell phones caused Frequency Fields in Childhood and Adolescence brain cancer. In this study, most people had no increased risk (MOBI-KIDS) of brain cancer from using cell phones. For people with the heaviest use of cell phones (an average of more than ½...

  • Page 164

    Reducing Exposure: Hands-Free Kits and Other Cell Phone Industry Actions Accessories Although the existing scientific data do not justify FDA Steps to Reduce Exposure to Radio Frequency Energy regulatory actions, the FDA has urged the cell phone industry to take a number of steps, including the following: If there is a risk from being exposed to radio frequency •...

  • Page 165

    Children and Cell Phones Because there are no known risks from exposure to RF emissions from cell phones, there is no reason to believe that The scientific evidence does not show a danger to any users hands-free kits reduce risks. Hands-free kits can be used for of cell phones from RF exposure, including children and convenience and comfort.

  • Page 166: Information

    Specific Absorption Rate (SAR) • Environmental Protection Agency (EPA): Certification Information http://www.epa.gov/radtown/wireless-tech.html. • Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA): Your wireless mobile device is a radio transmitter and http://www.osha.gov/SLTC/radiofrequencyradiation/. receiver. It is designed and manufactured not to exceed the (Note: This web address is case sensitive.) exposure limits for Radio Frequency (RF) energy set by the •...

  • Page 167

    The SAR information for this device can also be found on This is because the mobile device is designed to operate at Samsung’s website: http://www.samsung.com/sar. multiple power levels so as to use only the power required to SAR information on this and other model mobile devices can reach the network.

  • Page 168: Fcc Part 15 Information To User, Smart Practices While Driving

    Connect the equipment into an outlet on a circuit different from Samsung could void your authority to operate the device. that to which the receiver is connected. This device complies with part 15 of the FCC Rules.

  • Page 169: Battery Use And Safety

    Check the laws and regulations on the use of mobile devices Laws in some states may prohibit mounting this device on or and their accessories in the areas where you drive. Always near the windshield of an automobile. In other states, the law obey them.

  • Page 170

    GALAXY. safety hazard. If the GALAXY and/or battery get wet, have them checked by your service provider or contact Samsung, even if WARNING! they appear to be working properly.

  • Page 171: Samsung Mobile Products And Recycling, Ul Certified Travel Charger

    FAILURE TO FOLLOW THE INSTRUCTIONS OUTLINED MAY Recycling LEAD TO SERIOUS PERSONAL INJURY AND POSSIBLE PROPERTY DAMAGE. Samsung cares for the environment and encourages its IMPORTANT SAFETY INSTRUCTIONS - SAVE THESE customers to recycle Samsung mobile devices and genuine INSTRUCTIONS.

  • Page 172: Display / Touch-screen

    Using excessive force or a metallic object when may be shared with third-parties, including your wireless pressing on the touch-screen may damage the service provider, applications providers, Samsung, and other tempered glass surface and void the warranty. For third-parties providing services.

  • Page 173: Care And Maintenance

    In some areas, complete information may not be Keep your Samsung Mobile Device away from: available. Therefore, you should always visually confirm that Liquids of any kind the navigational instructions are consistent with what you see Keep the mobile device dry. Precipitation, humidity, and before following them.

  • Page 174: Responsible Listening

    cloth slightly dampened in a mild soap-and-water permanent noise-induced hearing loss. This includes the use ® solution. of headphones (including headsets, earbuds, and Bluetooth or other wireless devices). Shock or vibration Exposure to very loud sound has also been associated in Do not drop, knock, or shake the mobile device.

  • Page 175

    • When using headphones, turn the volume down if you cannot You can obtain additional information on this subject from the following sources: hear the people speaking near you or if the person sitting next to you can hear what you are listening to. American Academy of Audiology •...

  • Page 176: Operating Environment

    Using Your Mobile Device Near Other Electronic National Institute for Occupational Safety Devices and Health (NIOSH) Most modern electronic equipment is shielded from Radio 395 E Street, S.W., Suite 9200 Frequency (RF) signals. However, certain electronic Patriots Plaza Building equipment may not be shielded against the RF signals from Washington, DC 20201 your wireless mobile device.

  • Page 177

    Posted Facilities • Should read and follow the directions from the manufacturer of your implantable medical device. If you have any questions about Switch your mobile device off in any facility where posted using your wireless mobile device with an implantable medical notices require you to do so.

  • Page 178: Mobile Device, Fcc Notice And Cautions, Other Important Safety Information

    When your Device is Wet the National Fire Protection Standard (NFPA-58). For a copy of this standard, contact the National Fire Protection Do not turn on your device if it is wet. If your device is Association. already on, turn it off and remove the battery immediately, if Cautions applicable (if the device will not turn off or you cannot remove the battery, leave it as-is).

  • Page 179

    • • Check regularly that all wireless mobile device equipment in your Failure to observe these instructions may lead to the suspension vehicle is mounted and operating properly. or denial of network services to the offender, or legal action, or •...

  • Page 180: Section 12: Warranty Information, Standard Limited Warranty

    1 Year conjunction or connection with accessories, products, or Internal Batteries) ancillary/peripheral equipment not furnished or approved by SAMSUNG; (g) defects or damage resulting from improper Case 90 Days testing, operation, maintenance, installation, service, or Other Tablet Accessories 1 Year adjustment not furnished or approved by SAMSUNG;...

  • Page 181

    (iii) the battery has must return the Product to an authorized Tablet service been used in equipment other than the SAMSUNG Tablet for facility in an adequate container for shipping, accompanied which it is specified.

  • Page 182


  • Page 183

    What is the procedure for resolving disputes? For any arbitration in which your total damage claims, ALL DISPUTES WITH SAMSUNG ARISING IN ANY WAY FROM exclusive of attorney fees and expert witness fees, are THIS LIMITED WARRANTY OR THE SALE, CONDITION OR $5,000.00 or less (“Small Claim”), the arbitrator may, if you...

  • Page 184

    You may opt out of this dispute resolution procedure by If any portion of this Limited Warranty is held to be illegal or providing notice to SAMSUNG no later than 30 calendar days unenforceable, such partial illegality or unenforceability shall from the date of the first consumer purchaser’s purchase of the...

  • Page 185: End User License Agreement For Software

    DO NOT ACCEPT THESE TERMS, DO NOT USE THE DEVICE OR Samsung Electronics America, Inc. THE SOFTWARE. 85 Challenger Road 1. GRANT OF LICENSE. Samsung grants you the following Ridgefield Park, New Jersey 07660 rights provided that you comply with all terms and conditions Phone: 1-800-SAMSUNG...

  • Page 186

    Software. all and any component of the Update that Samsung may 4. CONSENT TO USE OF DATA. You agree that Samsung and its provide to you or make available to you after the date you affiliates may collect and use technical information gathered...

  • Page 187

    Update, you must first be licensed for the Only” option in the Setting. (Regardless of the option you Software identified by Samsung as eligible for the Update. choose, the “Automatic Update” function downloads Updates After the Update, you may no longer use the Software that only through Wi-Fi connection.)

  • Page 188

    License will terminate automatically without WHETHER ORAL OR WRITTEN, OBTAINED BY YOU FROM notice from Samsung if you fail to comply with any of the SAMSUNG OR ITS AFFILIATES SHALL BE DEEMED TO ALTER terms and conditions of this EULA. Upon termination of this...

  • Page 189

    You agree that Samsung shall not be mobile device. Many of them require Samsung Services responsible or liable, directly or indirectly, for any damage or membership registration (“Samsung Account”), and your...

  • Page 190

    Software is licensed only with "restricted rights" and as EXEMPLARY, OR CONSEQUENTIAL DAMAGES EVEN IF "commercial items" consisting of "commercial software" SAMSUNG HAS BEEN ADVISED OF THE POSSIBILITY OF SUCH and "commercial software documentation" with only those DAMAGES. SOME JURISDICTIONS DO NOT ALLOW THE...

  • Page 191

    Samsung its attorney (b) United States residents. ALL DISPUTES WITH SAMSUNG fees, expert witness fees or costs unless it is determined that ARISING IN ANY WAY FROM THIS EULA OR YOUR USE OF THE the claim was brought in bad faith.

  • Page 192: Social Hub

    Legal Terms and Privacy have it (the IMEI or MEID or Serial Number can be found (i) on Samsung's Social Hub and (if applicable) the website where the device box; (ii) on the device information screen, which you accessed this Disclaimer (collectively, the "Service"), is can be found under "Settings;"...

  • Page 193

    Samsung is ("Amendments"). providing the Service to you. Samsung may provide you with notice of the Amendments by You will be able to access additional features available at sending an email message to the email address listed in your socialhub.samsungmobile.com.

  • Page 194

    Material. Samsung You agree to take due care in protecting your username and reserves the right to terminate your access to the Service if...

  • Page 195

    Service. those permitted under the Terms. Without limiting this Samsung may restrict access to any part of the Service or restriction, you must not use the service for any illegal...

  • Page 196

    Access to such sites your service provider's network. Your network service does not imply that Samsung endorses the site or the provider may charge you for such data transmission. conduct, products or services on the site. Upon accessing...

  • Page 197

    Dealings with Others network and country codes, timezone, technical details of your client as well as your transactions with Samsung, for You may interact with other users on or through the Service. example your acceptance of the Terms, will be automatically You agree that any such interactions do not involve Samsung collected by Samsung.

  • Page 198: Limitation Of Liability

    ACKNOWLEDGE THAT THE USE OF THE SERVICE IS AT YOUR Service, Samsung may cooperate with your operator and SOLE RISK AND THAT YOU MAY BE EXPOSED TO CONTENT other third parties. Samsung may receive from such third FROM VARIOUS SOURCES. parties certain device specific non-personal information,...

  • Page 199

    Samsung, with respect to your use of the Service. Your use of from or arising out of i) your breach of the Terms, ii) your...

  • Page 200: Social Hub Privacy Policy

    Terms. complete and accurate personal information when prompted Samsung will not be liable or responsible for any failure to and we will reject and delete any entry that we believe in fulfill any of its obligations under the Terms which failure is...

  • Page 201: Information That We Collect, Use Of Information We Collect

    even if your use of or participation in any particular service, profession, zip code, etc.). Non-personal information may feature, function or promotional activity terminates, expires, also include technical information, such as your IP address ceases, is suspended or deactivated for any reason. and other anonymous data involving your use of the Service.

  • Page 202: Disclosure Of Information To Third Parties

    E-mail Communications DISCLOSURE OF INFORMATION TO THIRD PARTIES If you send us an e-mail with questions or comments, we may use your personal information to respond to your Aggregate Information questions or comments, and we may save your questions or Except as specifically set forth in this Privacy Policy, we do comments for future reference.

  • Page 203: Children, Security Of The Information We Collect

    Service and Samsung, send you a product or other special promotion they offer.

  • Page 204: Chat Rooms And Other Public Areas, Contests And Sweepstakes, We Collect

    How can I update my profile? we cannot guarantee the security of our databases, nor can we guarantee that information you supply won't be You can help us maintain the accuracy of your profile by intercepted while being transmitted to us over the Internet. notifying us when you change zip/postal code, country of CHAT ROOMS AND OTHER PUBLIC residence, age range, or e-mail address.

  • Page 205: Changes To Privacy Policy, Social Hub End User License Agreement

    CHANGES TO PRIVACY POLICY update, or remove your information in our databases, should be directed via e-mail to s.dufresne@Samsung.com, or via This Privacy Policy is effective as of May 29, 2010 and regular mail to: complies with Samsung's Corporate Privacy Policy. We...

  • Page 206

    2.2 All rights not expressly granted to you under this License 3.2 You agree that you will not remove or alter any copyright are reserved to Licensor, and you agree not to take or permit notices or similar proprietary devices, including without any action with respect to the Software that is not expressly limitation any electronic watermarks or other identifiers, that authorised under this License.

  • Page 207

    4.3 To the extent that any information is necessarily ALL CONDITIONS, WARRANTIES (INCLUDING WITHOUT disclosed pursuant to a statutory or regulatory obligation or LIMITATION ANY WARRANTY THAT THE SOFTWARE WILL court order, such disclosure shall not be a breach of this MEET YOUR REQUIREMENTS OR THAT ITS OPERATION WILL clause 4 provided you do what you can to prevent any such BE UNINTERRUPTED OR ERROR FREE) AND STIPULATIONS,...

  • Page 208

    6.4 Disclaimer of Certain Damages. IN NO EVENT SHALL 6.6 Any rights that you have as a consumer are not affected SAMSUNG BE LIABLE TO YOU OR ANY PARTY RELATED TO by this clause 6. YOU FOR ANY INDIRECT, INCIDENTAL, CONSEQUENTIAL, 7.

  • Page 209

    10.GENERAL 7.4 The termination of this License howsoever arising is without prejudice to the rights, duties and liabilities of either 10.1 If any clause or part of this License is found by any party accrued prior to termination. Clauses 2.2, 2.3, 3, 4, 5, court, tribunal, administrative body or authority of competent 6, 7.3, 8, 9 and 10 of this License will continue to be jurisdiction to be illegal, invalid or unenforceable then that...

  • Page 210

    the Licensor's website periodically for notices concerning revisions. Your continued use of the Software shall be deemed to constitute acceptance of any revised terms. 10.6 You will be deemed to have accepted the terms of this License by using the Software on any device.

  • Page 211: Index

    Index installing and removing 7 separating joined 46 Battery Use & Safety 164 setting a photo as contact icon 85 Accounts Bluetooth starred contacts 50 setting up 43 pairing with a device 91 updating 45 Adapt Sound 69 settings 122 Adapt Sount 129 turning on or off 90 Adobe PDF 111...

  • Page 212

    Google folders 32 Gmail 51 primary shortcuts 30 Email Latitude 63 wallpaper 33 Combined view 53 Local 61 composing and sending 55 Maps 62 Icons configuring accounts 52 Navigation 63 deleting accounts 53 Status Bar 29 Play Store 110 Infrared Blaster 20 refreshing 53 Search 58 Exposure to Radio Frequency...

  • Page 213

    Polaris® Office 111 Samsung Kies 94 Primary Shortcuts 30 Powering On and Off 9 Samsung Link 115 screen 25 Predictive Text 142 Samsung Mobile Products and Nearby Devices Privacy settings Recycling 166 settings 126 Screen Capture 104 factory data reset 146...

  • Page 214

    Security WatchON 118 locking and unlocking 16 help 118 Text locking your device 16 Initial Configuration 118 entering 36 Security settings settings 118 input methods 36 device administration 140 Widgets 31 Trip Advisor 117 Wi-Fi passwords 140 Turning Your Device On and Off 9 trusted credentials 141 adding a connection manually 88 Settings 120...

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