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User Manual
The color and the appearance may differ depending on the
product, and the specifications are subject to change without
prior notice to improve the performance.


Table of Contents

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  • Page 1 LFD DISPLAY User Manual ED32C ED40C ED46C ED55C The color and the appearance may differ depending on the product, and the specifications are subject to change without prior notice to improve the performance.
  • Page 2: Table Of Contents

    ED46C models only) Menus Connection Using an HDMI-DVI Cable Removing the Packaging Screen Adjustment Connection Using an HDMI Cable (for ED55C models only) Advanced features Changing the Resolution Checking the Components Sound Adjustment Changing the Resolution on Windows XP Parts...
  • Page 3 Table of contents Screen Adjustment Picture Off Sleep Timer On Timer Reset Picture Picture Mode Off Timer If the input source is PC, HDMI(PC) Holiday Management If the input source is HDMI(AV) Eco Solution Sound Adjustment Backlight / Contrast / Brightness / Sharpness / Energy Saving Color / Tint (G/R) Eco Sensor...
  • Page 4 Troubleshooting for Anynet+ Preset Timing Modes Magic Clone Reset System Appendix Reset All Contact SAMSUNG WORLD WIDE Responsibility for the Pay Service (Cost to Support Customers) Not a product defect Software Update A Product damage caused by customer's fault 142...
  • Page 5: Before Using The Product

    © 2013 Samsung Electronics Samsung Electronics owns the copyright for this manual. Use or reproduction of this manual in parts or entirety without the authorization of Samsung Electronics is prohibited. Microsoft, Windows are registered trademarks of Microsoft Corporation. VESA, DPM and DDC are registered trademarks of the Video Electronics Standards Association.
  • Page 6: Safety Precautions

    Safety Precautions Cleaning ― Exercise care when cleaning as the panel and exterior of advanced LCDs are easily scratched. ― Take the following steps when cleaning. Caution ― The following images are for reference only. Real-life situations may differ from what is shown in the images.
  • Page 7: Storage

    Storage Connect the power plug to a grounded power socket (type 1 insulated devices only). High-glossy models can develop white stains on the surface if an ultrasonic wave humidifier is used • An electric shock or injury may result. nearby. ―...
  • Page 8: Installation

    THE PRODUCT. DO NOT INSTALL THE PRODUCT NEAR HEAT SOURCES. • A fire may result. Only use the power cord provided with your product by Samsung. Do not use the power cord with other products. • A fire or electric shock may result.
  • Page 9 SAMSUNG • Be sure to consult Samsung Customer Service Center if you want to install the product at such a place.
  • Page 10: Operation

    If the product is dropped or the outer case is damaged, turn off the power Do not lift or move the product by pulling the power cord or any cable. switch and disconnect the power cord. Then contact Samsung Customer Service Center.
  • Page 11 • Your eyesight may deteriorate. when water or other foreign substances have entered the product. Then contact Samsung Customer Service Center. • Product failure, an electric shock or fire may result. Do not hold the product upside-down or move it by holding the stand.
  • Page 12 Rest your eyes for more than 5 minutes for every 1 hour of product use. Be careful that children do not place the battery in their mouths when removed from the remote control. Place the battery in a location that •...
  • Page 13: Preparations

    Chapter 02 Preparations Checking the Contents Remove the styrofoam from the product. Removing the Packaging (for ED32C, ED40C and ED46C models only) ― This image is for reference only. Open the packaging box. Be careful not to damage the product when you open the packaging with a sharp instrument.
  • Page 14: Removing The Packaging(for Ed55c Models Only)

    Removing the Packaging(for ED55C models only) Check the components and remove the styrofoam and plastic bag. ― The appearance of actual components may differ from the image shown. ― The following images are for reference only. Real-life situations may differ from what is shown in the images.
  • Page 15: Checking The Components

    Checking the Components Components - Contact the vendor where you purchased the product if any ― Components may differ in different locations. components are missing. - The appearance of the components and items sold separately may differ from the image shown. - A stand is not provided with the product.
  • Page 16: Parts

    Parts Port Description HDMI IN Connects to a source device using an HDMI cable. SERVICE (5V 0.5A) This port is used to upgrade the software. Reverse Side RGB IN Connects to a source device using a D-SUB cable. AUDIO OUT Connects to the audio of a source device.
  • Page 17: Anti-theft Lock

    Anti-theft Lock ― An anti-theft lock allows you to use the product securely even in public places. ― The locking device shape and locking method depend on the manufacturer. Refer to the user guide provided with your anti-theft locking device for details. To lock an anti-theft locking device: ―...
  • Page 18: Remote Control

    Remote Control ― Using other display devices in the same space as the remote control of this product can cause the other display devices to be inadvertently controlled. Power on the product. Power off the product. - Remote control button functions may Enter the password in the OSD menu.
  • Page 19 TOOLS INFO Quickly select frequently used functions. Display information on the screen. Move to the upper, lower, left or right menu, or adjust an option's setting. Confirm a menu selection. RETURN EXIT Return to the previous menu. Exit the current menu. Manually select a connected input source from HDMI PC, HDMI.
  • Page 20 Adjusting the OSD with the Remote Control Remote Control Reception Range Buttons Description Open the OSD menu. Select from Picture, Sound, Applications, System Support in the displayed OSD menu screen. Change settings as desired. Use the remote control within 7m to 10m from the sensor on the product at an angle of 30 from the left Finish setting.
  • Page 21: Before Installing The Product (installation Guide)

    15 ˚ Tilting Angle and Rotation ― Contact Samsung Customer Service Center for further details. • The product can be tilted at a maximum angle of 15 from a perpendicular wall surface. • To use the product vertically (portrait), turn it clockwise so that the LED is pointing down.
  • Page 22: Dimensions

    Figure 1.3 Side view Installation on an Indented Wall ― Contact Samsung Customer Service Center for further details. Plane view Minimum 40 mm Minimum 70 mm Minimum 50 mm Minimum 50 mm Ambient temperature: Under 35 C ― When installing the product on an indented wall, allow at least the space specified above between the product and wall for ventilation and ensure that the ambient temperature is kept below 35 C.
  • Page 23: Installing The Wall Mount

    We recommend you contact a technician for assistance when installing the wall mount bracket. Samsung Electronics is not responsible for any damage to the product or injury to yourself or others if you elect to install the wall mount on your own.
  • Page 24: Wall Mount Kit Specifications (vesa)

    Samsung is not liable for these kinds of accidents. • Samsung is not liable for product damage or personal injury when a non-VESA or non-specified wall mount is used or the consumer fails to follow the product installation instructions.
  • Page 25: Remote Control (rs232c)

    Remote Control (RS232C) • Pin assignment 1 2 3 4 5 Cable Connection RS232C Cable Interface RS232C (9 pins) 6 7 8 9 TxD (No.2), RxD (No.3), GND (No.5) Signal Bit rate 9600 bps Detect data carrier Data bits 8 bit Received data Parity None...
  • Page 26 • RS232C cable Connector: 9-Pin D-Sub to Stereo Cable -P1- -P1- -P2- -P2- Female --------> STEREO <-------- PLUG ---------- (3.5ø)
  • Page 27: Connection

    Connection • Connection 1 RS232C RS232C RS232C RS232C...
  • Page 28: Control Codes

    Command type Command Value range Control Codes Video Wall On 0x84 Viewing control state (Get control command) Video Wall User Control 0x89 Header Command Data length Checksum • All communications take place in hexadecimals. The checksum is calculated by adding up all 0xAA Command type values except the header.
  • Page 29: Power Control

    Power control Volume control • Function • Function A product can be powered on and off using a PC. The volume of a product can be adjusted using a PC. • Viewing power state (Get Power ON / OFF Status) •...
  • Page 30 Input source control 0x24 HDMI2_PC • Function 0x25 DisplayPort The input source of a product can be changed using a PC. ― DVI_video, HDMI1_PC and HDMI2_PC cannot be used with the Set command. They only respond to • Viewing input source state (Get Input Source Status) "Get"...
  • Page 31 Screen mode control • Nak Header Command Data length Ack/Nak r-CMD Val1 Checksum • Function The screen mode of a product can be changed using a PC. 0xAA 0xFF 0x18 "ERR" Screen mode cannot be controlled when the Video Wall function is enabled.
  • Page 32 PIP On/Off control Auto adjustment control (PC and BNC only) • Function • Function The PIP mode of a product can be turned on or off using a PC. Automatically adjust the PC system screen using a PC. ― Only available on models that have the PIP function. •...
  • Page 33: Safety Lock

    Video Wall Mode Control Safety Lock • Function • Function Video Wall mode can be activated on a product using a PC. PC can be used to turn the Safety Lock function on or off on a product. This control is only available on a product whose Video Wall is enabled.
  • Page 34 Video Wall On • Nak Header Command Data length Ack/Nak r-CMD Val1 Checksum • Function Turn Video Wall on or off on the product from your computer. 0xAA 0xFF 0x84 • Get Video Wall On/Off Status "ERR": A code showing what error has occurred Header Command Data length...
  • Page 35 10x10 Video Wall Model 0x00 0x00 0x00 0x00 0x00 0x00 0x00 0x00 0x00 0x00 0x00 0x00 0x00 0x00 0x00 0x1F 0x11 0x12 0x13 0x14 0x15 0x16 0x17 0x18 0x19 0x1A 0x1B 0x1C 0x1D 0x1E 0x2F 0x21 0x22 0x23 0x24 0x25 0x26 0x27 0x28...
  • Page 36 10x10 Video Wall Model : ( 1 ~ 100) Set Number Data 0x01 0x02 0x63 0x64 • Ack Header Command Data length Ack/Nak r-CMD Val1 Val2 Checksum 0xAA 0xFF 0x89 Wall_Div Wall_SNo • Nak Header Command Data length Ack/Nak r-CMD Val1 Checksum 0xAA...
  • Page 37: Connecting And Using A Source Device

    Chapter 03 Connecting and Using a Source Device Before Connecting Check the following before you connect this product with other devices. Devices that can be connected to this product Pre-connection Checkpoints include PCs, camcorders, speakers, set top boxes and DVD/Blu-ray Disc players. ―...
  • Page 38: Connecting To A Pc

    Connecting to a PC • Do not connect the power cable before connecting all other cables. Ensure you connect a source device first before connecting the power cable. • A PC can be connected to the product in a variety of ways. Select a connection method suitable for your PC.
  • Page 39: Connection Using An Hdmi-dvi Cable

    Connection Using an HDMI-DVI Cable ― When you connect a PC to the product using an HDMI-DVI cable, set Edit Name DVI PC to access video and audio content stored on the PC. HDMI IN RGB / HDMI AUDIO IN Connection Using an HDMI Cable HDMI IN...
  • Page 40: Changing The Resolution

    Changing the Resolution ― Adjust the resolution and refresh rate in Control Panel on your PC to obtain optimum picture quality. ― The picture quality of TFT-LCDs may degrade if the optimum resolution is not selected. Changing the Resolution on Windows XP Go to Control Panel Display Settings, and change the resolution.
  • Page 41: Changing The Resolution On Windows 7

    Changing the Resolution on Windows 7 Go to Control Panel Display Screen Resolution, and change the resolution. Changing the Resolution on Windows 8 Go to Settings Control Panel Display Screen Resolution, and change the resolution.
  • Page 42: Connecting To A Video Device

    Connecting to a Video Device • Do not connect the power cable before connecting all other cables. Ensure you connect a source device first before connecting the power cable. • You can connect a video device to the product using a cable. ―...
  • Page 43: Connection Using An Hdmi Cable

    Connection Using an HDMI Cable Using an HDMI cable or HDMI to DVI Cable (up to 1080p) • For better picture and audio quality, connect to a digital device using an HDMI cable. HDMI IN • An HDMI cable supports digital video and audio signals, and does not require an audio cable.
  • Page 44: Connecting To An Audio System

    Connecting to an Audio System ― Connecting parts may differ in different products. RGB / HDMI AUDIO IN...
  • Page 45: Changing The Input Source

    Changing the Input source Source MENU m : T Applications Source List ENTER Source allows you to select a variety of sources and change source device names. Source You can display the screen of a source device connected to the product. Select a source from source list to display the screen of the selected source.
  • Page 46: Using Mdc

    Chapter 04 Using MDC MDC (Multiple Display Control) is an application that allows you to easily control multiple display devices simultaneously using a PC. Configuring Settings for Multi Control MENU m : T System Multi Control ENTER Assign an individual ID to your product. Configuring settings for Multi Control ID Setup •...
  • Page 47: Mdc Program Installation/uninstallation

    MDC Program Installation/Uninstallation Installation MDC installation can be affected by the Insert the installation CD into the CD-ROM drive. graphics card, mother board and network conditions. Click the MDC Unified installation program. Select a language for installation. Next, click "OK". If a software installation window is not displayed on the main screen, install with When the...
  • Page 48: What Is Mdc

    What is MDC? Multiple display control "MDC" is an application that allows you to easily control multiple display devices Connecting to MDC simultaneously using a PC. Using MDC via RS-232C (serial data communications standards) An RS-232C serial cable must be connected to the serial ports on the PC and monitor. RS232C IN Monitor 1 RS232C OUT...
  • Page 49: Connection Management

    Connection Management Connection management includes the Connection list and Connection list modification options. Connection list - Connection list shows the details of the connections such as connection setting (IP/COM, Port No, MAC, and Connection Type), connection status, Set ID Range, and detected devices. Each connection can contain a maximum of 100 devices connected in serial daisy-chain fashion.
  • Page 50: User Login

    User Login Launching the program displays the user login window. The initial login ID (Username: admin) and password (password: admin) are set to admin. ― After logging in for the first time, make sure to change the password to ensure security. ―...
  • Page 51: Auto Set Id

    Auto Set ID Auto Set ID feature assigns a Set ID for all the LFDs connected in daisy-chain of a selected connection. There can be a maximum of 100 LFDs in a connection. The Set ID is assigned sequentially in the daisychain running from 1 to 99, and then finally to Set ID 0. ―...
  • Page 52: Cloning

    Cloning Using the Cloning feature, you can copy the setting of one LFD and apply it to multiple selected LFDs. You can select specific tab categories or all tab categories for cloning, using the copy setting option window. ― To delete the settings you have configured, click the Paste Settings button.
  • Page 53: Command Retry

    Command Retry This feature is used to specify the maximum number of times the MDC command will be retried in case of there being no reply or a corrupted reply from an LFD. The retry count value can be set using the MDC options window. The retry count value must be between 1-10.
  • Page 54: Getting Started With Mdc

    Getting Started with MDC To start the program, click Start Programs Samsung MDC Unified. The login window appears after the MDC program is launched. Enter the user ID and password. • The default user ID and password are admin. • Make sure to change the password after the first login.
  • Page 55: Main Screen Layout

    Main Screen Layout Change the status of a display device or the properties of the program. Menu Bar View a list of connected display devices or device groups. Device Category View a list of schedules for display devices. Schedule Category Select the display device you want to adjust.
  • Page 56 ― The volume can be changed or the sound can be muted only for displays that are turned on. Volume Volume • Adjust the volume of a selected display. • The volume can be adjusted using the slider bar in the range of 0 to 100. Mute •...
  • Page 57: Screen Adjustment

    User Login User Settings • Add, delete or edit login information. Logout • Log out from the current user account as follows. • Click Logout. The message "Do you want to log admin out?" is displayed • Click Yes. The user login window appears. •...
  • Page 58 Color Color • Adjust the colors for the selected display device. Tint (G/R) • Adjust the tint for the selected display device. Color Tone • Adjust the background color tone for the selected display device. Color Temp. • Adjust the color temperature for the selected display device. ―...
  • Page 59 MPEG Noise Filter Reduces MPEG noise to provide improved picture quality. Medium High Auto • Smart LED Controls the LED backlight to maximize picture clarity. Cinema Black In Movie mode, this feature dims the top and bottom areas of the video image to provide a more immersive viewing experience.
  • Page 60: Advanced Features

    Advanced features 3D Mode Select the 3D input format. 3D L/R Change Swap the left and right pictures. Displays the image for the left eye only. 3D Auto View 3D Control If you set 3D Auto View Message Notice, a pop up message window appears when the product receives a 3D signal. 3D Optimization The overall adjustment of 3D effect.
  • Page 61: Advanced Settings

    Advanced Settings Dynamic Contrast Adjust the screen contrast. Gamma Control Adjust the primary color intensity. RGB Only Mode Displays the Red, Green Blue color for making fine adjustments to the hue and saturation. Flesh Tone Emphasize pink “Flesh Tone. ” Motion Lighting Reduces power consumption by reducing screen brightness when the picture on the screen is in motion.
  • Page 62: Sound Adjustment

    Sound Adjustment You can change the sound settings. Choose display devices from the list of sets, and select the Sound tab. Bass • Adjust the bass for the selected display. Treble • Adjust the treble for the selected display. Balance(L/R) Bass Treble - The...
  • Page 63 Format • Select the number of horizontal display devices. • Select the format to display the split screen. • A maximum of 15 displays can be arranged in a row. ― A maximum of 6 can be assigned to if 15 is assigned to H. •...
  • Page 64 General User Auto Color • Automatically adjust the screen colors. ― Available only in mode. Auto Power • Set the product to automatically power on. Standby Control • Set the standby mode to activate if an input source is not detected. Fan &...
  • Page 65 Security Safety Lock • Lock the on-screen menus. ― To unlock the menus, set Safety Lock to Off. Button Lock • Lock the buttons on the display device. ― To unlock the buttons, set Button Lock to Off. OSD Display Source OSD •...
  • Page 66 Time Clock Set Change the current time on the selected display device according to the time set on a PC. If the time is not set on the display device, null values will be displayed. Timer On Timer • Repeat: Specify the period for which you want to repeat the selected Timer. Once, EveryDay, Mon~Fri, Mon~Sat, Sat~Sun, Manual Holiday...
  • Page 67: Holiday Management

    Holiday Management Holiday Management allows you to prevent devices that are set to be powered on by the Timer from turning on at a specified date. ― The Holiday Management function can be enabled or disabled in the Timer settings menu. •...
  • Page 68 Screen Saver This function prevents screen burn-in when the screen of the selected display device is left idle for an extended period of time. Timer: You can set the timer for Screen Saver. • • Repeat: Display the image retention-preventive pattern set in Mode at specified time intervals (Period).
  • Page 69 Safety Screen Safety Screen function can be used to prevent screen burn-in when a stationary image displays on the screen of a display device for an extended period of time. Lamp Control Lamp Control is used to adjust the backlight to reduce power consumption. Automatically adjust the backlight of the selected display device at a specified time.
  • Page 70 Ticker Input text while a video or image is displayed and display the text on the screen. Ticker Enable or disable Ticker. • Message Enter a message to display on the screen. Timer Set the Start Time End Time to display a message (Message). Position Select an orientation to display a message (Message) from Horizontal...
  • Page 71: Tool Settings

    Tool Settings Panel Control: Turn on or off the screen of a display device. • Remote Control: Enable or disable the remote control. • Security Reset Reset Picture: Reset the screen settings. • Reset Sound: Reset the sound settings. • Reset System: Reset the system settings.
  • Page 72: Edit Column

    Edit Column Configure the settings for the items that will be displayed on the list of displays. • Language: Select a language to use in the MDC program. After selecting a language, restart the MDC program to use the selected language. Options Command Retry Count: Specify the number of retry attempts when a command fails.
  • Page 73 Monitor Window A window appears showing details for data transfer between the computer and display devices. Filter • Information View the program information.
  • Page 74: Other Functions

    Other Functions Resizing a Window Place the mouse pointer on a corner of the program window. An arrow will appear. Move the arrow to customize the size of the program window.
  • Page 75: Group Management

    Group Management Create groups and manage the list of sets on a group basis. ― Duplicate group names cannot be used. Group Edit Creating Groups Right-click and select in the display device list section on the left side of the program window. In the Edit Group window displayed, click...
  • Page 76 Add on the sub level: Create a sub-group under the selected group. • Enter the group name. Deleting Groups Select a group name, and click Edit. In the Edit Group window displayed, click Delete. Click Yes. The group will be deleted.
  • Page 77: Schedule Management

    Renaming Groups Select a group name, and click Edit. Edit Group window displayed, click Rename. In the If a cursor appears in the old group name, enter a new group name. Rename Schedule Management Creating Schedules Create and register a schedule on a group basis. Click All Schedule List in the schedule section on the left side of the program window.
  • Page 78 Click the button. The Add Schedule window will appear. Device Group Click below the item, and select the group you want to add a schedule to. Date&Time/Action and click OK. The schedule will be added and a list of schedules will appear in the set list Select window.
  • Page 79: Troubleshooting Guide

    Troubleshooting Guide - This program may malfunction sometimes due to a communication Issue Solution problem between the PC and display or electromagnetic waves emitted from The display you want to control does not Check the connection of the RS232C cable (check that the cable is properly connected to appropriate serial port). nearby electronic devices.
  • Page 80 How display properties are shown when multiple displays are used When no display is selected: The default value is displayed. When one display is selected: Settings for the selected display are displayed. When two displays are selected (e.g. in sequence of ID 1 and ID 3): The settings for ID 1 are displayed before the settings for ID 3. When the All+Select checkbox is checked and all displays are selected: The default settings are displayed.
  • Page 81: Picture Mode

    Chapter 05 Screen Adjustment Picture Color Tone, etc.). Configure the settings (Backlight, Picture - The layout of the menu options may vary depending on the product. Picture Mode Select a picture mode (Picture Mode) suitable for the environment where the product will be used. Different Picture Mode options are displayed depending on the current input source.
  • Page 82: Backlight / Contrast / Brightness / Sharpness / Color / Tint (g/r)

    Backlight / Contrast / Brightness / Your product has several options for adjusting picture quality. Input source Picture Mode Adjustable options Sharpness / Color / Tint (G/R) HDMI (when a PC is connected) Information Backlight Contrast Brightness Sharpness MENU m : T Picture ENTER Advertisement...
  • Page 83: Picture Size

    Picture Size Picture Size If you have a cable box or satellite receiver, it may have its own set of screen sizes as well. However, we highly recommend you use your product’s 16:9 mode most of the time. MENU Picture Picture Size ENTER m : T...
  • Page 84: Position

    Position Adjusts the picture position. Position is only available if Picture Size is set to Zoom1, Zoom2, Wide Fit, Screen Fit. ― To use the Position function after selecting Zoom1, Zoom2, Wide Fit, Screen Fit Original Ratio, follow these steps. Press the button to select Position.
  • Page 85: Auto Adjustment

    Auto Adjustment Adjust frequency values/positions and fine tune the settings automatically. MENU Picture Auto Adjustment ENTER m : T Picture Auto Adjustment - Available in mode only. - The displayed image may differ depending on the model. PC Screen Adjustment Coarse Fine •...
  • Page 86: Pip

    PIP Settings The picture from the external video source will be in the main screen and the picture from the product will be in the PIP sub- picture screen. m : T MENU System ENTER Main picture Sub picture Picture HDMI HDMI PIP (Off...
  • Page 87: Advanced Settings

    Advanced Settings Input Source Picture Mode Advanced Settings HDMI Information White Balance Gamma (when a PC is connected) MENU Picture Advanced Settings ENTER m : T Advertisement White Balance Gamma Advanced Settings Dynamic Contrast Dynamic Contrast Medium Adjust the screen contrast. Black Tone Medium High...
  • Page 88: White Balance

    White Balance Advanced Settings Adjust the color temperature for a more natural picture. R-Offset G-Offset / B-Offset: Adjust each color’s (red, green, blue) darkness. • White Balance R-Gain G-Gain / B-Gain: Adjust each color’s (red, green, blue) brightness. • Gamma •...
  • Page 89: Picture Options

    Picture Options Select an option using the arrow keys, and the press Use the arrow keys to change the setting, and then press m : T MENU Picture Picture Options ENTER Input source Picture Mode Picture Options Picture Options PC, HDMI(when a PC is Information Color Tone Color Temp.
  • Page 90: Color Tone

    Color Tone Picture Options If the input source is PC, HDMI(PC connection). Color Tone Standard Cool Standard Warm • If the input source is HDMI. Color Temp. 10000K Cool Standard Warm1 Warm2 • Digital Clean View ― Warm1 Warm2 will be deactivated when the Picture Mode is Dynamic.
  • Page 91: Hdmi Black Level

    HDMI Black Level Picture Options Selects the black level on the screen to adjust the screen depth. HDMI Black Level Normal Normal • ― Available only in HDMI mode (AV Timing : 480p, 576p, 720p, 1080i, 1080p). Film Mode Dynamic Backlight Film Mode This mode is suitable to view movies.
  • Page 92: Picture Off

    Picture Off The product screen is turned off but the audio will continue. Press any key on your remote to turn the screen back on. Picture Picture Off Reset Picture - The displayed image may differ depending on the model. Reset Picture Resets your current picture mode to its default settings.
  • Page 93: Sound Adjustment

    Chapter 06 Sound Adjustment Sound Configure the sound ( ) settings for the product. Sound Mode You can select a sound mode to suit your personal preferences. • Standard: Selects the normal sound mode. • Music: Emphasizes music over voices. MENU m : T Sound...
  • Page 94: Sound Effect

    Sound Effect Configure your preferred sound effect for output sound. ― If Speaker Select is set to External, Sound Effect is disabled. ― Available only when Sound Mode is set to Standard. MENU Sound Sound Effect ENTER m : T DTS TruSurround (Off / On) •...
  • Page 95: Speaker Settings

    Speaker Settings Speaker Select (External Internal / Receiver) • If you are listening to the sound track of a broadcast or movie through an external receiver, you may hear a sound echo caused by the difference in decoding speed between the products speakers and the speakers attached to your audio receiver.
  • Page 96: Source List

    Chapter 07 Applications Source List Refresh MENU m : T Applications Source List TOOLS Refresh ENTER Source allows you to select a variety of sources and change source device names. Refresh If you cannot find a device you want, select to refresh the list.
  • Page 97: System

    Chapter 08 System Menu Language Set the menu language. ― A change to the language setting will only be applied to the onscreen menu display. It will not be applied to other functions on your PC. m : T MENU System Menu Language ENTER...
  • Page 98: Multi Control

    Multi Control Configuring settings for Multi Control ID Setup • Assign an ID to a set. (Range: 0~99) MENU System Multi Control ENTER m : T Press to select a number, and press ID Input System • Enter the ID number of the product connected to the input cable for input signal reception. Enter the number you want using the number buttons on the remote control.
  • Page 99: Time

    Time You can configure Clock Set Sleep Timer. You can also set the product to automatically turn on or off at a specified time Timer using the function. Clock Set MENU System Time ENTER m : T Set the clock to use the various various timer features of the product. Time Clock Set •...
  • Page 100: On Timer

    On Timer Time On Timer so that your product turns on automatically at a time and on a day of your choosing. On Timer The power is turned on with the specified volume or input source. Off Timer Timer: Set the on timer by making a selection from one of the seven options. Ensure you set the current time first. (On Timer 1 On Timer Holiday Management...
  • Page 101: Off Timer

    Off Timer Time Set the off timer (Off Timer) by making a selection from one of the seven options. (Off Timer 1 Off Timer On Timer ― You must set the clock before you can use Timer. • Setup: Select Off, Once, Everyday, Mon~Fri, Mon~Sat, Sat~Sun or Manual.
  • Page 102: Eco Solution

    Eco Solution Energy Saving Reduce the power consumption by adjusting the screen brightness. m : T MENU System Eco Solution ENTER Medium High • Eco Sensor Eco Solution To enhance your power savings, the picture settings will automatically adapt to the light in the room. Energy Saving •...
  • Page 103: Screen Burn Protection

    Screen Burn Protection To reduce the possibility of screen burn, this unit is equipped with Pixel Shift screen burn prevention technology. Pixel Shift moves the picture slightly on the screen. Pixel Shift Time setting allows you to program the time between movements of the picture in minutes. m : T MENU System...
  • Page 104: Timer

    Timer Screen Burn Protection You can set the timer for Screen Burn Protection. Pixel Shift Pixel Shift feature stops automatically after a specified period of time. • Timer • Repeat: Display the image retention-preventive pattern set in Mode at specified time intervals(Period). Immediate Display ―...
  • Page 105: Immediate Display

    Immediate Display Screen Burn Protection Select the screen saver you want to display immediately. Pixel Shift Pixel Rolling Bar Fading Screen • Timer Side Gray Immediate Display When the screen is set to aspect ratio, adjust the brightness of white margins on sides to protect the screen. Side Gray Light Dark...
  • Page 106: Ticker

    Ticker Input text while a video or image is displayed and display the text on the screen. • ― Message, Time, Position, Motion, and Font Options are enabled only when Ticker is set to On. m : T MENU System Ticker ENTER •...
  • Page 107: Video Wall

    Video Wall Customize the layout of multiple displays that are connected to form a video wall. In addition, display part of a whole picture or repeat the same picture on each of the connected multiple displays. m : T MENU System Video Wall ENTER...
  • Page 108: Vertical

    Vertical Video Wall This function automatically divides the screen according to the specified number of vertical displays. Video Wall Enter the number of vertically arranged displays. The vertical screen will automatically be divided according to the number entered. · Format Full A maximum of 15 displays can be assigned to the vertical arrangement.
  • Page 109: Source Autoswitch Settings

    Source AutoSwitch Settings Turning on the display with Source AutoSwitch On, and the previous video source selection is not active, the display will automatically search the different video input sources for active video. Source AutoSwitch m : T MENU System Source AutoSwitch Settings ENTER When the...
  • Page 110: General

    General Max. Power Saving Turns off the product to reduce power consumption after the PC has been left idle for a specified period of time. m : T MENU System General ENTER • ― Available only PC, HDMI mode. General Game Mode Max.
  • Page 111: Button Lock

    Button Lock General This menu can be used to lock the buttons on the product. Max. Power Saving Only the remote control can control the product if Button Lock is set to On. • Game Mode Auto Power Standby Control Safety Lock You can set the screen standby mode to be applied when an input signal is received.
  • Page 112: Osd Display

    OSD Display General Displays or hides a menu item on the screen. OSD Display ― Source OSD No Signal OSD MDC OSD Power On Adjustment 0 sec Power On Adjustment Temperature Control You can set the warm-up time for the screen to turn on after the power button is pressed. (Range: 0 – 50 seconds) ―...
  • Page 113: Change Pin

    Change PIN Change PIN screen will appear. Choose any 4 digits for your PIN and enter it in Enter New PIN. Reenter the same 4 digits in Confirm New PIN. When the Confirm screen disappears, press the Close button. The product has memorized your new PIN. m : T MENU System...
  • Page 114: Anynet+ (hdmi-cec)

    Anynet+ is a function that enables you to control all connected Samsung devices that support Anynet+ with your Samsung product remote. The Anynet+ system can be used only with Samsung devices that have the Anynet+ feature. To be sure your...
  • Page 115: Auto Turn Off

    Auto Turn Off Anynet+ (HDMI-CEC) Setting an Anynet+ Device to turn automatically when the product is turned off. Anynet+ (HDMI-CEC) • ― If Auto Turn Off is set to Yes, running external devices will turn off at the same time as the product powers off. Auto Turn Off ―...
  • Page 116: Troubleshooting For Anynet

    Troubleshooting for Anynet+ Problem Possible Solution Anynet+ does not work. • Check if the device is an Anynet+ device. The Anynet+ system supports Anynet+ devices only. • You can connect only one receiver (home theater). • Check if the Anynet+ device power cord is properly connected. •...
  • Page 117 Problem Possible Solution The connected device is not • Check whether or not the device supports Anynet+ functions. displayed. • Check whether or not the HDMI cable is properly connected. • Check whether Anynet+ (HDMI-CEC) is set to in the Anynet+ System menu.
  • Page 118: Magic Clone

    ― Confirm that the USB device functions properly before running the option. Clone to USB ― The option is available for products with the same Model Code Software Version. Support Contact Samsung Model Code Software Version. Go to and find the product Clone From USB - The displayed image may differ depending on the model.
  • Page 119: Reset All

    Reset All This option returns all the current settings for a display to the default factory settings. m : T MENU System Reset All ENTER System Reset All - The displayed image may differ depending on the model.
  • Page 120: Support

    Chapter 09 Support Software Update m : T MENU Support Software Update ENTER Current Version: This is the software version already installed in the product. Software Update menu lets you upgrade your product software to the latest version. ― Be careful not to turn off the power until the upgrade is complete. The product will turn off and on automatically after completing the software upgrade. ―...
  • Page 121: Contact Samsung

    Contact Samsung m : T MENU Support Contact Samsung ENTER View this information when your product does not work properly or when you want to upgrade the software. You can find information regarding our call centers and how to download products and software.
  • Page 122: Troubleshooting Guide

    Chapter 10 Troubleshooting Guide Requirements Before Contacting Samsung Customer Service Center Before calling Samsung Customer Service Center, test your product as follows. If Testing the Product the problem persists, contact Samsung Customer Service Center. Check if your product is operating normally by using the product test function.
  • Page 123: Check The Followings

    Check the followings. Installation issue (PC mode) The screen keeps switching on and off. Check the cable connection between the product and PC, and ensure the connection is secure. Blank spaces are found on all four sides of the screen when The blank spaces found on the screen have nothing to do with the product.
  • Page 124 Screen issue The screen appears unstable and shaky. Check that the resolution and frequency of the PC and graphics card are set within a range compatible with the product. Then, change the screen settings if required by referring to the Additional Information on the product menu and the Standard Signal Mode Table.
  • Page 125 Remote control issue The remote control does not work. Make sure that the batteries are correctly in place (+/-). Check if the batteries are flat. Check for power failure. Make sure that the power cord is connected. Check for any special lighting or neon signs switched on in the vicinity. Source device issue A beeping sound is heard when my PC is booting.
  • Page 126: Q & A

    Q & A Question Answer How can I change the frequency? Set the frequency on your graphics card. • Windows XP: Go to Control Panel Appearance and Themes Display Settings Advanced Monitor and adjust the frequency in Monitor Settings. • Windows ME/2000: Go to Control Panel Display Settings Advanced...
  • Page 127 Question Answer How do I set powersaving mode? • Windows XP: Set power-saving mode in Control Panel Appearance and Themes Display Screen Saver Settings or BIOS SETUP on the PC. • Windows ME/2000: Set power-saving mode in Control Panel Display Screen Saver Settings or BIOS SETUP on the PC.
  • Page 128: Specifications

    Dimensions (W x H x D) VESA 200 x 200 mm / 7.9 x 7.9 inches 400 x 400 mm / 15.7 x 15.7 inches Display Color 8bit , 16.7M (ED32C) 10bit(Dithering), 1.07B(ED40C, ED46C, ED55C) Synchronization Horizontal Frequency 30 ~ 81 kHz Vertical Frequency...
  • Page 129 Due to the nature of the manufacturing of this product, approximately 1 pixel per million (1ppm) may appear brighter or darker on the panel. This does not affect product performance. ― This device is a Class A digital apparatus. (USA only) Dispose unwanted electronics through an approved recycler. To find the nearest recycling location, go to our website: or call, (877) 278 - 0799...
  • Page 130: Powersaver

    ED46C 110 Watts 88 Watts 121 Watts 0.5 Watts 0.5 Watts 0 Watts ED55C 150 Watts 120 Watts 165 Watts 0.5 Watts 0.5 Watts 0 Watts ― The displayed power consumption level can vary in different operating conditions or when settings are changed.
  • Page 131: Preset Timing Modes

    Preset Timing Modes - Horizontal Frequency ― This product can be set to only one resolution for each screen size to obtain the optimum picture quality due to the nature of the panel. Using a resolution other than The time required to scan a single line from the left to the right side of the the specified resolution may degrade the picture quality.
  • Page 132 Resolution Horizontal Frequency Vertical Frequency Pixel Clock Sync Polarity (kHz) (Hz) (MHz) (H/V) VESA, 1024 x 768 56.476 70.069 75.000 VESA, 1024 x 768 60.023 75.029 78.750 VESA, 1152 x 864 67.500 75.000 108.000 VESA, 1280 x 720 45.000 60.000 74.250 VESA, 1280 x 800 49.702...
  • Page 133: Appendix

    Chapter 12 Appendix Contact SAMSUNG WORLD WIDE ― If you have any questions or comments relating to Samsung products, please contact the SAMSUNG customer care center. NORTH AMERICA U.S.A 1-800-SAMSUNG(726-7864) CANADA 1-800-SAMSUNG(726-7864) (English) (French) MEXICO 01-800-SAMSUNG(726-7864)
  • Page 134 LATIN AMERICA COLOMBIA 01-8000112112 Bogotá: 6001272 COSTA RICA 0-800-507-7267 (Spanish) (English) DOMINICA 1-800-751-2676 (Spanish) (English) ECUADOR 1-800-10-7267 (Spanish) (English) EL SALVADOR 800-6225 (Spanish) (English) GUATEMALA 1-800-299-0013 (Spanish) (English) HONDURAS 800-27919267 (Spanish)
  • Page 135 800 - SAMSUNG (800-726786) Samsung Electronics Czech and Slovak, s.r.o., Oasis Florenc, Sokolovská 394/17, 180 00, Praha 8 till 8.2.2013 . From 8.2.2013: Samsung Electronics Czech and Slovak, s.r.o. V Parku 2343/24, 148 00 - Praha 4 DENMARK 70 70 19 70
  • Page 136 0180 5 SAMSUNG bzw. 0180 5 7267864* (*0,14 €/Min. aus dem dt. Festnetz, aus dem Mobilfunk max. 0,42 €/Min.) GREECE 80111-SAMSUNG (80111 726 7864) only from land line (+30) 210 6897691 from mobile and land line HUNGARY 06-80-SAMSUNG(726-7864)
  • Page 137 +381 11 321 6899 (old number still active 0700 7267864) SLOVAKIA 0800 - SAMSUNG(0800-726 786) SPAIN 902 - 1 - SAMSUNG (902 172 678) SWEDEN 0771 726 7864 (SAMSUNG) SWITZERLAND 0848 - SAMSUNG(7267864, CHF 0.08/min) (German) (French)
  • Page 138 1300 362 603 CHINA 400-810-5858 HONG KONG (852) 3698 4698 (Chinese) (English) INDIA 1800 3000 8282 1800 266 8282 INDONESIA 0800-112-8888 021-5699-7777 JAPAN 0120-327-527 MALAYSIA 1800-88-9999 NEW ZEALAND 0800 SAMSUNG (0800 726 786)
  • Page 139 ASIA PACIFIC PHILIPPINES 1-800-10-SAMSUNG(726-7864) for PLDT 1-800-3-SAMSUNG(726-7864) for Digitel 1-800-8-SAMSUNG(726-7864) for Globe 02-5805777 SINGAPORE 1800-SAMSUNG(726-7864) TAIWAN 0800-329-999 0266-026-066 THAILAND 1800-29-3232 02-689-3232 VIETNAM 1 800 588 889 MENA BAHRAIN 8000-4726 (English) (Arabic) EGYPT 08000-726786
  • Page 140 MENA OMAN 800-SAMSUNG(726-7864) (English) (Arabic) QATAR 800-2255 (800-CALL) (English) (Arabic) SAUDI ARABIA 9200-21230 (Arabic) SYRIA 18252273 (English) TURKEY 444 77 11 U.A.E 800-SAMSUNG (726-7864) AFRICA ANGOLA 91-726-7864 BOTSWANA 0800-726-000 CAMEROON 7095- 0077
  • Page 141 AFRICA SOUTH AFRICA 0860-SAMSUNG (726-7864 ) TANZANIA 0685 88 99 00 UGANDA 0800 300 300 ZAMBIA 211350370
  • Page 142: Responsibility For The Pay Service (cost To Customers)

    ― When the service is requested, in spite of in warranty, we may charge you for a visit from a service • Use of supplies or separatly sold product unspecified by Samsung. technician in the following cases. • Repair from a person besides an engineer of outsourcing service company or partner of Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd. Not a product defect •...
  • Page 143: Correct Disposal

    Correct Disposal Correct Disposal of This Product (Waste Electrical & Correct disposal of batteries in this product Electronic Equipment) (Applicable in countries with separate collection systems) The marking on the battery, manual or packaging indicates that the battery in this (Applicable in countries with separate collection systems) product should not be disposed of with other household waste.
  • Page 144: Optimum Picture Quality And Afterimage Burn-in Prevention

    Optimum Picture Quality and Afterimage Burn-in Prevention Optimum Picture Quality • To enjoy the optimum picture quality, go to Control Panel on your PC and adjust the resolution and refresh rate as follows. The picture quality of TFT-LCDs may degrade if the optimum resolution is not selected. - Resolution: 32": HD (1366x768), 40"...
  • Page 145: Prevention Of Afterimage Burn-in

    Prevention of Afterimage Burn-in What is afterimage burn-in? Afterimage burn-in should not occur when the LCD panel is operating normally. Normal operation refers to a continuously changing video pattern. If the LCD panel displays a fixed pattern for an extended period of time (more than 12 hours), a slight Black Matrix Color-Filter Common...
  • Page 146 • Avoid combinations of a text color and background color of contrasting brightness. ― Avoid using grey as it may contribute to afterimage burn-in. ― Avoid using colors of contrasting brightness (black and white; grey). FLIGHT TIME FLIGHT TIME OZ348 20:30 OZ348 20:30...
  • Page 147: License

    License DivX Certified Ⓡ to play DivX Ⓡ video up to HD 1080p, including premium content. DivXⓇ, DivX CertifiedⓇ and associated logos are trademarks of DivX, Inc. and are used under license. Manufactured under license from Dolby Laboratories. Dolby and the double-D symbol are trademarks of Dolby Laboratories. ABOUT DIVX VIDEO: DivXⓇ...
  • Page 148: Terminology

    Terminology 480i / 480p / 720p / 1080i / Non-interlace Mode and Interlace Vertical Frequency____ The product Plug & Play____ Plug & Play is a HDMI (High Definition Multimedia 1080p____ Each of the scanning Mode____ Non-interlace mode displays a single image many times function that allows the automatic Interface)____ It is an interface that rates above refers to the number of...

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