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Brookstone Ultrasonic Jewelry/DVD Cleaner User Manual page 8

Ultrasonic jewelry/dvd cleaner
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note: The amount of time you select should depend on the quantity and
cleanliness of the pieces. it is advised to clean a Cd or dvd with graphics
only once in cool water for 90 seconds as there is a chance the graphics
will fade.
6 . Press the LEVEL BUTTON to select desired intensity . The intensity depends
on the type of cleaning needed and the type of item being cleaned .
Example of intensities for different types of items:
3 HIGH — Glasses and waterproof watches (up to 30 meters)
2 MEDIUM — Jewelry
1 LOW — CDs and DVDs
7 . Press START/STOP BUTTON to start the cleaning process . A blue light will
illuminate and the time left for cleaning will count down on the DISPLAY .
note: press sTarT/sTop BUTTon to interrupt or resume the cleaning cycle.
8 . When the chosen cycle is complete, the unit will automatically turn off and the
blue light on the DISPLAY will turn off . If additional cleaning is necessary,
repeat the steps above to repeat the cycle .
9 . When you are done cleaning your items, unplug the unit and open lid to remove
the items, pour water out of the tank and wipe dry with a soft, clean cloth .

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