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Operation - Brookstone Ultrasonic Jewelry/DVD Cleaner User Manual

Ultrasonic jewelry/dvd cleaner
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1 .
Open the lid and fill the STAINLESS STEEL TANK up to the MAX level with
cool tap water .
2 .
Insert the power cord into an electrical outlet . The DISPLAY illuminates .
3 .
Place items in the BASKET and place the BASKET in the STAINLESS STEEL
TANK—ensuring that the water does not exceed the recommended MAX water
level after the items are submerged .
note: lay your watch over the waTCH sTand (see Fig. 1). or place 2 Cds
or dvds on the Cd/dvd raCk and separate with the Cd/dvd separaTor
rinG (see Fig. 2).
4 .
Close the lid .
5 .
Press TIMER BUTTON incrementally until the desired time appears
on the DISPLAY: 090, 180, 280, 380 or 480 seconds .
Fig. 1
Fig. 2

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