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  • Page 1 Owner’s Manual...
  • Page 3 Dodge Viper SRT10 to the next level. The Viper ACR is not certified as a race car and it is not equipped with a racing safety cage, racing restraints or other racing safety equipment.
  • Page 4 2.0 Aerodynamics The Viper ACR aerodynamics are capable of high levels of downforce which will noticeably affect the grip and handling of the vehicle at speeds as low as 50 mph. Regularly inspect all of the aerodynamic components and attachments for damage or wear.
  • Page 5 Always leave ample room and be sure to educate anyone you allow to operate the vehicle. CAUTION: Use care when approaching parking blocks, tall speed bumps and garage curbs. These surfaces can severely damage your splitter. Use care when driving up to sloped surfaces or over speed bumps.
  • Page 6 2.2 Splitter Components The front of the ACR splitter is supported by two stainless Adjustment Nut steel cables. These cables and their attachments should be regularly inspected. Lock Nut The splitter cables have an adjustment capability, however it Splitter Cable...
  • Page 7 2.3 Track Extension Splitter Panel A splitter track extension is included in the trunk of every Viper ACR. The track extension is mounted in the same location as the center rub strip. The on-track aerodynamic balance was optimized with the track extension in place.
  • Page 8: Rear Wing

    2.4 Rear Wing The ACR rear wing generates most of the car’s aerodynamic downforce. The wing is a powerful element that will affect the handling of the car at speeds greater than 50 mph. Extreme caution should be given to any modifications to the factory settings.
  • Page 9 Wing Adjustment It is possible to adjust the wing using the hole pattern at the top front of the stanchion. Adjustment hole numbering Note: Adjustment to the wing setting is not recommended. The wing is attached to the lower stanchions with thread locker and tamper resistant fasteners.
  • Page 10: Carbon Fiber

    All carbon fiber materials are susceptible to UV degradation during long exposure to the sun. The ACR woven carbon components use the latest technology for both the resin system and the clear coat. As with any automotive coating, storing your vehicle in a covered location will guarantee a long lasting finish.
  • Page 11: Two Piece Brake Rotors

    3.0 Two Piece Brake Rotors The Viper SRT10 is known for having world class brakes. The 2008 Viper ACR takes this incredible braking system to the next level with the Stop Tech two-piece lightweight slotted rotors. These brake rotors significantly reduce rotating un-sprung mass.
  • Page 12 3.1 Street Break-in Procedure • Try to avoid abrupt, hard stops for the first 200 miles (300 km) • Avoid any racing OR off-road activities for the first 200 miles (300 km) • Avoid repeated incline/decline braking for the first 200 miles (300 km) 3.2 Alternate Break in Procedure CAUTION: Chrysler does not endorse speeding on public roads;...
  • Page 13: Care And Maintenance

    5. Watch for the following: 6. After the final stop, drive as much as possible without using the • On the 8th or 9th stop, there should be a distinct smell from the brakes to cool off the system. Ideally, the brakes should be allowed brakes.
  • Page 14: Pilot Sport Cup Tires

    4.0 Pilot Sport Cup Tires Your Viper ACR comes equipped with Michelin Pilot Sport Cup minimum tread depth can be reached earlier depending on your competition oriented tires that are DOT approved for street use. driving style, resulting in reduced tire life. The special Pilot Sport Cup...
  • Page 15: Adjustable Dampers

    5.0 Adjustable Dampers The Viper ACR suspension includes a set of adjustable coil-over CAUTION: Do not make any adjustments or modifications to the racing dampers built by KW Suspensions. These dampers have been nitrogen pressure of the damper canisters. This will void the warranty.
  • Page 16 5.1 Damper Components Your Viper ACR is delivered with the suspension adjusted for Components optimal street comfort. Below are the adjustment capabilities: Spherical Bearing Mount Rebound Adjuster • Compression Damping: 14 settings front and rear Upper Spring Seat • Rebound Damping:...
  • Page 17: Ride Height Adjustment

    5.2 Ride Height Adjustment Your ACR is delivered from the factory at a ride height that provides Before any adjustments are made to your ride height, clean threaded a good balance for drivability on the street. The adjustable suspen- area with soapy water to be sure it is free and clear of debris.
  • Page 18: Compression Adjustment

    5.3 Compression Adjustment The compression adjustment (also called bump) varies the damping of the upward travel of the wheel relative to the vehicle. The compression adjuster is located on the remote canister fixed to the damper body and has 14 damping positions. Depending on vehicle ride height, the car may need to be raised to gain access to the compression adjuster.
  • Page 19: Rebound Adjustment

    5.4 Rebound Adjustment The rebound adjustment (also called droop) varies the damping of the CAUTION: To avoid damage to your + – downward travel of the wheel relative to the vehicle. dampers DO NOT force the finger knob when it stops turning. Also, NEVER use The rebound adjuster is located on top of the piston rod and has 19 any tools to adjust the finger knob.
  • Page 20: Track Set Up

    The rake of the car (or front to rear ride height difference) may also measured from the bottom of frame rail to ground at the axle be changed with your ACR suspension. Changing the rake may be centerline with no passengers, a full tank of fuel and tire pressures beneficial at some tracks.
  • Page 21 Rebound = Position “6” Track use will greatly increase wear rates and service intervals on your Viper ACR. Repeated track use requires more frequent fluid changes. Rear: Compression = Position “5” Because of the extreme conditions encountered during track use, any Rebound = Position “5”...
  • Page 22: Hard Core Package

    6.0 Hard Core Package This option is for the Hard Core track enthusiast who is looking for The Lap Timer displays lap times on a large illuminated digital maximum weight savings. display. It continuously updates the fastest laps and acquires a running data log of all times during the track event.
  • Page 23 7.0 Tuning Record Date & Track Adjustments Notes...
  • Page 24: Limited Warranty

    1075 North Avenue uncompromising performance. Because to the wing or if the original fasteners or Sanger, CA 93657 of this, some of the ACR components positions have been changed. Toll Free: 1-888-713-5566 have unique warranty limitations. Email: Tires –...
  • Page 25 9.0 Acknowledgement The customer acknowledges that the dealer has provided him/her with basic instruction in the following areas, including the cautions, limitations and warranty coverage of this package. Key areas: Overview / Limit Handling Aerodynamics Single Season Semi-Slick Tires Two-Piece Brake Rotors Brake Pads Adjustable Coil-over Shocks Warranty - Racing Not Covered...
  • Page 26 Notes...

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