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Sony Emma User Manual

Sony mobile application.
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Emma User Guide
Version: 2.13.6


Table of Contents

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  • Page 1 Emma User Guide Version: 2.13.6...
  • Page 2: Table Of Contents

    Support Functions ........32 Work Area ..........10 Reporting an Error ........32 Changing the Work Area ......10 Finding the Emma Log File ....... 32 Moving Frame Boundaries......10 Emma Log Level ........32 Changing to a Side By Side layout..... 11 Changing to a Compact layout....
  • Page 3: Getting Started With Emma

    You need a user name and password to be able to use the application. Prerequisites Administrator You must be administrator on your computer to be able to install and run Emma. Operating Systems The following operating systems are supported by Emma: •...
  • Page 4 P4 3.0 GHz 1.0 GB RAM flashing Note: If you do not follow the recommendations Sony Mobile can not guarantee the functionality. Parallel Flashing Recommendations You can flash up to ten phones at the same time depending on hardware. User Types Depending on what user level you are on you will have different needs on hardware and performance.
  • Page 5: Installation

    The Log in window is shown. To start using Emma you need to log in. If you are a new user you must first register. If you use a proxy server to access Internet you may need to change your proxy...
  • Page 6: Register

    1. In the Emma Information window that says Registration successful, click A Regional Emma administrator need to accept and activate your account (takes about a week). You will get a notification email when the account has been activated.
  • Page 7: Log In

    Emma User Guide Log in Emma will first try to log in on the server, but if no server connection is available local log in will be attempted. Local log in will only work if you have logged in on the server before.
  • Page 8: Changing Password

    Emma User Guide You must be online to get a new password. In the Log in window, click Get new password In the Get new password window, enter your user name and e-mail address. Click An information window tells you that a new password has been sent. Click If something went wrong an error dialog is shown.
  • Page 9: Working Online/offline

    Enabling peer-to-peer (P2P) If you want to download files you can get them from a neighboring Emma user, a so called peer, instead of downloading them from the server. A neighbor is a computer behind the same router or firewall.
  • Page 10: About Emma

    Emma User Guide About Emma New versions of Emma are released on a regular basis (you do not need to install these since Emma will update automatically). If you need to send in an error report it is important to know what version you are using.
  • Page 11: Understanding The Work Area

    E. Status Bar: This area contains information about devices being connected and network status (working online/offline and peer-to-peer status). F. Service Details: Either this area shows general instructions on using Emma or a list of available services. When running a service, information about the progress will be shown here.
  • Page 12: Changing To A Side By Side Layout

    Emma User Guide Moving Frame Boundaries You can click and hold a frame boundary between the Connector Details, Connector Overview and Service Details areas, and drag them to make them smaller or larger. Click and hold on a frame boundary.
  • Page 13: Changing To A Moveable Layout

    Main menu to hide (uncheck) it. View > Toolbar Click again if you want to show (check) the Toolbar. Information stored when Emma is closed Some information is stored by Emma when you close the application. • The layout of the work area...
  • Page 14 Emma User Guide • Registered connector names and types...
  • Page 15: Connectors

    Emma User Guide Connectors There are a number of different connectors/cables you can use with Emma: USB. Connector Overview In Connector Overview you can find information about registered connectors and devices/phones that are connected to them. A. Connector Icon: Shows the type of connector...
  • Page 16: Connector Details

    Emma User Guide Note: Connectors can be sorted by clicking one of the column headers. If you click the same header again the sorting order will be reversed. Connector Details If you click on a connector in the Connector Overview, information about it and the connected device/phone (if any) will be shown in the Connector Details area.
  • Page 17: Deregistering A Connector

    If you have no need for a connector you can deregister it. Only USB cables need to be deregistered from within Emma, all other connectors will automatically be deregistered when disconnected. If you are running a service with the connector you can not deregister it until the service is finished.
  • Page 18: Changing Connector Usb Speed Preferences

    Emma User Guide Flash the device/phone, see Running a Service on page 21 . Note: You do not have to install drivers for the USB cable. They are installed automatically by Emma. Changing Connector USB Speed Preferences You can change the speed for an USB connector to Hi-Speed when using a DCU65 Cable.
  • Page 19: Services

    Emma User Guide Services Services is the main function in Emma. Service Details Service Details can show different types of information, progress of identification, the Service list, prompts when running a service, start mode buttons, etc. When identifying, running a service etc. a service log is shown at the bottom of Service Details.
  • Page 20: Filtering The Service List

    When you click on a service in the Service list, information about it is shown at the bottom of Service Details under Service Properties. If you want more information click on the link Show file information. Service Types Services you can use in Emma. Service Description Impact on user data...
  • Page 21 Emma User Guide Service Description Impact on user data Quick Customize Includes a full software All user data is erased. flash and will also change customization data. This service is only available for scripts with the same simlock as the connected phone.
  • Page 22: Running A Service

    Connecting a Connector on page 15 . Wait for the identification to finish. Emma automatically shows local services that match the phone and shows them in Service Details. If you do not see the service you want, click Server in Service Details. Emma downloads a list of all matching services.
  • Page 23: Managing Local Services

    Emma User Guide If you have not used the service before, the Confirm download window is shown, click . Otherwise go to step 8. When the download is finished the service will start to run. When the service is running different prompts will be shown in the Service log in Service Details.
  • Page 24: Aspects Of Large Files

    When using P2P, Emma running on PC (A) may provide a large file to an Emma instance running on another PC (B) on the same local network. Emma running on B would then not need to download the file from the Internet.
  • Page 25: Security

    Emma User Guide Security You need an USB Activation dongle when you run the Activation service. Service cards are no longer supported by Emma. USB Activation dongle You need a dongle to use the Activation service. If you enter an incorrect password (PIN code) three times, the dongle will stop to function.
  • Page 26: Tutorials

    Emma User Guide Tutorials Below is a list of tutorials that will help you get started using Emma. Before going through the tutorials, it is helpful to know how the work area, connectors and services work. Flashing Phones How to flash phones in Emma.
  • Page 27: Running An Activation Service

    Running an Activation Service There are two different Activation Services supported by Emma and which of them to use depends on phone model. If you are not sure which Activation Service to use assume Flash Mode Activation and if no Activation Script available with this approach it is Phone Mode Activation that should be used.
  • Page 28: Running A Service Exchange Unit (dpy/z) Service

    If it is the first Activation service you are running you must enter the USB activation dongles PIN code (later Activation services will not require the dongle PIN code until Emma is restarted). Wait for the service to finish. Disconnect the phone from the connector.
  • Page 29: Parallel Flashing Of Phones

    Emma User Guide Scroll down and check that Customization contains a CS file system. Choose In the Service menu, go to and check that all locks Service info > SIM lock are locked. Power off the phone. Parallel Flashing of Phones Up to ten phones can be flashed at the same time.
  • Page 30: Troubleshooting

    Before running a service, remove the battery from the phone and insert it again. Services: • Run Emma online to get access to the latest services. Log in Problems What to do if you have problems logging in. The first log in after installation has to be done online (for each user account).
  • Page 31: Activation Dongle Problems

    Emma User Guide Problem Possible cause Solution When you connect a The phone was not Disconnect the phone. powered off phone a file powered off, it was Remove and reinsert manager is shown and powered on and had the phone battery.
  • Page 32: Removing Usb Devices

    Windows registry for each phone. A large number of such devices can cause Windows to run slowly. Emma has a feature for automatically removing unused Sony Mobile USB devices. The feature runs in the background at regular intervals and removes unused devices if the total number of unused devices exceed a specified limit.
  • Page 33: Support

    Send in the error report and a copy of the log file. Finding the Emma Log File If you want to send in an error report you must include the Emma log file. You can find the Emma log file in your computer in the Emma installation directory, usually: C:\Program Files\Sony Mobile\Emma\log\emma<username><starttime>.cry.
  • Page 34 Emma User Guide Setting the Emma log level You can change how much information you want Emma to record in the log file. Click in the Main menu. Tools > Preferences In the Preferences window, click in the menu to the left.

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