American DJ myDMX 2.0 User Instructions

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myDMX 2.0

   Summary of Contents for American DJ myDMX 2.0

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  • Page 2: Table Of Contents

    Table of contents I Before We Start 1. What's New to myDMX 2.0 2. The myDMX 2.0 Package 3. Fixture Profiles II Getting Started 1. Installation 2. Setup 3. Editor 4. User III Scene Builder 1. Arranging Fixtures 2. Controlling Fixtures 3.

  • Page 3: What's New To Mydmx 2.0

    2.0 has been re-built from the ground up. Here we will give an overview of the most important new features. We have been asked to develop a Mac version of the software for many years. myDMX 2.0 is now PC and Mac compatible.

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    2.0 I Before We Start New Design The software features a new design, which includes new icons, faders, colors and preset components allowing for a quicker and more pleasant workflow. Quickly jump to a color or position with the new popup preset components and change the scene color on the User screen.

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    2.0 I Before We Start The Scene Builder The Scene Builder allows you to do everything you used to do with the original Effects Generator and more. Arrange lighting fixtures, draw effects directly onto fixtures and set your effects in real-time.

  • Page 6: The Mydmx 2.0 Package

    The latest software versions and user manuals are available from our website. Software The following software is included: -myDMX 2.0 - DMX lighting programming app (PC and Mac) -Scan Library – Used to build your own fixture profiles (PC only) -EasyView – A real-time 3D visualizer (PC only) -Hardware Configuration Tools –...

  • Page 7: Fixture Profiles

    All of the attributes of a DMX device are saved in a special file called the “Fixture Profile” or .SSL2 file. The more accurate the fixture profile, the easier it will be to program your lighting with myDMX 2.0. If you have an incomplete fixture profile, myDMX 2.0 will not understand the lights you want to control and therefore it will be more difficult for you to program your lighting fixtures.

  • Page 8: Ii Getting Started 1. Installation, Setup

    Once the installation is complete, connect the USB interface. Windows systems will run a second device driver installation. Once you see a message bubble on the taskbar to say that the driver has been installed successfully, you are ready to start the myDMX 2.0 software. 2. Setup To begin with, the software needs to be told which lighting fixtures are being used.

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    2.0 II Getting Started Addressing your Lighting Fixture Each lighting fixture must be given a unique number or “Address”. The address is normally set via an LED display or Dip Switches on the actual lighting fixture. Hover over a fixture to know the address and click the fixture to see the dip switches required to set this address.

  • Page 10: Editor

    2.0 features a range of preset components to help you to quickly adjust a channel. To access the component, click at the top of the channel where the preset/color is displayed. For example, clicking at the top of a color channel shows a color wheel.

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    2.0 II Getting Started Scenes and Steps All programming is made with scenes and steps. A step is a static ‘Look’ which contains one value for each channel. Several steps make up a scene. Scenes can be created by clicking the top left icon in the scene area.

  • Page 12: User

    2.0 II Getting Started Scene Settings Double click a property to edit. For example, to change the name of a scene: 1. Double click the name 2. Type the new name 3. Press the Return key The following properties can be changed:...

  • Page 13

    2.0 II Getting Started Live Edits It is possible to override scenes by moving the faders. There are two options: LTP- Latest takes priority: The fader value will override the scene HTP- Highest Takes Priority: If the fader value is higher than the value within the activated scene, it will override the scene To set up LTP or HTP, make sure that it is enabled within the ‘User Options’...

  • Page 14: Iii Scene Builder 1. Arranging Fixtures

    2.0 III Scene Builder III Scene Builder 1. Arranging Fixtures The scene builder allows you to quickly and easily build advanced scenes and create effects without the need to set each fader and step manually. It replaces the effects generator and color manager in the previous software version.

  • Page 15

    + button. Matrixes Click here to create a matrix. myDMX 2.0 will automatically position your lighting fixtures into a matrix. Select the arrow to define a custom width and height of the matrix.

  • Page 16: Controlling Fixtures

    2.0 III Scene Builder 2. Controlling Fixtures Once you have selected the lighting fixtures you wish to control, all common presets will be shown here. To view only the presets of a particular fixture type, select the appropriate tab.

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    2.0 III Scene Builder XY Grid -The XY grid allows you to modify the pan/tilt channels of a fixture (uPan and uTilt are automatically calculated) -Click the center point and drag to move the position -Click a blank space in the grid and drag to slowly move the position, use the scroll wheel of your...

  • Page 18: Effects

    3. Effects Color Effect myDMX 2.0 features a powerful RGB color effects generator. To add an effect, select the effects tab and click the FX icon. Select 'Color Effect'. A rectangle will appear in the upper left corner playing a rainbow effect.

  • Page 19

    2.0 III Scene Builder Position Effect Position effects allow you to easily create movement patterns for scanners and moving head lighting fixtures. Select the fixtures you want to control, select ‘Position Effect’ from the FX menu and then select a starting shape. The shape can be altered by clicking on a point and dragging.

  • Page 20

    2.0 III Scene Builder Curve Effect The curve effect tool allows you to apply a dimming curve to any channel. Select 'Curve Effect' from the FX menu and select the fixtures you wish to control. The following properties are available: Rate- Changes the speed of the effect.

  • Page 21: Iv Other Features 1. Easy Remote (coming Soon)

    2.0 IV Other Features 1. Easy Remote (coming soon) Easy Remote is an iPad and Android tablet app which allows you to control myDMX 2.0 over a WiFi network. The app will be available soon! Page 19...

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