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HP 202A Operating And Service Manual

Low frequency function generator.
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202A Low Frequency Function Generator
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For example, model number HP8648A is now model number Agilent 8648A.
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   Summary of Contents for HP 202A

  • Page 1

    Agilent Technologies. We have made no changes to this manual copy. The HP XXXX referred to in this document is now the Agilent XXXX. For example, model number HP8648A is now model number Agilent 8648A.

  • Page 5

    SPECIFICATIONS 0.008 to 1200 cps in five decade ranges with wide overlap a t each FREQUENCY RANGE: dial extreme. ". Within *2% f r o m "1. 2" to "121q on dial; *3% f r o m 8" to "1.2". DIAL ACCURACY: Within including warm-up drift and line voltage variations of...

  • Page 6: Table Of Contents

    CONTENTS SECTION I GENERAL DESCRIPTION Page ... General 1 - 1 SECTION II OPERATING INSTRUCTIONS ..Inspection Controls and Terminals ..230-Volt Operation .

  • Page 7

    GENERAL plitude device so that no A. V. C. system, with as- sociated delay in stabilization after frequency changes, The Model 202A Low Frequency Function Generator is required a compact, convenient, and versatile source of transient-free test voltages between 1200 and .008 The frequency range from .008 to 1200 cycles per...

  • Page 9: Operating Instructions

    Sect. I1 Page 1 SECTION II OPERATING INSTRUCTIONS INSPECTION OUTPUT This group consists of three terminals. The one marked "G" is connected directly to the instrument After the instrument unpacked, the instrument chassis. The other two terminals, vertically aligned, should be carefully inspected for damage received a r e the OUTPUT terminals.

  • Page 10: Single-ended Output

    Under circumstances where the connection places sured any convenient frequency and the output the Model 202A in series with a path carrying cur- level will be correct (within these limits) for any rent, distortion of the Model 202A output will occur other frequency.

  • Page 11: Theory Of Operation

    Figure 3-1 depicts the general scheme of the @Model produce an accurate integral of the applied square 202A and indicates the waveforms produced. The bi- wave. The bi-stable circuit and linear integrator stable circuit consists of a flip-flop circuit capable...

  • Page 12: Bi-stable Circuit

    Sect. III Page 2 The portion of the diagram composed of V1, V2 non-linear system which synthesizes a sinewave and V3 i s the "bi-stable circuit". Actually, this from the triangular wave. This network consists circuit is a combination of two circuits. capa- of a group of biased diodes arranged in such a man- citors C10 and C13 a r e disconnected so that there...

  • Page 13: Linear Integrator

    Sect. III Page 3 reference. When V3B conducts the Bi-Stable Unit virtually no signal at the junction of R and C the is flipped back to its original state, completing one output voltage must also be triangular. cycle of operation. In this case the frequency of the applied signal Voltage regulator tubes V5 and V6 a r e connected low that the amplifier used must be direct coupled.

  • Page 14: Sine Synthesizer And Function Selector Switch

    Sect. Page Figure 3-4. Simplified Linear Integrator SINE SYNTHESIZER A N D F U N C T I O N the average level of the output can be adjusted to SELECT O R S W I T C H exactly the voltage midway between the "reference" levels.

  • Page 15

    Sect. Page 5 1 1 1 E l - S T A B L E 2 2 5 VDCREG I D . I . 6 M O U T P U T REG. A M P L I F I E R Figure 3-5.

  • Page 16: Output System

    R94 and R95 is a simple linear divider The signals appearing a t the plates of V19 a r e for all voltage levels. It is adjusted to give equal Figure 3-7. Output Amplifier System of Model 202A...

  • Page 17: Sync Pulse Output

    C29. In all other description the reference level a t the plate of multiar diode V3, one positive pulse for operation has been B-, and in the Model 202A and one negative pulse appear for every cycle of the B- line is completely isolated from the chassis.

  • Page 18: Powersupply

    Sect. 1 1 1 Page 8 of the sync pulse amplifier, V17, through an RC POWER SUPPLY coupling which lowers the average voltage on the grid to B-. In the absence of pulses, V17 is biased The Power Supply is a full wave rectifier and regula- to cut-off by the bleeder to B+.

  • Page 19: Function Generator (bi-stable Circuit And Integrator)

    Defective OA2 tube Instrument inoperative Interaction between most of the circuits of the Model (normal 37W reg- 202A makes a fairly definite procedure for trouble (V5). ulated) (+225V reg- shooting necessary. F o r example, a fault in the ulated, off voltage).

  • Page 20

    Sect. Page 2 TABLE 4-2. (CONT'D) F U N C T I O N G E N E R A T O R (bi-stable circuit and integrator) CAUSE AND/OR REMEDY SYMPTOM REPAIR ANALYSIS OF FUNCTION GE3lERATOR Same symptoms a s Try replacement voltage, then a simple test should be made to deter- tubes for V15, V16,...

  • Page 21: Output Amplifier

    See para- No sync pulse (Check Replace Vl7. for negative pulse graph 4-9. with oscilloscope and See paragraph 4-4. with Mode1 202A set DC voltage component for highest frequency). exists across the OUT- PUT terminals. Large overshoot. Replace CR1.

  • Page 22: Tube Replacement Chart

    225 regulated voltages. "Power Supply Regulator Adjustment". Paragraph 4-9. 2) Connect the 202A the power line and turn on. P O W E R SUPPLY REGULATOR The voltmeter indication should be between ADJUSTMENT 230 volts with line voltage s e t to 115 volts.

  • Page 23: Theory Of Dc Balance And Distortion Adjustments

    202A that a r e not a t ground potential. A Distortion by R54. The signal impedance of this point is very Analyzer and an Oscilloscope will also be required.

  • Page 24

    5 volts when R93B. This is the AMPLITUDE control is rotated through full green wire connected to the AM- PLITUDE control. range. -hp- -hp- -hp- MODEL 2 0 2 A MODEL 3 3 0 MODEL 120 OR 130 LOW FREQUENCY...

  • Page 25

    Sect. Page 7 (A) Correct setting of reference levels. (B) Both Ref. levels too large. (C) +Ref. too high and -Ref. too low. Frequency correct but large 2nd harmonic a s seen by peak flattening on one side and sharpening on other. Also sine average not same a s triangle.

  • Page 26: Adjust Squarewave Amplitude

    The dial stops and not the potentiometer me- chanical stops should be limiting dial travel. Turn the 202A on, set the line voltage to 115 volts, turn the FUNCTION switch to "SQUARE", and allow a t least a 1 hour warm-up period.

  • Page 27

    Sect. Page 9 4-14 REPLACEMENT O F R 5 8 Use only deposited carbon film resistors for R24, R25, R27, and R28 a s previously described for R26. POTENTIOMETER Again common type composition resistors can be Replacement of the frequency control potentiometer used for series pads provided they do not exceed 10% involves two basic operations: of the total resistance value.

  • Page 28

    COUPLER A C C E S S Figure 4-4. Model 202A Top View Cover Removed...

  • Page 29

    Figure 4-5. Model 202A Bottom View Bottom Plate Removed...

  • Page 30

    Figure 4-6. Model 202A Function Generator and Amplifier...

  • Page 31


  • Page 32

    Sect. V Page 1 SECTION V TABLE OF REPLACEABLE PARTS N O T E A n y c h a n g e s i n t h e T a b l e of R e p l a c e a b l e P a r t s w i l l b e l i s t e d o n a P r o d u c t i o n C h a n g e s h e e t a t t h e f r o n t of t h i s m a n u a l .

  • Page 33

    Page Sect. T A B L E O F R E P L A C E A B L E P A R T S Total quantity used in instrument.

  • Page 34

    Sect. V Page 3 T A B L E O F R E P L A C E A B L E P A R T S Total quantity used in the instrument.

  • Page 35

    Page Sect. T A B L E O F R E P L A C E A B L E P A R T S # Total quantity used in the instrument.

  • Page 36

    Page 5 Sect. T A B L E O F R E P L A C E A B L E P A R T S...

  • Page 37

    Page Sect. T A B L E O F R E P L A C E A B L E P A R T S Total quantity used in the instrument.

  • Page 38

    Sect. Page T A B L E O F R E P L A C E A B L E P A R T S...

  • Page 39

    Sect. V Page 8 T A B L E O F R E P L A C E A B L E P A R T S STOCK CIRCUIT DESCRIPTION, MFR. & MFR. DESIGNATION REF. This circuit reference not assigned R84a-f, 20%-26C Resistor: fixed, wirewound...

  • Page 40

    202A-19W Function Switch Assembly: (includes 202A-19B R94, R95) Transformer, power Paeco 910-79 Transformer, pulse Paeco 913-2 Transformer, pulse HP* 202A-60B Tube, electron: 6AU6 ZZ* 212-6AU6 Tube, electron: 6AL5 ZZ* 202A-95B Tube, electron: 6C4 ZZ* 1212-6C4 Tube, electron: OA2 ZZ* 212-OM...

  • Page 41

    V Page Sect. T A B L E O F R E P L A C E A B L E P A R T S...

  • Page 42

    Sect. V Page T A B L E O F R E P L A C E A B L E P A R T S Total quantity used in the instrument.

  • Page 43


  • Page 44

    CLAIM FOR DAMAGE IN SHIPMENT The instrument should be tested as soon as it is received. If it fails to operate properly, or is damaged in any way, a claim should be filed with the carrier. A full report of the damage should be obtained by the claim agent, and this report should be forwarded to us.

  • Page 45

    S e r i a l 6411 and above; a l s o S e r i a l s 6065, 6211, 6218, 6234, 6238, 6369, 6375, 6384, 6388, 6392 and 6404: Change t o range s w i t c h assembly; -hp- Stock No, 202A-l9C, Mfr,, HP...

  • Page 46

    67539 67549 67559 67579 6758: 67529 6756, C1,2: Change to capacitor, fixed, electrolytic, 20uf, vdcw; -hp- Stock No, 18-20HP, Mfr., CC Add capacitor, fixed, electrolytic, 2 sections, 20uf/sect, vdcw; -hp- Stock No, 18-22HP, Mfr,, CC R120 thru Add resistor, fixed, composition, 150,000 ohms...

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