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Miele DA 259-4 Operating And Installation Instruction

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Operating and installation instructions
Cooker hood
DA 259-4, DA 259-4 EXT
DA 259-4 U
DA 252-4, DA 252-4 EXT
To avoid the risk of accidents
or damage to this appliance
it is
to read these
instructions before it is installed
and used for the first time.
M.-Nr. 06 773 860



Summary of Contents for Miele DA 259-4

  • Page 1 Operating and installation instructions Cooker hood DA 259-4, DA 259-4 EXT DA 259-4 U DA 252-4, DA 252-4 EXT To avoid the risk of accidents GiWOZ or damage to this appliance it is to read these instructions before it is installed and used for the first time.
  • Page 2 ......... . 3 .
  • Page 3 Electrical and electronic appliances often contain materials which, if The transport and protective packing handled or disposed of incorrectly, has been selected from materials which could be potentially hazardous to are environmentally friendly for human health and to the environment. disposal, and can normally be They are, however, essential for the recycled.
  • Page 4 This appliance complies with all Before connecting the appliance to relevant local and national safety the mains supply, make sure that requirements. Inappropriate use the voltage and frequency details given can, however, lead to personal injury on the data plate correspond with the and damage to property.
  • Page 5 These models may only be combined appropriate. Saturated filters are a fire with a Miele external motor. hazard. See "Cleaning and care". Do not use a steam-cleaner to clean this appliance. Pressurised Never use an open flame beneath steam could reach the electrical the cooker hood.
  • Page 6 All ducting, pipework and fittings the lamps at all times. must be of non-flammable material. Packaging e.g. cling film, These can be obtained from the Miele Spare Parts department or from polystyrene and plastic wrappings must be kept out of the reach of babies builders' merchants.
  • Page 7 In order to ensure safe operation, and to prevent gases given off by the heating appliances from being drawn back into the room when the extractor and the heater are in operation simultaneously, an underpressure in the room of 0.04 mbar (4 pa) is the maximum permissible.
  • Page 8 The Miele DSM 400 control module offers the possibility of combining other components with the cooker hood (see "Operation with Control module DSM 400").
  • Page 9 The cooker hood works with The air is drawn in and cleaned by the (...U models only) grease filters and directed outside. The air is drawn in and cleaned first by If the on-site ventilation system does the grease filters and then by not have a , the .
  • Page 11 This control switches the lighting on and off, and is also a dimmer switch. (only with "...U models") Can take a max. load of 4 kg each The fan can be set to switch off automatically after either 5 or 15 minutes.
  • Page 12 If the cooker hood has been connected to a window contact ^ Press the run-on option control for switch via the Miele Control module approx. 10 seconds. The first fan DSM 400, then the fan cannot be setting indicator will light up.
  • Page 13 It is advisable to run the fan for a few minutes after cooking is finished to neutralise any lingering odours in the The indicator lamps for fan power levels air, whether you are using air extraction I and IV will flash if the automatic or recirculation mode.
  • Page 14 The hob lighting can be switched on and off independently of the fan. ^ The feature lighting can be turned on or off indepedently of the fan, using the left hand lighting control. ^ Briefly press the right hand lighting control to switch on the hob lighting.
  • Page 15 The number of hours the appliance has been in operation is stored in memory. To check the percentage of time set already used: The operating hours counter tells you when the grease filters need to be cleaned. ^ Press the On/Off control to switch the fan on.
  • Page 16 The filter operating hours counter is set at 30 hours. This can be lengthened or indicator lamps show the time shortened to suit the type of cooking which has been set: you do. You can choose 20, 30, 40 or 1st lamp from the left = 20 hours 50 hours 2nd lamp from the left = 30 hours...
  • Page 17 It can controls). be washed 300 times. Stainless steel surfaces can be cleaned using the Miele E-Cloth, or with a proprietary non-abrasive cleaning agent designed specifically for use on stainless steel. The surfaces and controls are...
  • Page 18 The re-usable metal grease filters in the appliance remove solid particles (special order finish) (grease, dust, etc.) from the kitchen It is very difficult to clean this type of vapours, preventing soiling of the surface without causing minor marks to cooker hood.
  • Page 19 When putting the grease filters back in position, ensure that the locking clips ^ Clean the filters with a soft nylon are facing down towards the hob. brush in a mild solution of hot water and a little washing-up liquid. Do not use "neat"...
  • Page 20 They are fitted in the canopy above the grease filters. Active charcoal filters can be obtained from your dealer or the Miele Spare Parts Department. Refer to the section "Technical data" for type and reference number. The filters are supplied with fitting instructions.
  • Page 21 Changing a halogen light bulb Disconnect the cooker hood from the mains supply by When in use the halogen bulbs – switching it off at the wall socket become very hot. Do not touch im- and removing the plug mediately as they remain hot for (do not pull on the cable, only on some time after being switched off.
  • Page 22 Changing the compact light tube ^ To change the light tube loosen the two screws on the lamp cover and then take the cover off. ^ Carefully lift the light tube upwards out of the holder and pull it out as illustrated.
  • Page 23 In the event of a fault which you cannot correct yourself, or if the appliance is under guarantee, please contact: – Your Miele Dealer – The Miele Service Department (see back cover for address). When contacting your Dealer or the Service Department, please quote the model and serial number of your appliance.
  • Page 24 DA 259-4 U DA 259-4 1) and 2): (2 is not required for recirculation mode cooker hoods) The shaded area represents the wall or ceiling area for the vent cut-out, for fitting the connection socket and on EXT models for feeding the connection cable through to the external motor.
  • Page 25 When planning the installation height of your cooker hood, the safety distances between the top of a cooker or hob and the bottom of the cooker hood are as follows, unless a greater distance is specified by the manufacturer of your cooking appliance: 450 mm above electric hobs and cookers.
  • Page 27 for use when fitting the tower. for securing the extension piece and for securing the directional unit. for securing the lower retaining plate. (only with "...U" models) connecting the directional unit to the exhaust socket on the motor unit (only with "...U" models). for securing the retaining plates.
  • Page 28 Before installation, it is important to read the information given on the following pages as well as the "Appliance dimensions" and the "Warning and Safety instructions" at the beginning of this booklet. This is particularly crucial when using the cooker hood at the same time as a heating appliance that relies on oxygen from the same room to avoid the danger of toxic...
  • Page 29 – Where ducting is horizontal, it must Important: To avoid the danger of be laid to slope away at at least 1 cm toxic fumes please observe the per metre. Warning and Safety instructions. This is to ensure that condensate This is especially crucial when using cannot drain back into the cooker the cooker hood at the same time as...
  • Page 30 If the exhaust ducting is to run through rooms, ceiling space etc. where there may be great variations in temperature between the different areas, the problem of condensation will need to be addressed. The exhaust ducting will need to be suitably insulated. (optional accessory) To achieve even further reductions in noise levels, a special silencer can be...
  • Page 31 be provided for all poles. All electrical work should be For extra safety it is advisable to install undertaken by a suitably qualified a residual current device (RCD) with a and competent person in strict trip current of 30 mA. accordance with current national and local safety regulations (BS 7671 in the UK).
  • Page 32 The Miele DSM 400 Control module can If the control module is disconnected be used to combine the cooker hood in order to operate the cooker hood with other components. without the window contact switch It enables the following: (e.g. after moving house) the cooker hood electronics must be reset by a Miele service technician.
  • Page 33 The control module can be used to switch on the cooker hood lighting and also to dim it, depending on model, via a light switch in the house. The tower needs to be removed before the control module can be fitted to the fan unit.
  • Page 34 Weight DA 259-4....36 kg DA 259-4 EXT ....33 kg * For EXT models, the connected load DA 252-4.
  • Page 36 Alteration rights reserved / 1006 M.-Nr. 06 773 860 / 01 en - GB...

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