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Specifications; Ordering Information - Honeywell ML6275 Product Data

Spring return direct coupled rotary actuator
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ML6275: Spring Return Direct Coupled Rotary Actuators
ML6275A: Low Torque (25 lb-in.) Direct Coupled Rotary
Actuator without auxiliary switches or time-out function
ML6275C: Low Torque (25 lb-in.) Direct Coupled Rotary
Actuator with two line voltage rated auxiliary switches
and without time-out function
ML6275D: Low Torque (25 lb-in.) Direct Coupled Rotary
Actuator without auxiliary switches and with time-out
ML6275F: Low Torque (25 lb-in.) Direct Coupled Rotary
Actuator with two line voltage auxiliary switches and
with time-out function
Electrical Ratings:
Power Input: 24 Vac ± 20%, 50/60 Hz
Power Consumption:
ML6275A-C: 12 VA maximum at 24 Vac
ML6275D,F: 12 VA maximum at 24 Vac
Auxiliary Switch Ratings: 120, 240 Vac, 3 AFL, 18 ALR, 1A
Pilot Duty
Cable Ratings:
Control: Standard models include nonplenum UL/CSA
rated, 30V, 60°C, 20 gauge computer cable
Auxiliary Switch: UL/CSA rated 300V, 90°C, 18 gauge cable
Controller Type:
Floating, 3-wire drive open, drive closed, hold. Internal
electrically isolated feedback potentiometer provides
indication of motor position
Torque Ratings at Rated Voltages:
Lift and Hold: 25 lb-in. (3 N•m)
Breakaway Minimum: 25 lb-in. (3 N•m)
Stall Minimum: 25 lb-in. (3 N•m) spring return
Stall Driving Maximum: 60 lb-in. (6.5 N•m)
Actuator Stroke:
95° Nominal ± 2°, mechanically limited
Actuator Timing at 90° Stroke:
88 ± 2 seconds synchronous at 60 Hz from 0°F to 140°F;
106 ± 2 seconds at 50 Hz
Spring Wind Timing Upon Power Restoration Only: 100
seconds nominal at 60 Hz, 120 seconds at 50 Hz
Spring Return Timing:
30 seconds maximum per 90° at 72°F rated load
5 minute maximum at -30°F rated load


When purchasing replacement and modernization products from your TRADELINE
Catalog or price sheets for complete ordering number, or specify:
1. Model number.
2. Application.
If you have additional questions, need further information, or would like to comment on our products or services, please write or phone:
1. Your local Honeywell Home and Building Control Sales Office (check white pages of your phone directory).
2. Home and Building Control Customer Relations
Honeywell, 1885 Douglas Drive North
Minneapolis, Minnesota 55422-4386
In Canada—Honeywell Limited/Limitée, 35 Dynamic Drive, Scarborough, Ontario M1V 4Z9. International Sales and Service
offices in all principal cities of the world.
Ambient Temperature Range:
-30°F to +140°F (-35°C to +60°C)
Storage Temperature:
-30°F to 150°F (-35°C to 65°C)
5 to 95 percent relative humidity, noncondensing
Mounts directly on horizontal 3/8 in. to 5/8 in. (12 to
16 mm) round or square damper shaft. Minimum shaft
length required:
3.5 in. (76 mm) when the shaft attachment is made on
the side of the actuator opposite the duct;
0.65 in. (16 mm) when the hub is mounted on the shaft
before the actuator is installed.
Most actuators are shipped with specifically sized hubs.
Some models contain an assembly with assorted hub inserts.
Mounting bracket is included with most models.
See Fig. 1
Device Weight:
4.0 lb (1.82 kg)
Noise Rating:
Driving Only: 45 dBA maximum at 0.9m
Spring Rotation:
Clockwise (cw); counterclockwise (ccw) by reverse mounting
Position Indicator:
Mounted on actuator hub
Actuator Design Life:
Full Stroke Cycles: 60,000
1,500,000 minimum
Spring Return Cycles:
UL94-5V Enclosure: Plenum rating
UL873: Line voltage auxiliary switches
UL Listed: File Number E4436, Guide Number XAPX
CSA Listed: File Number LR95329-17
wholesaler or distributor, refer to the



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