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    Welcome Thank you for making Fishman a part of your acoustic experience. We are proud to offer you the fi nest acoustic amplifi cation products available; high-quality professional-grade tools to empower you to sound your very best. We are confi dent Aura Pro will both enhance and inspire your music making.

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    Image Chart Once you upload Images into your Aura Pro, use this chart for quick reference. Image # Instrument Name Microphone Mic Distance...

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    Fundamentals To experience the benefi ts of Aura, install the Aura Gallery CD on your computer then upload Images into the Aura Pro pre- amp. Flip open the preamp and connect the included USB cable to the side of the preamp.

  • Page 6: Quick Start

    Quick Start Before you begin, set the controls as shown: 1. Plug in • Use a ¼-inch instrument cable. 2. T une up • Set Play/Edit switch to Play. Press Tuner button. When engaged, Tuner mutes the output. Press again to exit Tuner.

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    • Push Anti-Feedback button once. Turn up Volume, then either dampen the strings while tapping the body, or play the troublesome note until the fi lter eliminates feedback. Note: Aura Pro is a programmable preamplifi er. To restore factory defaults, see page 16.

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    Power Plug in the guitar, and the Aura Pro switches on. To conserve the battery, remove the instrument cable from the guitar when the system is not in use. The LEDs in the tuner display fl ash once at power-up to tell you the preamp is on.

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    Tuner Plug an instrument cable into the endpin jack, move the Play/Edit switch to Play, and press the Tuner button to turn the circuit on and off. This digital chromatic tuner accommodates all standard and alternate tunings. When engaged, the tuner also mutes the output.

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    Controls Image Your Aura Pro is factory loaded with four Images created especially for this instrument. Each Image corresponds to a different microphone type and position. Contact the guitar’s manufacturer to identify the microphone associated each Image. Volume For the cleanest noise-free sound, set the Volume as high as possible without causing your amp or mixer to distort.

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    Tone Controls & Play/Edit Switch The Play/Edit switch lets you EQ the pickup and Image(s) independently. Pickup EQ Move the Play/Edit switch to Play and adjust the Bass, Mid and Treble controls. Switch to Edit and the preamp retains the pickup EQ settings, disengages the pickup tone controls and enables Image EQ.

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    Phase Switches Phase (global) Use the Phase switch to improve bass response at low volume and suppress feedback at high volume. Push the Phase switch in and out and leave it in the position most pleasing to your ear. If feedback occurs, push the switch again. Relative Phase (pickup phase) To change the character of your blended sound, you may wish to change the phase of the pickup relative to the Image.

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    To turn the circuit off, push and hold the Anti-Feedback button for fi ve seconds. Battery Replacement Pull the small tab at the top of the Aura Pro toward you. The body of the preamp will swing out, revealing the battery compartment. Observe the polarity marks on the battery compartment and install a fresh 9V battery.

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    To Set the Input Trim: • Unplug the guitar and pull the small tab at the top of the Aura Pro toward you. Locate the small circular potentiometer on the right side of the preamp.

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    Restore Factory Defaults 1. Unplug the guitar and move the tone controls to the center detent position. 2. Press and hold the Tuner and Anti-Feedback buttons simultaneously. 3. Plug in the guitar. Continue to hold the Tuner/Anti-Feedbackbuttons for three seconds after you plug in. 4.

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    Electrical Specifi cations Digital Signal Path: A/D, D/A conversion: Signal Processing: Typical in-use current consumption @ 9VDC: Typical 9V lithium battery life: Typical 9V alkaline battery life: Nominal output impedance: Recommended load impedance: Input Trim gain range: Maximum output level (onset of clipping): Baseline noise: Dynamic Range: Bass control:...

  • Page 18 513-300-150 Rev C 2-09...

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