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ACR Electronics PLB-350B Product Support Manual

406 mhz personal locator beacons.
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406 MHz Personal Locator Beacons
Product No.: 2882
Y1-03-0241-2, Rev. D


Table of Contents

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  • Page 1 PRODUCT SUPPORT MANUAL PLB-350B 406 MHz Personal Locator Beacons (AquaLink™) Product No.: 2882 (SARLink™) 2883 Y1-03-0241-2, Rev. D Y1-03-0241-2D...
  • Page 2 UL to the ISO 9001:2000 Series Standards. Recognized as the world leader in safety and survival technologies, ACR has provided safety equipment to the aviation and marine industries as well as to the military since 1956. About Cobham plc...
  • Page 3: Table Of Contents

    APPENDIX E – RESTRICTIONS ON USE ________________________ 21 NOTE re: Applicable products This manual supports all configurations of PLB-350B beacons. In addition to the part numbers listed on the cover page, other configurations of these products may be available, thus you may have purchased a product configuration with a different version of the part number (for example, 2880.63).
  • Page 4: Step One - Registering Your Beacon

    STEP ONE - REGISTERING YOUR BEACON Why is registration important? As the owner of this 406 MHz beacon, it is mandatory that you register it with the PLB national authority of your country: It is the law. Please note that all 406 MHz beacons are required to have their registration updated every two years by the owner.
  • Page 5 2. Faxing a registration is also acceptable. Fax the registration form to the fax number on the top of the registration form. NOTE: Do not confuse the registration form with the ACR Electronics warranty card. 3. If online or fax registration is not available, mail the registration form...
  • Page 6: Step Two - How The Beacon Works

    Registration in Canada Canadian residents can register online at: or contact the Canadian Beacon Registry by phone at: 877-406-7671 or by fax at: 877-406-3298. Canadian Beacon Registry CFB Trenton, PO Box 1000 Stn Forces Astra, Ontario K0K 3W0 Registration in Other Countries In countries other than the United States and Canada, 406 MHz beacons are registered with that country‟s national authority at the time of purchase.
  • Page 7 2. Internal GPS position system The PLB-350B is fitted with an internal GPS receiver that will determine the coordinates (latitude and longitude) of the beacon‟s position on the globe, to be transmitted to the Cospas-Sarsat emergency system.
  • Page 8: Anatomy Of Your Beacon

    3. Anatomy of your beacon UIN Label: Applied at FRONT BACK the factory, the 15 Antenna: character hexadecimal Wrapped number is unique to around each beacon. beacon Multi-language label: Antenna This optional label may latch be applied for ease of use.
  • Page 9 Clear Buoyant Included Multi-Function Belt Clip Accessories Optional Flotation pouch (ACR P/N 9504) Accessories 5. Activating your beacon WARNING: This transmitter is authorized for use only during situations of grave and imminent danger. Deliberate misuse may incur a severe penalty.
  • Page 10 406 MHz includes GPS data GPS Self-Test Button Self-Test Button PLB-350B Figure 2 - Key Pad Functions NOTE: If you notice the PLB is flashing the red or green LED and “beeping” periodically on its own, this likely means it has accidentally been activated and needs to be shut off and reported as a false alert see section on false alerts.
  • Page 11 6. Activation (406 MHz and 121.5 MHz) To activate your beacon in a distress situation, follow these steps (see Figure 3 below). 1) Unfasten the antenna from the case. 2) Move it into the upright position 3) Depress the ON/OFF ( ) button for 1 full second.
  • Page 12 If deactivation should fail, remove the six screws holding the unit together and unplug the batteries to disable the unit. Return the beacon to ACR Electronics for service. NOTE: Leave beacon on until rescued. Turning beacon off will prolong or prevent rescue.
  • Page 13 11. Preventing false alerts A false alert is any activation of the beacon, intentional or otherwise, that does not result from a situation of grave and imminent danger. Be sure to do the following to help minimize false alerts:  Register your beacon.
  • Page 14: Step Three - Maintaining Your Plb

    Unauthorized service may also result in the product failing to perform in an emergency. Ask your service center if they have been specifically authorized by ACR to service this product, and do not leave the beacon with them if they are not an ACR Battery Replacement Center (BRC).
  • Page 15 Call ACR‟s Technical Service department at +1 (954) 981-3333 for proper shipping instructions or visit the ACR website in the Support section entitled “Hazmat, MSDS Sheets, & Info”.
  • Page 16 24 hours of battery power. 5. GPS acquisition test This test is NOT required as 100% of all GPS receivers that leave ACR have been tested to ensure they perform correctly. However, if you would like to ensure your GPS receiver is working, please follow these instructions very closely.
  • Page 17 GPS Test Sequences (maximum GPS Test Guide duration 121 seconds) Green LED and beep at start Successfully acquired GPS followed by continuous beeps every 5 data, 406 MHz signal sent out seconds, Green LED & Long beep with location data Green LED and beep at start GPS data was not successfully followed by continuous beeps every 5...
  • Page 18: Appendix A - Accessories

    You can secure your beacon directly to backpack webbing straps, life jackets or belts to ensure the beacon is close at hand. ACR recommends that you secure your beacon someplace on your person that is easily accessible in case of an emergency for rapid activation.
  • Page 19: Appendix B - The Cospas-sarsat System

    APPENDIX B - THE COSPAS-SARSAT SYSTEM 1. General overview Beacons transmit to the satellite portion of the Cospas-Sarsat system. Cospas- Sarsat satellites are an international system that utilizes Russian Federation and United States‟ low altitude, near-polar orbiting satellites (LEOSAR). These satellites assist in detecting and locating activated 406 MHz satellite beacons.
  • Page 20: Appendix C - Technical Specifications

    400 bps Encoding Biphase L Modulation ±1.1 radians peak Beacons are shipped from ACR with a Serialized code but can be reprogrammed at a service center to other coded formats including nationality of registration. 121.5 MHz Transmitter Frequency: 121.5 MHz Frequency Tolerance ±50 ppm...
  • Page 21: Appendix D - Warranty, Useful Life Policy, Notices

    1 (one) year* from date of purchase or receipt as a gift. During the warranty period ACR Electronics, Inc. will repair or, at its option, replace the unit at no cost to you for labor, materials and return transportation from ACR. For further assistance, please contact our Technical Service Department at ACR Electronics, Inc., 5757 Ravenswood Road, Fort Lauderdale, FL 33312-6645.
  • Page 22: Appendix E - Restrictions On Use

    APPENDIX E – RESTRICTIONS ON USE Europe – R&TTE Directive The following countries place no restrictions on the use of this product:  Austria  Belgium  Bulgaria  Cyprus  Czech Republic  Denmark  Estonia  Finland  Greece ...
  • Page 23: Ec Declaration Of Conformity

    EC DECLARATION OF CONFORMITY ACR Electronics, Inc. hereby declares that the following products are in conformity with Directive 1999/5/EC of the European Parliament and of the Council of 9 March 1999 on Radio Equipment and Telecommunications Terminal Equipment (R&TTE), and has been type examined as described in this Declaration.

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