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Acer ISDN 128 Surf USB User Manual


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Acer ISDN 128 Surf USB
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  • Page 1 Acer ISDN 128 Surf USB User manual...
  • Page 3 CE Approval All CE approved ISDN devices may be connected to the Euro- ISDN in all countries of the EU. The ISDN USB TA has been approved by the German TÜV according to the new European procedure and may therefore be connected to the Euro-ISDN in all EU countries.
  • Page 5: Table Of Contents

    Table of Contents CHAPTER 1 Introduction 1.1 An Overview of the ISDN USB TA 1.2 ISDN Phone Software (Optional) 1.3 Package Contents 1.4 ISDN USB TA Features CHAPTER 2 Installation 2.1 Before Installing 2.2 The Front Panel LEDs 2.3 Installing the ISDN USB TA 2.4 ISDN Utility Installation 2.5 The Diagnostic Program 2.6 Using BOD/DBA (Optional)
  • Page 7: Introduction

    Chapter 1 Introduction 1.1 An Overview of the ISDN USB TA 1.1.1 What is ISDN? ISDN is an abbreviation for Integrated Services Digital Network. ISDN transfers information digitally and integrates all telecommunication services (such as telephone, teletext, videotex, etc.) into a single network. Using ISDN, you can transfer text, voice, data files, images, and even video.
  • Page 8 ISDN USB TA Quick Start Guide 1.1.2 What is USB? USB is an abbreviation for Universal Serial Bus. It is a new peripheral bus employing a single connector type for all low- speed and medium-speed devices, such as keyboard, mouse, monitor, floppy drive, printer, scanner, digital camera, modem and ISDN TA.
  • Page 9: Isdn Phone Software (Optional)

    Chapter 1 — Introduction 1-1: T ISDN S IGURE YSTEM 1.2 ISDN Phone Software (Optional) The ISDN USB TA transmits voice signals with a much greater quality, clarity, and speed than analog voice transmissions. Included in some product package is the ISDN Phone software program, which takes full advantage of the ISDN TA’s digital transmission capabilities.
  • Page 10 ISDN USB TA Quick Start Guide A Software It allows you to dial the telephone number using Dialer either the mouse or your keypad. Speed Dialing It allows you to dial a number with a single mouse click. You can store up to 16 numbers with the Speed Dialing function It allows you to send DTMF (Dual Tone Multi DTMF tone...
  • Page 11: Package Contents

    Chapter 1 — Introduction Caller When there is incoming call, the caller’s Information information and photograph stored in the phone book will be displayed. Display Call Logs Call Logs help you keep track of incoming and outgoing communication data such as caller identification, duration of the call, call charge, and the date and time the call was made.
  • Page 12: Isdn Usb Ta Features

    ISDN USB TA Quick Start Guide 1.4 ISDN USB TA Features The ISDN USB TA supports many standard and enhanced features, including the following: Fully plug-and-play compatible Hot attach and detach without rebooting the PC Bus-powered, no extra power adapter Provides telephony functions with a headset (optional) Supports both 16-bit and 32-bit CAPI drivers Supports TAPI and NDIS WAN miniport drivers...
  • Page 13: Installation

    Chapter 2 Installation 2.1 Before Installing Make sure that you have all you need to install the ISDN USB TA. You should have the following: A PC that has USB connector and its USB controller is working properly as shown below. 2-1: C USB C IGURE...
  • Page 14: The Front Panel Leds

    ISDN USB TA Quick Start Guide As a quick rule of thumb, if your PC was made during or before 1996, it probably doesn't support USB. If it was made during 1997, it probably supports USB. If it was made during or after 1998, it almost certainly supports USB.
  • Page 15: Installing The Isdn Usb Ta

    Chapter 2 — Installation 2.3 Installing the ISDN USB TA Please refer to the following instructions and figures for installation procedures: 2-2: C ISDN USB TA IGURE ONNECTING THE If there is a switch on the back of the ISDN USB TA, turn it off.
  • Page 16 ISDN USB TA Quick Start Guide If there is a switch, turn on the ISDN USB TA. All the LEDs will be lit and, then, extinguished one by one. Please refer to Chapter 3 Troubleshooting if any LED is not lit or extinguished normally. After that, Windows will detect it and pop-up the following screen after “Building driver information database”.
  • Page 17 Chapter 2 — Installation 11. While Windows is installing the NDIS WAN miniport driver, you might see the following screen. 2-4: S ISDN C IGURE KIPPING THE ONFIGURATIONS 12. You can press “Next >” and “Finish” to skip the 4-page insignificant configurations.
  • Page 18 ISDN USB TA Quick Start Guide 15. After PC restarts, you can check the “Device Manager” to see if the ISDN USB TA has been properly installed. 2-6: ISDN USB TA S IGURE UCCESSFULLY NSTALLED 16. In addition, we strongly recommend you to install the ISDN Utility and run the Diagnostic Program to make sure the ISDN USB TA, its drivers and the ISDN line are all properly installed and connected.
  • Page 19: Isdn Utility Installation

    Chapter 2 — Installation 2.4 ISDN Utility Installation The ISDN Utility includes helpful programs for the ISDN USB TA, such as diagnostic program, uninstallation program, and on- line manual. To install the ISDN Utility, please follow the instructions listed below. Insert the Utility Installation Diskette or CD into drive A: (B:, or D:, etc.).
  • Page 20: The Diagnostic Program

    ISDN USB TA Quick Start Guide 2.5 The Diagnostic Program After you have installed your ISDN USB TA, you are highly recommended to use the diagnostic program to make sure the ISDN TA, its drivers and the ISDN line are all properly installed and connected.
  • Page 21: Using Bod/Dba (Optional)

    Chapter 2 — Installation 2.6 Using BOD/DBA (Optional) With BOD (Bandwidth On Demand) enabled, the second B channel can be automatically added or dropped according to the traffic load. In the above example, the second B channel will be added when the average data traffic load is more than 48Kbps for 60 seconds;...
  • Page 22: Using Multilink Ppp

    ISDN USB TA Quick Start Guide 2-9: U BOD/DBA F IGURE SING UNTION 2.7 Using Multilink PPP To have multilink PPP connections, the answering Internet Service Provider (ISP), online service or corporate LAN must provide multilink capabilities. To configure multilink support, please follow these steps. Double click on the “My Computer”...
  • Page 23 Chapter 2 — Installation have already created. If you have not yet created a connection, double click on “Make New Connection” to define a connection to the dial up service you wish to use. 2-10: C PPP C IGURE REATING A ULTILINK ONNECTION When you have created your connection, or if the...
  • Page 24 ISDN USB TA Quick Start Guide 2-11: D IGURE ETWORKING ONNECTION ROPERTIES Select the “Multilink” tab and click on the “Use additional devices” radio button. Press “Add…” to specify the device to be bundled together to form the multilink connection.
  • Page 25 Chapter 2 — Installation 2-12: C IGURE ONFIGURING ULTILINK EVICES Use the “Add…”, “Remove”, and “Edit” buttons to change the list of additional devices. You may enter a different phone number for each device, and the phone numbers will be stored. If you subsequently change the phone number for the connection icon, the phone numbers associated with additional devices on this page will not change.
  • Page 26 ISDN USB TA Quick Start Guide 2-13: D IGURE ETWORKING ONNECTION TATUS The status information includes the number of bytes sent and received, the network protocols negotiated for use on the connection and a list box showing each of the additional devices.
  • Page 27 Chapter 2 — Installation You also can use the “ISDN status” function to run the Configuration, Diagnostic, and BOD/DBA functions as above introduce. To run the ISDN STATUS function, please follow these instructions: Open the “Programs” folder on the “Start” menu and click on the “ISDN STATUS”...
  • Page 28: Uninstalling The Isdn Usb Ta

    ISDN USB TA Quick Start Guide To run the Diagnostic program 2-16: D ISDN S IGURE IAGNOSTIC VIA TATUS To run the BOD/DBA funtion 2-17: BOD/DBA ISDN S IGURE TATUS 2.8 Uninstalling the ISDN USB TA The setup information for the ISDN TA is saved by Windows. If you decide to permanently remove the driver and utility of the...
  • Page 29 Chapter 2 — Installation ISDN TA from your system, you must run the uninstallation program from the ISDN Utility program group as follows: Open the “Programs” folder on the “Start” menu and click the “ISDN Utility” item. Click the “Uninstall DRV & UTL” item. The uninstallation program will run.
  • Page 30: Troubleshooting

    Chapter 3 Troubleshooting If your ISDN USB TA does not work properly, run the Diagnostic Program to help you identify the problem. Error Possible Indication Cause Remedy “USB” LED is The ISDN Make sure the USB cable is not lit USB TA is not securely connected to PC or self- ready.
  • Page 31 Chapter 3 — Troubleshooting Error Possible Indication Cause Remedy A required .DLL The CAPI2032.DLL Uninstall and then reinstall the file, is missing. ISDN device. CAPI2032.DLL, was not found. CAPI driver is The Registration Uninstall and then reinstall the not loaded. key has been ISDN device.

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