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Precautions When Playing 8Cm (3.15") Discs; Interface; Front View And Vertical Installation - Pioneer DVR-A05 Operating Instructions Manual

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Precautions When Playing 8cm (3.15") Discs

Although the DVR-A05/105 drive provides a built-in ring to play an 8cm (3.15")
disc, it is best to work with 8cm media only when the drive is mounted



Front View and Vertical installation

DVR-A05/105 Front View
1) Forced Ejection hole
if the eject button fails to function, insert a stiff rod into the hole and push gently and
steadily until the disc ejects.
WARNING: Before forcing an ejection, verify that the computer power is OFF and
that the disc has stopped spinning in the drive. The approximate time for a disc to
stop spinning once the power is OFF is 60 seconds.
2) Phones – Headphone jack
stereo mini-jack for using headphones
Using the headphones jack does not affect audio output. The audio output on the
rear panel remains active at all times.
3) Volume Control Knob – Headphone Level
Turning the knob to the right increases the volume to the headphones.
4) Busy Indicator – lights during disc reading or writing
5) Ventilation Holes – do not block
6) Eject button
press to open and close the tray
7) Disc Tray - Auto-loading using the Eject button
place a disc on the tray with the label facing up then press again to close the tray
WARNING: Do not attempt to pull the tray out by using force.
DVR-A05/ DVR-105 Operating Instructions
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