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Craftsman 247.288812 Operator's Manual

Sears 7 speed, shift-on-the-go 42" deck.
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7 Speed,
42" Deck
Model No. 247.288812
• Espanol,
P. 58
This product
has a low emission
which operates
built engines.
Before you start the engine,
read and
this Operator's
Before using this equipment,
read this manual and follow
all safety
rules and operating
For answers
to your questions
this product,
Craftsman Tractor Help Line
7 am = 7 pm CT, Mort. =Sun.
Sears Brands
IL 60179 U.S.A.
Visit our website:
Form No.769-06422E
(February 3,2012)


   Summary of Contents for Craftsman 247.288812

  • Page 1

    I:RnFrSMRN° LAWN TRACTOR 7 Speed, Shift-on=the=Go 42" Deck Model No. 247.288812 • Espanol, P. 58 This product has a low emission engine which operates differently from previously built engines. Before you start the engine, read and understand this Operator's Manual.

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    W ith proofof purchase,a defectivecastironfront axlewill receivefreein-home replacement. WARRANTYSERVICE Forwarrantycoveragedetails to obtainfreerepairor replacement, c all 1-800-659-5917 or visitthe website: www.craftsman.corn In all casesabove,if part repairor replacement i simpossible, the ridingequipmentwill be replacedfreeof chargewith the sameor an equivalentmodel.

  • Page 3

    This machinewas builtto be operatedaccordingto the safeopera- This symbolpointsout importantsafetyinstructionswhich,if not tion practicesin this manual.As with anytype of powerequipment, followed,couldendangerthepersonalsafetyand/orpropertyof carelessnessor error on the partof the operatorcan resultin serious yourselfand others. Readand followall instructionsin this manual injury.This machineis capableof amputatingfingers,hands,toes beforeattemptingto operatethis machine.Failureto complywith and feet and throwingdebris.Failureto observethe followingsafety these instructionsmay resultin personalinjury.Whenyou seethis...

  • Page 4

    SLOPE OPERATION • Slowdownbeforeturning.Operatethe machinesmoothly.Avoid erraticoperationand excessivespeed. Slopesare a majorfactorrelatedto loss of controland tip-over Disengageblade(s),set parkingbrake,stopengine and wait until accidentswhichcan result in severeinjuryor death.All slopes require the blade(s)come to a completestop beforeremoving grass extra caution.If youcannot back up the slopeor if youfeel uneasyon catcher,emptyinggrass,uncloggingchute,removinganygrass or it, do not mowit.

  • Page 5

    CHILDREN SERVICE Tragicaccidentscanoccur ifthe operatoris notalert to the presence SafeHandlingof Gasoline of children.Childrenare often attractedto the machineand the mowing Toavoidpersonalinjury or propertydamageuse extremecarein activity.They do notunderstandthe dangers.Neverassumethat handlinggasoline.Gasolineisextremelyflammableand the vaporsare childrenwill remainwhereyou last sawthem. explosive.Seriouspersonalinjury canoccur whengasolineis spilled • Keepchildrenout of the mowingareaand inwatchfulcare of a on yourselfor your clotheswhich can ignite.

  • Page 6

    General Service • Donot changethe enginegovernorsettingsor over-speed the • Never run anengine indoors orina poorly ventilated area. Engine engine.The governorcontrolsthe maximumsafe operatingspeed exhaust contains carbon monoxide, anodorless, and deadly gas. of the engine. • Before cleaning, repairing, orinspecting, make c ertain the Maintainor replacesafetyand instructionlabels,as necessary.

  • Page 7

    SAFETY SYMBOLS This pagedepictsand describessafety symbolsthat may appearon this product. Read,understand,and follow all instructions on the machine beforeattemptingto assembleand operate. READ THE OPERATOR'S MANUAL(S) Read, understand, and follow all instructions in the manual(s) before attempting to assemble operate DANGER-- ROTATING BLADES Never carry passengers.

  • Page 8

    15° Slope 15° Slope (OK) (TOO STEEP) '_. _ Figure 1 Figure 2 15° dashed line USETHISSLOPE GAUGE TODETERMINE IF A SLOPE IS TOOSTEEPFORSAFEOPERATION! To checkthe slope, proceedas follows: Removethis pageand fold along the dashedline. Locatea verticalobject on or behindthe slope (e.g. a pole, building,fence, tree, etc.) 3.

  • Page 9

    IMPORTANT: Y ourtractoris shippedwith motoroil in theengine. Shipping Brace Removal However, y ou MUSTcheckthe oil levelbeforeoperating.Referto the Service& Maintenancesectionfor instructionson checkingtheoil level. Makesurethe ridingmower'sengineis off, removetheignitionkey, Attaching the Battery Cables and set the parkingbrakebeforeremoving the shippingbrace. Refer Ito the Operationsectionfor instructionson howto set the parking lbrake.

  • Page 10

    Figure3 Figure4 Placethe steeringwheelcap overthe center of the steering Selectdesired positionfor the seat,and secure with the adjust- ment knobremovedearlier. wheeland pushdownwarduntilit "clicks"intoplace. Toadjust the positionof the seat,loosenthe adjustmentknob Attaching The Seat on the bottomof the seat.Slide the seatforwardor backwardas If the seatfor yourtractorwas notattachedat thefactory,refertothe desired.Retightenthe adjustmentknob.

  • Page 11

    Figure5 Speed ControlLever/ ParkingBrakeLever Throttle/chokecontrollever IgnitionSwitch DeckLift Lever PTOLever(Blade Engage) Cup Holder Shift Lever Clutch-BrakePedal NOTE: Any referencein this manualto the RIGHTor LEFT sideof the tractoris observedfrom operator'sseat positionfacingforwardtowardsthe frontof tractor. Meets ANS! Safety Standards CraftsmanTractorsconformto the safetystandardof theAmericanNationalStandardsInstitute(ANSI).

  • Page 12

    SPEED CONTROL LEVER SHIFT LEVER The shift leveris locatedon the left The speedcontrollever,locatedon the left sideof the side of the fenderand hasthree tractor'sdash console,allows youto regulatethe ground speedof the lawntractor.To use,depressthe clutch- positions,FORWARD, N EUTRAL and REVERSE. T he clutch-brake brakepedaland movethe leverout of the parkingbrake notchand forwardto increasethe tractor'sgroundspeed.

  • Page 13

    Gas and Oil Fill=up iMPORTANT: Yourtractorisshippedwith motoroil in the engine. However, y ou MUSTcheckthe oil levelbeforeoperating.Be careful not tooverfill. For instructions on howto checkthe engineoil, referto CheckingThe EngineOil in the Serviceand Maintenancesectionof this manual. Gasoline Thegasolinetank islocatedunderthe hood.Do notoverfill. Use extremecarewhenhandlinggasoline.Gasolineis extremely flammableand the vaporsare explosive.Neverfuel machineindoors or while theengine ishotor running.Extinguishcigarettes,cigars, p pes,and othersourcesof gn t on.

  • Page 14

    SETTING THE CUTTING HEIGHT • Theenginewill automaticallyshut off if the PTO(BladeEngage) leveris movedintothe engaged(ON)positionwith the shift lever Select the heightpositionof the cuttingdeck by placingthe deck in Reverse. lift leverin anyof the six differentcuttingheightnotcheson the IGNITION SWITCH rightsideof the fender. The ignitionswitchis activatedto startthe engine.Insertkeyinto the ignitionswitchand turnclockwiseto the STARTposition.Releasethe Keephandsand feet awayfrom the dischargeopeningof the cutting key intothe ON positiononceenginehasfired.

  • Page 15

    STOPPING THE ENGINE Placethe shift leverin neutral, Engagethe parkingbrake, Shutengineoff and removethe key.Doingso will minimizethe If you strikea foreignobject,stop the engine,disconnectthe spark possibilityof havingyour lawn"browned"by hot exhaustfrom plugwire(s) and groundagainstthe engine.Thoroughlyinspect t he yourtractor'srunningengine. machinefor anydamage.Repairthe damagebeforerestartingand If unit stallswith speedcontrolin high speed,or if unitwill not operate operating with speedcontrolleverin a low speedposition,proceedasfollows: Placeshift leverin NEUTRAL.

  • Page 16

    MULCHING HEADLIGHTS A mulch kit is available as an attachment. Mulching is a process of The lampsare ON wheneverthetractor'sengineis running. recirculating grass clippings repeatedly beneath the cutting deck. The lampsturn OFFwhenthe ignition key ismovedto the STOP The ultra-fine clippings are then forced back into the lawn where position.

  • Page 17

    MAINTENANCE SCHEDULE Beforeperforming anytypeof maintenance/service, disengage all Followthe maintenanceschedulegivenbelow.This chart describes controls and stoptheengine.Waituntilall moving partshavecometo serviceguidelinesonly.Use the ServiceLog columnto keeptrack a completestop.Disconnect sparkplugwireandgrounditagainst t he of completedmaintenance tasks.To locate the nearestParts& engine to prevent u nintended starting. A lways wearsafety glassesduring Repair Service Centeror to scheduleservice,simplycontact 1-800-4-MY-HOME®.

  • Page 18

    ENGINE MAINTENANCE Replaceand tightendipstick. Checking the Engine Changing Engine Onlyuse high qualitydetergentoil ratedwith APIserviceclassification The engineoil shouldbe changedin the first 5 hoursand thenevery SF,SG,SH, or SJ. Selectthe oil's SAEviscositygradeaccordingto 50 hoursor once a season.To changethe engineoil, proceedas follows: theexpectedoperatingtemperature. F ollowthe chart below. Althoughmulti-viscosity oils (5W20,10W30,etc.)improvestarting With engine OFFbut still warm,disconnectsparkplug wireand keep it awayfrom sparkplug.

  • Page 19

    Fuel Filter Air Cleaner If filters,or coversare notinstalledcorrectlyseriousinjury or death Gasolineand its vaporsare extremelyflammableand explosive.Fire could resultfrom backfire.Do not attemptto startthe enginewith or explosioncan cause severeburnsor death. them removed. • Keepgasolineawayfrom sparks,open flames,pilotlights,heat, and otherignitionsources. • Checkfuellines, tank,cap, and fittingsfrequentlyfor cracksor Donot use pressurized air or solventsto cleanthe air cleaner leaks.Replaceif necessary.

  • Page 20

    LUBRICATION Spark Plug Cleanareaaroundthe spark plug base.Do not sandblastspark plug.Sparkplug shouldbe cleanedby scrapingor wire brushing Beforelubricating,repairing,or inspecting,alwaysdisengagePTO and washingwith a commercialsolvent (BladeEngageLever),move shiftleverinto neutralposition,set Removeand inspect t he spark plug.Checkgap to makesureit is parkingbrake,stop engineand removekeyto preventunintended set at .030".See Figure13. starting.

  • Page 21

    CLEANING THE ENGINE AND DECK Measurethedistancefromthe front of the bladetip to theground and the rearof the bladetip tothe ground.Thefirst measure- Anyfuel or oil spilledon the machineshouldbe wipedoff promptly.Do menttaken shouldbe between1A" a nd 3A" less thanthe second NOTallowdebristo accumulatearoundthecoolingfins of the engine measurement.

  • Page 22

    Hex Cap Screw Figure17 Figure16 Lookingat thecuttingdeck from the left side of thetractor,locate Seat Adjustment the bow-tiepin that securesthe deck support rod on the rear Referto the Assemblysectionof this manualfor seat adjustment left sideof the deck. See Fig. 18.Removethe bow-tiepin that instructions.

  • Page 23

    Removethebow-tiecotter pin securingthe deck stabilizerrod to The recommended operating tire pressure the deck.Slide thedeck lift rod from the mountingbracketon the Approximately 10 psifor the reartires deck as seenin Fig. 19. Approximately 14psi for thefront tires IMPORTANT: Referto the tire sidewallfor exacttire manufacturer's ..

  • Page 24

    If your tractorhasnot been putinto usefor an extendedperiodof time, Removethe hexflangenut that securesthe bladeto the spindle chargethe batteryas follows: assembly.See Fig.21. Setyour batterychargerto delivera max of 10amperes. To properlysharpenthecutting blades,removeequalamounts of metalfrom bothendsof the bladesalongthe cuttingedges, If your batterychargeris automatic,chargethe batteryuntilthe parallelto the trailingedge,at a 300angle.Alwaysgrind chargerindicatesthat chargingis complete.If the chargeris not eachcuttingblade edge equallyto maintainproperblade balance.

  • Page 25

    iMPORTANT: The V-beltfoundon yourtractoris speciallydesigned 11. Whileholdingthe belt and pulleytogether,rotatethe pulleyto the to engageand disengagesafely.A substitute(non-OEM)V-beltcan Idt. Continueholdingand rotatingthe pulleyand belt untilthe belt be dangerousby notdisengagingcompletely.Fora properworking isfully rolledintothe PTOpulley. machine,useidenticalequipmentbelts as listedin the parts pagesof PARKING BRAKE ADJUSTMENT this Operator'sManual. Tochangeor replacethedeck belt on yourtractor,proceedas follows: Removethedeck as instructedearlier in this section.

  • Page 26

    Neverstorelawntractorwith fuel in tank indoors or in poorly ventilatedareaswherefuel fumesmay reachan openflame,spark, or pilot lightas on a furnace,water heater,clothesdryer,or gas appliance. PREPARING THE ENGINE DRAINING THE FUEL Locatethe fuel filter,which is locatedon theleft sideof the IMPORTANT:Fuelleft in the fueltank duringwarmweatherdeterio- engine,and may be attachedto the enginewith a tie strap.

  • Page 27

    Enginefails to start PTO/BladeEngageleverengaged. Placeleverin disengaged(OFF) position. Parkingbrakenotengaged. Engageparkingbrake. Sparkplugwire(s) disconnected. Connectwire(s) to sparkplug(s). Throttle/Chokecontrollevernot in correct PlaceThrottle/Chokeleverintothe FASTposition. startingposition. Chokenotactivated MovetheThrottle/Chokeleverintothe Choke position. Fueltank empty,or stale fuel. Filltank with clean,fresh (less than 30 days old) gas. Blockedfuel line. Replacethe fuel line and replacefuel filter. Faultysparkplug(s).

  • Page 28

    777122454 777D15624 (Side Hood - qty. 2) 777D17046 777D17061 (Rear Fender) 777D17047 777S34008 777123364 777X45824 777122479 777D17044 777D17045 777X43688 777123366 DOHOT ... USE E85 UR FUEL CO_TA|IIIHG _ORE THAH 10% ETHANOL 777S33896 777D17038 i(@)! 777S33183 _111!!11111111111_[_:__ _ ......

  • Page 29

    This page intentionally left blank. Use this page to make any notes regarding your tractor.

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    Craftsman Model 247.288812...

  • Page 31

    Craftsman Model 247.288812 Part No. Description Part No. Description Ref. Ref. I 750-04465C 925-1649 BulbSocket FlangeSpacer 683-04619A-4043 783-04903 HoodAssembly Speed latch 710-0604A 710-04484 Screw,5/16-18 x .750 Self-TapScrew,5/16-18 710-0599 710-05108 HexScrew,1/4 x .750 HexWasherScrew,1/4-20x .500 712-0292 712-04063 Tin Clip Nut, 1/4-20...

  • Page 32

    Craftsman Model 247.288812...

  • Page 33

    Craftsman IViodel 247.288812 Part No. Description Part No. Description Ref. I Ref. I 756-04196A 683-04155A-0637 EngagementPulley Shaft, Lift 747-04857 712-04065 Belt KeeperRodAssembly Nut, HexFlangeInsertLock, 3/8-16 710-04484 714-04040 Screw,Hd.Tapp,5/16-18x .75 Bow-TiePin,91, RH 683-04195-0637 716-0106A SupportBracketAssembly E-ring,.625Shaft 683-04649-0637 720-0311 Rider FrameAssembly Grip,Handle...

  • Page 34

    Craftsman Model 247.288812 ....33 / /_ ......

  • Page 35

    Craftsman IViodel 247.288812 Part No. Description Part No, Description Ref, Ref, 617-04094 683-0128B-0637 GearAssembly, S teering PivotBarAxle Assembly 710-0643 Screw,5/16-18,1.00,Gr5,Lock 710-04484 Screw,5/16-18,0.750 712-04065 710-1309 Screw,Mach,5/16-18,0.750 Nut, FlangeLock, 3/8-16,GrF 710-0514 714-0162 Pin, Cotter,5/32, 1.25 HexHead Screw,3/8-16x 1.00 914-0474 710-3180 Pin, Cotter,1/8 x 0.75 Screw,5/16-18,1.75,Gr5...

  • Page 36

    Craftsman IViodel 247.288812...

  • Page 37

    Craftsman IViodel 247.288812 Part No. Description Ref. 710-0227 Screw,8-18 x .500 710-04484 Screw,5/16-18x .750 712-04063 FlangeLockNut, 5/16-18 720-04061 Knob,3/8-16x .875 925-1303 OuterSeat Spring 725-1439 InnerSeatSpring 726-0278 InsulatorBossPlate 726-0279 InsulatorPlate 732-1184 ExtensionSpring 936-0108 FiatWasher,.510x .750x .033 736-0242 FlatWasher,.340x .872x .060 938-0296 ShoulderScrew,5/16-18x .437x .268...

  • Page 38

    Craftsman IViodel 247.288812...

  • Page 39

    Craftsman IViodel 247.288812 Description Ref. Part No. 683-04549-0637 MufflerShieldAssembly 710-0227 Screw,AB #8-180.500 710-04683 TapScrew,3/8-16 1.000 710-0642 TapScrew,1/4-200.750 710-1314A Screw,SocketHead,5/16-18 x .750 712-0271 Sems Nut, 1/4-20 BS-692236 ExhaustGasket 725-0157 CableTie,3/16 X .05 X 7.4 726-0205 HoseClamp,.490 Dia. 731-05628 Oil DrainSleeve 751-10349...

  • Page 40

    Craftsman IViodel 247.288812...

  • Page 41: Parts List

    Craftsman IViodel 247.288812 Part No. Description Part No. Description Ref, I Ref. I 747-05188 BrakeRod 918-04566 TransmissionDriveAssembly 647-04034C-0637 747-05244 Shift Rod PedalAssembly 738-04237A 647-04266 ShoulderScrew,#10-32x .500 Shaft LeverAssembly 750-0566A 710-0227 Screw,8-18:0.500 Spacer,.260 x .375x 1.030LG 750-0802 710-04484 Screw,5/16-18 x .750 Spacer,.640 ID x .76 OD x 2.63...

  • Page 42

    Craftsman IViodel 247.288812 53\_ @_/18...

  • Page 43

    Craftsman IViodel 247.288812 Part No. Description Part No. Description Ref, I Ref. I 918-04822A 936-0344 FlatWasher,.385x 1.0 x .030 SpindlePulleyAssembly 683-0254B-0637 736-0362 DeckHangerBracketAssembly FlatWasher,.330x 1.25x .06 710-0642 738-04146 Screw,1/4-20x .750 Bolt Plug,M16x 1.5 983-04511 738-04162A BrakeAssembly ShoulderSpacer,.8840x .190 983-04525 942-04308 CuttingBlade,21.23":2 in 1...

  • Page 44

    Craftsman Engine IViodel 310707-3346-G6 For IViodel 247.288812 48 SHORT BLOCK 1058 OPERATOR'S MANUAL [ 1329 REPLACEMENT ENGINE 1330 REPAIR MANUAL 684 _f# 11 _ .."-_i,'} 585 _ ,Z;/ 1264 _ k.'-. _) 1044 I_ 24 _ 842 QiD [ 741...

  • Page 45

    Craftsman Engine Model 31C707-3346-G6 For Model 247.288812 lO26 _/_ 1022 1o22 914 ©'9 654 _) 53 d:*-;_::::$S'i_...

  • Page 46

    Craftsman Engine IViodel 31C707-3346-G6 For IViodel 247.288812 130 :-'_ 95 _ 2179 ..1091 1127__ 6Ol _...

  • Page 47

    Craftsman Engine Model 31C707=3346=G6 For Model 247.288812 1036 EMiSSiONS LABEL 1040 305 _ 305AQ_ 305B 415A ,./:,,;\ \"_{,":,_j !/ 4_7><_ lOOS C-;>..._\ \ d_-_t ib.j,:Q _ 1044 78 b_...

  • Page 48

    Craftsman Engine IViodel 31C707-3346-G6 For IViodel 247.288812 lO51 '¸ 1119 188 _...

  • Page 49

    Craftsman Engine IViodel 31C707-3346-G6 For IViodel 247.288812 121 CARBURETOR OVERHAUL 127 _ 1266 :, 617 ,, ifX, 987_/ 1266A 33 _'_ 358 ENGINE GASKET SET /';/ .> _ , 3 _<J/ _i / 943 O 842 g 1O22 868 %_9...

  • Page 50

    Craftsman Engine IViodel 31C707=3346=G6 For IViodel 247.288812 Ref. Ref. I Part No, Part No. Description Description 796010 694918 CylinderAssembly Pin-FloatHinge 399265 696136 Valve-FloatNeedle Bushing/Seal Kit (MagnetoSide) 391086s 695419 Valve-Choke Seal-Oil (MagnetoSide) 697106 843099 Sump-Engine Jet-Main(Standard) 796026 790890 Head-Cylinder Jet-Main(High Altitude)

  • Page 51

    247.288812 Craftsman Engine IViodel 31C707=3346=G6 For IViodel Ref. Ref. I Part No. Description Part No, Description 690323 697478 Link-StarterSwitch Screw(Starter Motor) 796308 Screen/CupAssembly 691224 Clip-Wire 795315 Armature-Magneto 697128 Gear-Timing 691061 793242 Screw(MagnetoArmature) Link-Counterweight 491055s 793763 Plug-Spark Counterweight 796187 GasketSet-Engine 697392...

  • Page 52

    Craftsman Engine IViodel 31C707=3346=G6 For IViodel 247.288812 Part No. Description Ref, 1059 698516 Kit-Screw/Washer(Alternator) Retainer-Brush 1090 691293 1091 691333 Cap-Limiter GasketSet-Valve 1095 794152 1119 691183 Screw(Alternator) 1127 695407 Screw(FloatBowl) Reed-Breather 1263 697124 1264 697104 Screw(BreatherReed) 1266 691917 Seal-O Ring (IntakeElbow)(Red)

  • Page 53

    Look For Relevant Emissions Durability Period and Air index information On Your Engine Emissions Label Engines that are certified to meet the California Air Resources Board (CARB) Tier 2 Emission Standards must display information regarding the Emissions Durability Period and the Air Index. Sears Brands Management Corporation makes this information available to the consumer on our emission...

  • Page 54

    (Thispage applicablein the U.S.A.and Canadaonly.) Sears Brands Management Corporation (Sears), the California Air Resources Board (CARD) and the United States Environmental Protection Agency (U.S. EPA) Emission Control System Warranty Statement (Owner's Defect Warranty Rights and Obligations) EMISSIONCONTROL WARRANTY COVERAGEISAPPLICABLE TO CERTI- YEAR 1997AND LATERENGINES WHICHARE PURCHASED AND USED FIEDENGINESPURCHASEDIN CALIFORNIAIN 1995ANDTHEREAF- ELSEWHERE IN THE UNITEDSTATES (ANDAFTERJANUARY1,2001 IN...

  • Page 55

    FEDERAL and/or CALIFORNIA EMISSION CONTROL WARRANTY STATEMENT YOUR WARRANTY RIGHTS AND OBLIGATIONS MTDConsumerGroupInc,the United StatesEnvironmental P rotectionAgency (EPA),and, forthose productscertifiedfor sale in the stateof California,the CaliforniaAir ResourcesBoard(CARB)are pleasedto explainthe emission(evaporativeand/or exhaust)controlsystem(ECS) warrantyon youroutdoor 2006 andlater smalloff-roadspark-ignitedengine andequipment(outdoorequipmentengine)In California,new outdoorequipmentengines mustbe designed,built and equippedto meetthe State'sstringentanti-smogstandards (in otherstates, 1997andlater modelyear equipmentmustbe designed,built, and equippedto meet the U.S.

  • Page 56

    WARRANTED PARTS: The repairor replacementof any warrantedpart otherwiseeligiblefor warrantycoveragemay be excludedfrom such warrantycoverageif MTDConsumerGroup Inc demonstratesthatthe outdoor equipmentengine has beenabused,neglected,or improperlymaintained,and that suchabuse, neglect,or impropermainte- nancewasthe direct causeof the needfor repairor replacementof the part. That notwithstanding, a ny adjustmentof a component t hat hasa factory installed, andproperlyoperating,adjustmentlimitingdevice is still eligible for warrantycoverage.

  • Page 57

    Congratulations on making a smart purchase. Your new Craftsman® product is designed manufactured for years of dependable operation. But like all products, it may require repair from time to time. That's when having a Repair Protection Agreement can save you money and aggravation.

  • Page 58

    Fuera de temporada de almacenamiento .. Page 83 Servicio de nOmeros .... atrasados Page CRAFTSMAN GARANTiA TOTAL PORDOSANOSa partirde lafechade cornpra, t odaslaspartes no fungibles d e esteequipo de equitaci6n est_n garantizados contra cualquier d efecto de material o rnano de obra.Unapiezadefectuosa n o fungibles r ecibirAn reparaci6n g ratuita en el hogar o la sustituci6n s ila reparaci6n e sirnposible.

  • Page 59

    Esta rn_.quina r ue construidapara seroperadade acuerdocon La presenciade este sirnboloindicaque setrata de instrucciones las reglasde seguridadcontenidasen este manual.AI igualque irnportantesde seguridadque se deben respetarpara evitar concualquiertipo de equipo rnotorizado, u n descuidoo error por poner en peligrosu seguridadpersonaly/o materialy la de otras partedel operadorpuedeproducirlesionesgraves.Esta rn_.quina personas.Lea y siga todaslas instruccionesde este manualantes es capazde arnputarrnanosy piesy de arrojarobjetoscon gran...

  • Page 60

    • Nuncadeje la rn_.quina e n funcionarniento s invigilancia.Apague Vayaa bajavelocidad.ElijaunavelocidadIosuficienternente b aja, siernprelascuchillas, c oloqueel frenode rnano,detengael motory de rnodoque no tengaque detenerse o hacercarnbios rnientras retirela Ilaveantesde bajarsedel vehiculo. est,. sobrela pendiente. L osneurn_.ticos p odrianperdertracci6n sobrelaspendientes aQn cuandolosfrenosfuncionaran apro- •...

  • Page 61

    • Paraevitaraccidentes al operaren rnarcha atr_.s, s iernpre desengan- • Apaguetodos loscigarrillos,cigarros,pipasy otrasfuentesde chelascuchillas antesde colocarrnarcha atr_.s. S iest,. instalado, cornbustidn. el "ModoPrecaucidn Marcha Atr_.s" ( hojasde operarla rn_.quina, • Nuncacarguecombustibleen la rn_.quina en un espaciocerrado. rnientras quelospaseosa la inversa) n o debeutilizarse cuandohay •...

  • Page 62

    NO MODIFIQUE EL MOTOR • Reviselos pernosde montajede la(s) cuchilla(s)y del motora intervalosfrecuentespara verificarque est_n bien apretados. Paraevitarlesionesgraveso la muerte,no modifiqueel motorbajo Adem_.s, i nspeccionevisualmente la(s) cuchilla(s)en buscade ningunacircunstancia. S i cambiala configuraci6ndel reguladordel daSos(por ejemplo,desgasteexcesivo,abolladuras,rajaduras, motorel motor puededescontrolarse y operara velocidadesinsegu- etc.).

  • Page 63

    SilVlBOLOS DE SEGURIDAD Esta p&ginarepresenta y describela seguridadlos simbolosque puedenpareceren este producto.Lea,comprenda,y sigatodas instrucciones en la m_quinaantesprocurarpara reuniry operar. LEA EL MANUAL(S) DEL OPERADOR leido, entienda, y siga todas las instrucciones en el manual(s) antes de procurar montar y funcionar PELIGRO-- DE EL CORTE DE PIE Nunca transporte pasajeros.

  • Page 64

    15° Pendiente I5 ° Pendiente (DEMASIADO ESCARPADO) (ACEPTAR) • Figura1 Figura 2 "'" USO DE ESTE PENDiENTE DE CALIBRE PARA DETERrvIINAR SlUNA PENDIENTEES DEIVlASIADO E SCARPADO PARA UNA OPEBACION SEGURA! Para comprobar la pendiente, haga Io siguiente: Borrar esta p_gina y doble a Io largo de la linea discontinua. Localizar un objeto vertical sobre o detr_.sde la pendiente (un poste, un edificio, una valla, un _.rbol,etc.) Alinee cada lado de pendiente de calibre con el objeto vertical (consultar Figura 1 and Figura 2 ).

  • Page 65

    IMPORTANTE: Su tractorseentregaconaceite de motoren el operarel tractor. motor.Sin embargo,debe cornprobarel nivelde aceiteantes de ENV{O BRACE EUMINACKSN operar.Consultela secci6nde Servicioy Mantenirniento para obtener instrucciones sobrela cornprobaci6n del nivelde aceite. AsegQrese de que el motordel tractorcortacesped es, retirela Ilave CONEXION DE LOS CABLES DE LA BATER{A de encendido,y ponerel frenoantesde quitarla Ilavede envio.

  • Page 66

    QUE UNE EL VOLANTE Si el volantede su tractorno Ileg6adjunta,el hardwarede la colocaci6nse ha embaladoen el volante,por debajode la tapadel volante.Concuidadola tapa de la palancadel volantey quitarel hardware. Conlas ruedasdel tractor,apuntandodirectamente haciadelante, colocarel volantesobreel eje de direcci6n. Coloquela arandela(con la parteahuecadahaciaabajo) sobreel volantey seguracon el tornillohexagonal.

  • Page 67

    Levantela palancade la cubierta desdela posici6ndel operador. Tomade fuerza de palanca(Blade Engage) Portavasos Cumple con los est_ndares de seguridad de ANSI De Velocidad Lasm_.quinas quitanievede Craftsman cumplen conlosest_.ndares de seguridad del Pedalde freno instituto estadounidense d e est_.ndares nacionales (ANSI).

  • Page 68

    DE VELOCIDAD Paraapagarel motorgire a la izquierdala Ilavede encendidohasta la posici6nde STOR La palancade controlde velocidad,ubicadoen el lado izquierdodel tablerodel tractorde la consola,le perrnite IMPORTANTE: Antesde operarel tractor,se refierentanto al regularla velocidadbajadel tractordel c_sped.Para "Sisternade bloqueode seguridad"y "Arranquedel motor"rn_.s usarlo,presioneel pedalde freno-ernbrague y mover adelanteen esta secci6nde este manualparainstruccionesdetalladas la palancade la rnuescade frenode estacionarniento sobrela Ilavede encendidodel rn6dulo.

  • Page 69

    IMPORTANTE: S u tractorse enviacon aceiteen el motor.Sin embargo,usted DEBEcontrolarel nivelde aceiteantesde hacerlo funcionar.Vea la secci6n"Servicioy Mantenirniento". Gasolina Tengarnuchocuidadoal trabajarcon gasolina.La gasolinaes surna- rnenteinfiarnabley sus vaporespuedencausarexplosiones.Nunca carguecombustibleen la rn_.quina en un espaciocerradoo cuandoel motorest,. calienteo en rnarcha.Apaguecigarrillos,cigarros,pipasy otrasfuentesde cornbusti6n. NOTA: Cornpregasolinaen peque_ascantidades.No usegasolina que hayaquedadode la ternporadaanterior,pararninirnizarla forrnaci6n de dep6sitosde gornaen el sisternade combustible.

  • Page 70

    Para activar el freno de estacionamiento: SISTEMA DE BLOQUEO DE SEGURIDAD Cornpletarnente e l pedalde frenoy rnantenga haciaabajoconel pie. El sisternade bloqueode seguridadest,. dise_adopara la operaci6n seguradel tractor.Si este sisternanuncadeja de funcionarcorrecta- Moverlapalancadelfrenode estacionarniento hastael rondoy enel rnente,no opere el tractor,contacteinrnediatarnente con su Sears frenode estacionarniento (ON)la posici6n.

  • Page 71

    LA CONDUCCION DEL TRACTOR PARO DEL MOTOR Si segolpea un objetoextra,o, detengael motor,desconecteel Evitecornienza pronto,el excesode velocidady paradasbruscas. cablede la bujfa(s) y tierracontrael motor.Inspeccionar cuidadosa- rnenteel equipode los da_os. Reparaci6n de los da_osantesde reiniciary de funcionarniento. Nodeje el asientodel tractor,sincolocar la tornade fuerza (Blade Engage)palancaen la posici6nOFF desernbragar 0 posici6n, Si sededicanalas hojas,colocarla tornadefuerza(Blade Engage) presionandoel pedalde frenoy accionadoel frenode estaciona-...

  • Page 72

    INVOLUCRAR A LOS BLADES Si seestancala unidadconel controlde velocidaden alta velocidad, o si la unidadno funcionar_, con la palancade control de velocidaden Participaci6n de la tornade fuerza(BladeEngage)lastransferencias de condicionesde bajavelocidad,sigaestos pasos: energiaa la plataforrna de corteo de otto tipo(disponiblepot separado) La palancade carnbiosen puntornuerto.

  • Page 73

    CORTAR FAROS • LasI_.rnparas e st_.nONcuandoel motordel tractorse est,. ejecutando. Paraayudara evJtarel contactocon la cuchJlla o una lesJ6n en • Lasluces se apagacuandola Ilavede contactose rnuevea la el objetolanzado,Mantenga a losespectadores,losayudantes, posici6nSTOR los niSosy las rnascotaspor Io rnenos75 piesde distanciade la rn_.quina rnientras est,.

  • Page 74

    PROGRAMA DE iVlANTENIIVllENTO Siga el prograrna de rnantenirniento a continuaci6n.Estegr_.fico describelas directricesde serviciosolarnente. U tilicela colurnna Antes de realizar cualquier tipodernantenirniento / servicio, desconectar todos de serviciode registropara hacerun seguirniento de las tareasde loscontroles y parar e l motor. Espere h asta quetodas laspiezas rn6viles b an rnantenirniento realizadas.Paraubicar el Centro de Servicio m_s Ilegado a unaparada cornpleta.

  • Page 75

    iVlANTENIIVllENTODEL MOTOR Comprobar el aceite del motor No Ilenedernasiado. L lenadoexcesivode aceite puedeprovocarque $61oel uso de aceite de alta detergenteseevalu6la calidadcon la el motor no ernpezar, d iffcilde partida,o furnarmotor.Si rn_.s de la clasificaci6nde servicioAPI rnarcaFULLen la varilla,el aceitede drenajepara reducirel nivelde aceite en FULLrnarcaen la varillade rnedici6n.

  • Page 76

    Las piezas derecarnbio debe s er larnisrna einstalados enla rnisrna posiciSn que las piezas originales. Sise derrarna combustible, espere hasta q ue seevapora antes dearrancar elmotor. Antes dereernplazar elfiltro decombustible, vaciar eltanque decombustible. DeIocontrario, elcombustible puede filtrarse y provocar unincendio ouna explosi6n. Paradrenarel combustible: Localiceelfiltrodecornbustible, quesetransfieren enelladoizquierdo del motorentreel tanquede combustibley el carburador, y puede...

  • Page 77

    Silenciador • Mantenersiempreel cargadorde gomacolocadosobreel polo positivoparaevitar cortocircuitos. IMPORTANTE: Sial quitarla bateriapor cualquierraz6n,desconecte Temperature of mufflerand nearbyengineareasmayexceed 150 ° F el cablenegativo(Negro)es el cablede la terminalen primerlugar, (65°0).Avoidcontactwith these areas. seguidopor el positivo(rojo) de alambre.Cuandovuelvaa instalarla bateria,conecteel positivo(rojo)de alambrede suterminalen primer Inspeccioneperi6dicamente el silenciador,y reemplazar si es lugar,seguidopor el negativo(cableNegro).Aseg0rese de que los necesario.Piezasde repuestopara el silenciador debe ser el mismoe...

  • Page 78

    Untornillode cierrese puedeencontraren la superficiede la cubierta • Apretarla tuerca de bloqueode bridapara elevarla parte de sutractorcornoseve en la figura. 12.Este complernento se puede delanterade la cubierta; reernplazar c on un puertode aguaspara serutilizadocornopartede • Aflojela tuercade brida parabajar la partedelanterade la un sisternadisponiblepor separadola cubiertade lavado.

  • Page 79

    AJUSTE DEL ASIENTO Consultela Configuraci6n de la Asarnbleayen la secci6nde este Evitelas lesionespellizcos. N uncacoloquesusdedosen la prirnavera manualpara instruccionesde ajustedel asiento. ociosoo entrela correay unapolea,rnientras sequitael cintur6n. FRENO DE ESTACIONAIVlIENTO DE AJUSTE NOTA: El arcode pelo alfilerde corbataclips debe ser instalado desdearriba haciaabajo.

  • Page 80

    EL ARRANQUE Retireconcuidadoel cablede tornadefuerzade la partetraserade la phtaforrnade corte al elirninarel clipde horquillaque Iosujeta, Retireel rnuelledel soporteruedaIoca de la cubierta,Wase la figura. 18. Nuncasalteiniciar una bateriada_adao congelados.Est_ segurode losvehiculosno se tocan,y est_.n fuerade ignici6n.No perrnitaque lasabrazaderasde cableal tacto. Conectarpositivo(+)paraenviarpor cablepositivo(+)de la bateria descargadade sutractor.

  • Page 81

    CUCHILLAS DE CORTE Apagueel motory quitela Ilavede encendidoantesde retirarla cuchillade corte (s) paraafilaro de sustituci6n.Protejasus rnanos usandoguantesgruesosal sujetarla hoja. Inspeccione peri6dicarnente la hojay / o husillode grietaso da_os, sobretododespu_sde haberIlegadoa un objetoextra_o.No haga funcionar la rn_.quina h astaquese sustituir_.n l oselernentos da_ados. Paraquitarlas hojas, hagaIo siguiente.

  • Page 82

    Paracolocar la correanueva,empiezahaciendoque el cintur6n Volvera apretarla barraposeedordel cintur6naflojadoantes. alrededorde lasdos poleasexteriordel huso,come se muestra Volvera montarla cinta de losguardiasde retirarseantes. en la figura.21. Vuelvaa instalarla cubierta,asegur_.ndose d e que la cinta sigue Luego,la cinta de rutaalrededorde lasdos polinespoleasde la siendoderrotadosen laspoleascon las instrucciones.

  • Page 83

    Nuncaalmacenetractorde cespedconcombustibleen el tanque en un espaciocerradoo en _.reas conpoca venfilaci6n, d onde los gases del combustiblepuedanalcanzarel fuego,chispaso una luz pilotocomo la que tienenalgunoshornos,calentadores de agua, secadoresde ropao algQn otto disposifivoa gas. PREPARACI6N DEL MOTOR EL DRENAJE DE LOS COMBUSTIBLES Localiceel filtro de combustible,que seencuentraen el lado IMPORTANTE:El combustible que quedaen el tanquecuandohace izquierdodel motor,y puede serconectadoal motorcon una...

  • Page 84

    El motorno arranca Perillade potenciade arranque(PTO)conectada. Coloque la perillaen la posici6nde desconexi6n(OFF). Noest&colocado elfreno de mano. Coloque elfreno de mano. Se ha desconectadoel cable de lasbujias. Conecte elcable alas bujias. La palancade controldel reguladorno est_ en Muevala palancadel reguladora la posici6nFAST la posici6nde arranquecorrecta.

  • Page 85

    This page intentionally left blank. Use this page to make any notes regarding your tractor.

  • Page 87

    Busque el periodo de duraci6n de emisiones importantes yla informaci6n de clasificaci6n de aire en la etiqueta de emisiones de su motor Los motores cuyo cumpiimiento con los estAndares de emisi6n Tier 2 de la Comisi6n de Recursos Ambientales de California (CARB) est6 certificado deben exhibir la informaci6n relacionada con el periodo de duraci6n de ias emisiones y la clasificaci6n de aire.

  • Page 88

    (Esta p_.ginase aplica s61oen EE.UU. y Canada.). Sears Brands Management Corporation, el Consejo de Recursos Ambientales de California (CARB) y la Agencia de Protecci6n Ambiental de los Estados Unidos (EPA) Declaraci6n de garantia del sistema de control de emisiones (derechos y obligaciones de la garanfia de defectos del propi= etario)

  • Page 89

    DECLARACION FEDERAL y/oDECALIFORNIA SOBRE GARANTJAS EN EL CONTROL DE EIVIISIONES SUS DERECHOS Y OBLIGACIONES EN CUANTO A LA GARANTJA MTDConsumerGroupInc, laAgencia de Protecci6nMedioambiental d e los EstadosUnidos(EPA),y para aquellosproductoscertificadosparasu ventaen el es- tadode California,el Departamento de los Recursosdel Aire de California(CARB)secomplacenen explicarla garanfiaque cubre al sistemade control (ECS)de emisiones(evaporativasy/o de escape)de su equipoy motor(motor de equipos de exteriores)de encendidopot chispa paratodo terreno,peque_o,de exteriores del a_o2006 y a_osposterioresEn California,losnuevosmotoresde equipos de exterioresdebenestar dise_ados,construidosy equipadospara cumplircon las estrictasnormasantipoluci6ndel Estado(en otrosestados,losequipos del a_o 1997y modelosposterioresdebenser estar dise_ados,construidosy equipados...

  • Page 90

    8. Durante latotalidad del periodo de garantia del motor yequipo para todo t erreno arriba mencionado, MTD C onsumer Group Inc mantendr_ un suministro de piezas bajo g arantia suficiente para satisfacer lademanda esperada de tales piezas. 9. Cualquier pieza de reemplazo se podr_ usar para e lcumplimiento del m antenimiento olas reparaciones...

  • Page 91

    Felicitaciones por haber realizado una adquisici6n inteligente. El producto Craftsman® que ha adquirido esta diseSado y fabricado para brindar muchos aSos de funcionamiento confiable. Pero como todos los productos a veces puede requerir de reparaciones. Es en ese momento cuando...

  • Page 92

    Ilame el nt_mero abajo. 1-800-659-5917 Craftsman Help Line ® Registered Trademark / Trademark of KCD IP, LLC in the United States, or Sears Brands, LLC in other countries...

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