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Final Sound Model F400I Center Speaker; What Is The Function Of A Center Speaker; Where Do I Place The Final Sound Center Speaker - Final Sound F600i User Manual

Stereo and home theatre systems
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6.1 What is the function of a Center Speaker?

The center channel is the most important channel in a Home Theatre system. Its audio signals deliver critical
localization cues to our ears to keep the voices and special effects locked on-screen. The Final Sound flat-panel
center speaker is a true line source, with a single speaker element to deliver precise localization. Today's electro-
dynamic and hybrid center channel speakers are flawed using multiple drivers. By refusing to compromise on these
important design criteria, Final Sound has created what many people will be calling the most accurate center
channel system in the world.
The Final Sound flat-panel center speaker is designed to function in harmony with the Final Sound subwoofer. The
subwoofer will add the low frequency information to the center channel.

6.2 Where do I place the Final Sound Center Speaker?

The Final Sound Model F400i center speaker should be placed directly under or above your TV or video screen in a
horizontal mode. If you are not sure, contact your dealer for further details.
The center speaker panel is labeled with the F400i WMCP code. The flat-panel center speaker has to be mounted on
the wall by means of the special mount (included in the package) or placed on an optional Final Sound stand.
The bracket consists of a wall plate, a ball-bar and a cover plate.
To install the bracket you first have to fix the wall plate of the mount
to the wall by means off the 4 screws and if necessary the plugs.
You then insert the ball-bar into the cover plate and screw the cover
plate onto the wall plate with the two hex screws. Do NOT tighten.
Lastly you take the speaker and screw the ball-bar into its bracket at
the back. Tighten it by hand. Then tighten the two hex screws with
the supplied Allen key. Do NOT over tighten.
You can now tighten the ball-bar into the speaker by slightly twisting the speaker in clockwise direction when
standing in front of the speaker. Do NOT apply excessive force.
Finally, the speaker position can be adjusted be un-tighten the hex screws, bringing the speaker into the required
position and re-tighten the hex screws.
Final has also designed matching floor stands, these floor stands can be purchased separately by your dealer
if you do not want to wall mount the speakers. In the case you want to purchase the Final Sound Floor stands,
the wall mounts can be used to assemble the speakers on the floor stands, allowing you to direct the
speakers to the listening area.
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