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How Do I Install The Final Sound Speaker Panels Safely; How To Clean And Maintain The Final Sound Front And Rear Speaker Panels - Final Sound F600i User Manual

Stereo and home theatre systems
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7.3 How do I install the Final Sound speaker panels safely?

The speaker panels are labeled with an L: Left and R: Right code.
The Model F600i flat-panel speakers are designed to use as floor-standing loudspeakers. The egg-shaped footplates
have to be fixed under the flat-panels by means of the screws (included in the packaging).
However Final Sound provides specially designed brackets to mount the speaker-panels on the wall. The brackets
can be obtained as an accessory except for the F400i center panel, which comes with both a footplate and a bracket,
offering a choice. The brackets consist of a wall plate and a bar. To install the brackets you first have to fix the wall
plate to the wall by means off the 4 screws and if necessary the plugs, then you have to screw the bar into the wall
plate. When you look at the backside of the speaker panels you notice the fitting hole for inserting the bar in to the
speaker panel.
After having installed the brackets on the wall, you can mount the panel on the bracket and fix the panel by scre-
wing in the hexagonal screw above the fitting hole. An appropriate Allen key is included in the package.
Each flat-panel speaker panel comes with a 12VDC power supply, which has to be connected to the mains. It is
necessary to connect the flat-panel speakers to the mains; otherwise they won't function. The flat-panel speakers are
designed to stay on the mains permanently; however it is better to disconnect them during thunderstorms.
The front and rear flat-panel speakers are equipped with speaker terminals, which are suited for spades or common
loudspeaker wires. The red speaker terminal has to be connected to the red terminal (+) on the Audio/Video receiver
and the black terminal has to be connected to the black terminal (-) on the Audio/Video receiver.
For connecting the wires we refer to the chapter "Connecting the Final Home Theatre System" .
Before connecting the front and rear speaker panels, all sound system equipment should be disconnected from
the mains until you have gone through all steps below. This will avoid the risk of damage to your system while
connections are made or broken. If you experience any problems installing the flat-panel speakers please contact
your authorized Final Sound dealer.

7.4 How to clean and maintain the Final Sound front and rear speaker panels?

Always unplug the Final Sound flat-panel speakers from the mains and shut off all sound equipment before you
start cleaning. To prevent fire or shock hazard, clean only with a DRY clothe and prevent pushing the black (sound
producing) part of the speaker panels and also prevent dust and small particles to fall in the panel. Never use clean-
sers or chemicals or any liquids, which risk dripping into the speaker panels.
Contents Copyright 2006 Final Sound Solutions.


Table of Contents

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