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Razer Ouroboros Master Manual

Razer Ouroboros Master Manual

Elite ambidextrous gaming mouse
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The Razer Ouroboros ambidextrous wireless gaming mouse is a potent weapon packed
with enough lethal features to obliterate the competition.
Designed for gamers who prefer an ambidextrous design, it offers fully customizable
ergonomics and fit for every hand size, big or small, by allowing adjustment of the
arched palm rest and back. Two interchangeable side panels ensure you're using your
preferred grip-style at all times. Game for hours on end while minimizing fatigue and
maximizing comfort, as your enemies rage-quit from exhaustion.
Razer's highly advanced, award-winning 4G Dual Sensor System can be found in the
Razer Ouroboros. This gaming-grade mouse sensor combines a laser and an optical
sensor to enhance tracking precision and detect surfaces ten times faster than previous
generation sensors. Its all-new 8200 DPI clutch lets you temporarily reduce or increase
the DPI as you game, so you can go from high-sensitivity assault to low-sense sniper
then back to assault as you need. With the Razer Ouroboros, you're getting the
absolute performance standard of pro-gamers today to match whatever game you play
– whether it is a first-person shooter, real-time strategy, or role-playing game.
The Razer Ouroboros also features an ultra-low 1ms latency wireless play that is as
responsive and as precise as it is when it is corded. You're as free to swipe and destroy
as your play style dictates.
With this phenomenal, all-in-one, juggernaut of a gaming mouse, achieving victorious
gaming is easy.
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  • Page 1 DPI as you game, so you can go from high-sensitivity assault to low-sense sniper then back to assault as you need. With the Razer Ouroboros, you’re getting the absolute performance standard of pro-gamers today to match whatever game you play –...
  • Page 2: Table Of Contents

    PACKAGE CONTENTS / SYSTEM REQUIREMENTS............ 2 REGISTRATION / TECHNICAL SUPPORT ..............2 TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS ................... 3 DEVICE LAYOUT ...................... 4 INSTALLING YOUR RAZER OUROBOROS ............... 14 CONFIGURING YOUR RAZER OUROBOROS ............15 SAFETY AND MAINTENANCE ................37 LEGALESE ......................39...
  • Page 3: Package Contents / System Requirements

    PACKAGE CONTENTS / SYSTEM REQUIREMENTS PACKAGE CONTENTS  Razer Ouroboros Elite Gaming Mouse  4 Interchangeable Side Panels  Rechargeable NiMH AA Battery  Charging Dock  USB Connector Cable  Quick Start Guide  Master Guide SYSTEM REQUIREMENTS  PC or Mac with a free USB 2.0 port ...
  • Page 4: Technical Specifications

     Customizable ergonomics to fit all hand sizes and grip-styles  8200dpi 4G Dual Sensor System  Gaming-grade wireless technology with dock  Razer Synapse 2.0 enabled  11 programmable Hyperesponse buttons  1000Hz Ultrapolling / 1ms response time  Up to 200 inches per second / 50g acceleration ...
  • Page 5: Device Layout

    DEVICE LAYOUT A. Left Mouse Button G. Mouse Button 7 B. Right Mouse Button H. Mouse Button 6 C. Scroll Wheel I. Left Trigger D. Sensitivity Stage Up J. Mouse Button 9 E. Sensitivity Stage Down K. Mouse Button 10 F.
  • Page 6: Product View And Parts

    T. USB Connector Cable N. Left Trigger Switch U. Interchangeable Side Panels  Finger Rest Panel O. Right Trigger Switch P. Razer 4G Dual Sensor System  Finger Grip Panel Q. Rear Panel Button V. Charging Dock R. Recliner Wheel W.
  • Page 7: Setting Up

    SETTING UP YOUR RAZER OUROBOROS 1. Press the Rear Extension Button and detach the rear panel. 2. Slide the battery cover up then pull it back to open. 3. Insert the battery into the compartment then close the battery cover.
  • Page 8 4. Reattach the rear panel onto the mouse. CHARGING YOUR RAZER OUROBOROS For best results, please charge the battery fully the first time you use the Razer Ouroboros. A depleted battery will be fully charged in about 4 hours. The Razer Ouroboros requires a USB connection that is able to supply sufficient power during battery charging process.
  • Page 9: Wireless Mode

    WIRELESS MODE 1. Connect the USB Connector Cable to the Charging Dock and to your computer. 2. Press the pairing button and mouse buttons 7, 6, 9 and 10 simultaneously. 3. The lights on the mouse and Charging Dock will start flashing to indicate the pairing process.
  • Page 10: Wired/Charging Mode

    4. To charge the mouse in wireless mode, simply place the device on the Charging Dock. WIRED/CHARGING MODE Connect the USB Connector Cable to the mouse and to your computer. The mouse should now be ready for use and the battery will automatically start recharging. 9 | razer™...
  • Page 11: Using

    USING YOUR RAZER OUROBOROS Press and hold these buttons together for 3 seconds to turn On or 5 seconds to turn OFF. ADJUSTING THE PALM REST Use the Recliner Wheel to tilt the palm rest higher / lower. Rotate the wheel counterclockwise to lower the palm rest.
  • Page 12 EXTENDING THE REAR PANEL 1. Press and hold the Rear Panel Button to unlock. 2. Slide the rear panel horizontally to adjust. 3. Release the rear extension button to lock the panel into position. 11 | razer™...
  • Page 13 CHANGING THE SIDE PANELS Carefully remove and attach the interchangeable side panels using the magnetic holes as a guide. DISABLING THE SIDE TRIGGERS Manually lock the side triggers by moving their corresponding switches inwards. 12 | For gamers by gamers™...
  • Page 14 BATTERY LIFE INDICATOR BEHAVIOR 13 | razer™...
  • Page 15: Installing Your Razer Ouroboros

    INSTALLING YOUR RAZER OUROBOROS Note: You may skip Steps 2-4 if you already have a Razer Synapse 2.0 installed and an existing account. Step 1: Plug the Razer Ouroboros into the USB port of your computer. Step 2: Download the Razer Synapse 2.0 installer from
  • Page 16: Configuring Your Razer Ouroboros

    CONFIGURING YOUR RAZER OUROBOROS Disclaimer: The features listed here require you to log in to Razer Synapse 2.0. These features are also subject to change based on the current software version and your Operating System. MOUSE TAB The Mouse Tab is your default tab when you first install Razer Synapse 2.0. This tab allows you to customize your device’s profiles, button assignments, performance and...
  • Page 17 PROFILE A Profile is a convenient way of saving all of the changes you have made on your device. A single Profile can store numerous settings such as button assignments and sensitivity adjustments. Profile contains the default settings of your device. Any changes made within each tab will automatically be saved into the current profile.
  • Page 18 The changes made in this tab are automatically saved to your current profile. Top View The Top View is where you can customize the 5 basic mouse buttons and the mouse wheel. 17 | razer™...
  • Page 19 Left Side / Right Side View The two views allow you to customize the side buttons of your mouse. 18 | For gamers by gamers™...
  • Page 20 KEYBOARD FUNCTION from the BUTTON ASSIGNMENT Menu and enter the key you wish to use on the given field below. You may also include modifier keys such as Ctrl, Shift, Alt or any of these combinations. 19 | razer™...
  • Page 21 Mouse Function This option allows you to change the mouse buttons into other mouse functions. To choose a mouse function, select MOUSE FUNCTION from the BUTTON ASSIGNMENT Menu and an ASSIGN BUTTON submenu will appear. Listed below are the functions which you can choose from the Assign Button submenu: Left Click - Performs a left mouse click using the assigned button.
  • Page 22 Disable This option renders the assigned button unusable. Use Disable when you have no need for a button or if a particular button interferes with your gaming. 21 | razer™...
  • Page 23 PERFORMANCE TAB The Performance Tab allows you to enhance the speed and precision of your mouse pointer. Similar to the Customize Tab, the changes made here are automatically saved to your current profile. Listed below are the performance options and their descriptions. Sensitivity Sensitivity pertains to how much effort is needed to move the mouse pointer in any direction.
  • Page 24 You can switch between 125Hz (8ms), 500Hz (2ms) and 1000Hz (1ms) by selecting your desired polling rate on the dropdown menu. (Recommended setting: 500Hz – 1000Hz) 23 | razer™...
  • Page 25 LIGHTING TAB The Lighting Tab allows you to configure the LEDs of your Razer Ouroboros. You can set the lighting to Off, Dim, Normal or Bright when the device is in wired mode or wireless mode using their respective sliders. Similar to the previous tabs, the changes made here are also automatically saved to your current profile.
  • Page 26 CALIBRATION TAB The Calibration Tab allows you to optimize your Razer Precision Sensor to any mousing surface for better tracking. To use this feature, you must select the ON option under SURFACE CALIBRATION. The LIFTOFF RANGE allows you to set the distance in which the sensor stops tracking as it is being lifted away from its mousing surface.
  • Page 27 Once you have activated the SURFACE CALIBRATION option, you must then choose the appropriate mousing surface you are currently using. 26 | For gamers by gamers™...
  • Page 28 Razer Mouse Mats The Razer Ouroboros is ‘tuned’ or optimized especially for Razer mouse mats. This means that the sensor has been tested extensively to confirm that the Razer Ouroboros reads and tracks best when paired with Razer mouse mats.
  • Page 29 Other Mousing Surfaces If you are using a non-Razer mouse mat or a non-standard mousing surface, select OTHERS then click the button to access the manual calibration submenu. 28 | For gamers by gamers™...
  • Page 30 This submenu enables you to manually adjust the Razer Precision Sensor to suit any mousing surface. To begin calibrating the sensor, click the button. After clicking the button, Razer Synapse 2.0 will begin tuning the sensor. Please avoid moving the Razer Ouroboros during this time.
  • Page 31 Once the Razer Precision Sensor is ready, press and hold the left mouse button then move the mouse across your entire mousing surface in a zigzag pattern as shown on the screen guide. When you have moved through your entire mousing surface, release the left mouse button.
  • Page 32 You can also set your device to enter sleep mode when it has been idle for a certain amount of time. The Power Tab also allows you to be notified when the device’s power is at a certain level. 31 | razer™...
  • Page 33 MACROS TAB The Macros Tab allows you to create a series of precise keystrokes and button presses. This tab also allows you to have numerous macros and extremely long macro commands at your disposal. The Macro section works similarly to Profile wherein you can rename a macro by typing on the field below MACRO NAME.
  • Page 34 DEFAULT DELAY uses a predefined time (expressed in seconds) as the delay. And NO DELAY omits all the pauses in-between keystrokes and button presses. Note: You may use up to three decimal places when inserting values on the seconds (sec) field. 33 | razer™...
  • Page 35 Once you have recorded a macro, you may edit the commands you have entered by selecting each command on the macro screen. Each keystroke or button press is arranged sequentially with the first command shown at the top of the screen. button allows you to edit a particular command and the button enables you to delete a command.
  • Page 36 The dropdown menu on this window allows you to choose a keystroke or a delay to be added in before or after the highlighted macro command. 35 | razer™...
  • Page 37 You may add in a new set of macro commands by clicking the button on the keystroke menu; or input time delays on the duration field using the delay menu. 36 | For gamers by gamers™...
  • Page 38: Safety And Maintenance

    SAFETY AND MAINTENANCE SAFETY GUIDELINES In order to achieve maximum safety while using your Razer Ouroboros, we suggest that you adopt the following guidelines: 1. Avoid looking directly at the tracking beam of your mouse or pointing the beam in anyone else’s eye. Note that the tracking beam is NOT visible to the naked human eye and is set on an Always-On mode.
  • Page 39 MAINTENANCE AND USE The Razer Ouroboros requires minimum maintenance to keep it in optimum condition. Once a month we recommend you unplug the device from the USB port and clean it using a soft cloth or cotton swab with a bit of warm water to prevent dirt buildup. Do not use soap or harsh cleaning agents.
  • Page 40: Legalese

    LIMITATION OF LIABILITY Razer shall in no event be liable for any lost profits, loss of information or data, special, incidental, indirect, punitive or consequential or incidental damages, arising in any way out of distribution of, sale of, resale of, use of, or inability to use the Product. In no event shall Razer’s liability exceed the retail purchase price of the Product.
  • Page 41 (in so far as it is invalid or unenforceable) shall be given no effect and deemed to be excluded without invalidating any of the remaining terms. Razer reserves the right to amend any term at any time without notice. 40 | For gamers by gamers™...