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    SET-UP AND SAFETY ___________________________ To ensure that this high quality, easy-to-use device gives you lasting entertainment and enjoyment, please note the following information. This device designed to receive and play back video and audio signals. Any other use is expressly prohibited. When setting up the device, make sure it is in a horizontal position and that the mains socket is easily accessible.

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    INFORMATION _________________________ General information on laser devices Your system is a CLASS 1 LASER PRODUCT. This means that the laser is designed in such a way as to ensure that the maximum permissible emission value cannot be exceeded under any circumstances. CLASS 1 Caution: LASER PRODUCT...

  • Page 4: Safety Information

    Safety information __________________________________________________ Note: Before connecting the AC power cord to the DC adapter outlet, make sure that the voltage designation of the DC adapter corresponds to the local electrical supply. If you are unsure about your power supply, please ask the local power company.

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    Precautions ________________________________________________________ Please read the below precautions carefully before operating the unit. Power cord protection: Never use your LCD TV/Monitor if the power cord has been damaged. Do not put anything on the power cord, and keep the power cord away from where people can easily trip over it.

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    Keep away from water/magnetic fields: Do not expose the LCD TV/Monitor to rain or use it near water source. If the LCD TV/Monitor got wet, unplug it and contact an authorized dealer immediately. Do not clean the front panel with Ketone-type materials, ethyl alcohol, toluene, acid, methyl, or chloride since they may cause damage on panel.

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    Unpacking ____________________________________________ Please make sure that the following items are included with your LCD TV/Monitor. If any item is missing, please contact your dealer. TFT LCD TV/ Monitor Remote control Operation manual DC adapter Power cord RCA cable Car Cord...

  • Page 8: Table Of Contents

    Table of content View of the TV/Monitor ---------------------------------------------------- 6 Remote control reference guide --------------------------------------------- 7 (1) Remote control function --------------------------------------------- 7 (2) Remote control battery installation and cautions ------------- 8 III. Installation and connection ----------------------------------------------- 9 TV/Monitor screen operation --------------------------------------------- 10 (1) Basic operation -------------------------------------------------------- 10 (2) View of the TV plays -------------------------------------------------- 11 (3) View of the AV signal sources -------------------------------------- 11...

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    View of the monitor Side view Front view Back view Remote sensor 12. VGA jack Power indication light 13. YUV jack Headphone jack 14. S-video jack CH+/up direction button 15. Video in jack CH-/down direction button 16. Audio in (left) jack VOL up/RIGHT direction button 17.

  • Page 10: Ii. Remote Control Reference Guide, Remote Control Function

    II. Remote control reference guide (1) Remote control function 1. DVD open/close 2. Video out mode button 3. SLEEP button 4. 0-9 Numerical button 5. Program play button 6. Volume down button 7. Unit system menu button 8. Display status message button 9.

  • Page 11: Remote Control Battery Installation And Cautions

    ¡ñ TELETEXT BUTTONS (If TV has teletext function. You may enjoy it by using these buttons) Name Function Name Function To select TXT/TV mode To show the sub page Enter into TXT list mode Keep the page display Display the hidden INDEX Menu display information...

  • Page 12: Iii. Installation And Connection

    batteries into the fire. 3. Always replace both batteries at the same time. Never mix new and old batteries or batteries of a different type. 4. If you don’t intend to use the remote controller for an extended period, remove the batteries to prevent possible leakage and corrosion. Notes: Do not drop, apply shock or step on the remote control.

  • Page 13: Iv. Tv/monitor Screen Operation, Basic Operation

    VHF antenna UHF antenna 75¦¸ Co-axis cable Input terminal of Mixer antenna Co-axis antenna plug Antenna in jack 75¦¸ Co-axis cable Connect the audio sources (Including DVD, VCDR, CAMCORDER and PC) to the proper AUDIO input jacks ‘L’ and ‘R’. Connect the video source to the VIDEO jack by RCA cable.

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    The Picture setup, Sound setup, Previous channel can be memorized before you switch off the TV/Monitor. The TV/Monitor will re-start under the previous state when you switch on it again. If you unplug the power cord to cut off the power supply completely, all previous setting will be lost.

  • Page 15: V. Menu Setting And Adjustment, Video Mode Setting

    Select the suitable input to pickup the AV signal. Input Source Press P+ or P- button to select source, then press Video V + button to confirm your selection. Or press DVD S-Video Button on the remote control to select DVD source directly.

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    Video Picture Mode : Standard Brightness Contrast Saturation Sharpness Color Temp. : Standard Advanced Move Select Exit is in blue color. Use the V+ On this menu, the Video setting icon of button firstly, the cursor will be on the line of “Picture Mode: Standard”. And then, press the V+ or V - button repeatedly to select the video mode from Standard, Mild, Dynamic, or User.

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    Image Auto Config. Image Position Phase: Clock: 1344 Move Select Exit 1.The cursor will on the line of “Auto Config”, press the V+ button, the following will be displayed on the screen, then select Yes to enter into auto configuration as followed: Auto Config.

  • Page 18: Audio Mode Setting

    Image Position Move Select Exit After the setting, press the MENU button to return to the root menu or exit the setting AUDIO MODE SETTING Press the MENU button on the remote control, and then press the P- button to select the Audio setting, the Menu will be shown as below: Audio Base Treble...

  • Page 19: Time Mode Setting

    select the sound mode from Base, Treble, Balance. After select the sound mode, you can use the V- or V+ button to adjust the Value of each item from 0 to 100 or Balance from -50 to 50 for each sound Mode.

  • Page 20: Tuner/channel Mode Setting

    TUNER/CHANNEL MODE SETTING (FOR TV MODE ONLY) Press the MENU button firstly to display the menu, and then use the P- button to select the Tuner/Channel setting icon, the following menu will display in the screen: Tuner/Channel Channel No. Color System AUTO Audio System Skip...

  • Page 21: Auto Search

    CH NO:9 Band: VHF-L Auto search FREQ: 175.15 MHz As shown on the menu, the TV will automatically search stations. When searching, press the MENU button to cancel searching. After the searching, the TV will begin to play the station 1. (6) Manual Install Select the “Manu Install”, and then press the V+ /V- button Manual Install...

  • Page 22: Options Mode Setting

    Tuner/Channel Swap From Swap To Perform Swap Move Select Exit On the menu, the words “Swap From” indicate the current station and 6 is the station number; “Swap To” means the destination station and 1 is the station number. The TV is playing the current station (6). Press P- button to keep the cursor on the line of “Swap To”, you can enter into a station number from 1-254 by the digit buttons 0-9 and the -/-- button as the appointed station number (***) for replacing the current station number.

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    Options Language Reset Blue Screen OSD Timeout :10 Seconds Keypad Lock :OFF Menu Background :Transparent Move Select Exit Press P-/P+ or V+/V- to select or set each item, select “Language” firstly, press V+ or V- button, it can be set at English, France, German, Spanish, Portuguese, or Italian, etc..

  • Page 24: Vi. Dvd Player Operation

    VI. DVD PLAYER OPERATION a. Basic play Press the TV/AV button on the unit or the remote control to select the DVD function mode. Insert a disc into the slot of DVD player and it will be read automatically. Press ”OPEN/CLOSE” button of remote control or the button on the unit ,the disc will be ejected automatically HOW TO SELECT THE TRACK...

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    b. SLOW PLAY Press SLOW PLAY button when playing, you can play the disc at 1/2, 1/4, 1/8, 1/16 of the normal speed. If you want to stop it, you can press ENTER/PLAY button to play normally again. c. ZOOM PICTURE This DVD video player allows you to zoom in/ out a picture as well as shift the zoom point.

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    return to normal play, press the ENTER/PLAY button. Please note that the sound is cut off, and the picture becomes silent while playing in this mode. f. MUTE Press the MUTE button on the remote control to suppress the sound while a disc is playing.

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    Insert a disc, press the PROG button, and the menu will display on TV, as the following: Program : Chapter 01 -- 06 -- 11 -- 16 -- 02 -- 07 -- 12 -- 17 -- 03 -- 08 -- 13 -- 18 -- 04 --...

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    During still playback, you are able to change the camera angle. However, when you resume to normal playback, the camera angle changes to the new settings. The angle icon indicator will illuminate while playing back a title that contains at least one scene recorded with multiple angles. l.

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    NOTE: The left column on the TV screen is a list showing the name of the folder. The right column on the TV screen is a list showing the name of the song and the sub-folder. “MP3” sign in front of a file name indicates that this is a MP3 file. During MP3 playback, you cannot access to “PLAY MODE”...

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    AUDIO SETUP You could choose AUDIO OUT mode as SPEAKER SETUP, AUDIO SETUP, could setup to get the best sound as followed: PASSWORD SETUP (PASSWORD: 1369)

  • Page 31: Vii. Other Operation, Viii. Trouble Shooting

    VII. Other Operation a.Earphone operation This unit possesses earphone jack. Connect the earphone with the socket and adjust the volume to what you want. Once plugged in, the speaker output will be cut off automatically. b. AUDIO effect Press the AUDIO/ST/D/I/II button on the remote control frequently to select Mono Left, Mono Right , Mix-Mono or Stereo effect.

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    b. TV/Monitor Symptom Remedy 1. Check whether the power plug is connected to the power No power supply. 2. Pull out the plug and wait for 60 seconds, and then insert the power plug again and switch on the TV/monitor. Check whether the antenna is connected properly.

  • Page 33: Ix. Notes

    IX. Notes (1) Please read these operating instructions carefully before you operate this unit. (2) When you want to cut off the electricity supply of the whole unit’s power, please press the POWER button on the unit. And take out the plug from wall outlet.

  • Page 34: X. Maintenance

    X. Maintenance 1). Cleaning the cabinet Use a soft cloth slightly moistened with a mild detergent solution. Do not use a solution containing alcohol, spirits, ammonia or abrasives. 2). Cleaning discs When a disc becomes dirty, clean it with a cleaning cloth. Wipe the disc from the centre outwards.

  • Page 35: Specifications

    Specifications Screen size, visible 19 inch Screen format 16:9 Resolution 1440 * 900 Minimum contrast ratio 500:1 Minimum brightness 300 cd/m² Display colors Minimum viewing angle 160° (horizontal) / 160° (vertical) Maximum response Time 8 ms Minimum lifetime background light 50,000 hours Video color systems PAL/NTSC3.58/NTSC4.43...

  • Page 36: Xii. Display Modes

    XII. Display modes Resolution Horizontal Freq. (KHz) Vertical Freq. (Hz) 720x400 31.5 640x400 31.5 640x480(VGA) 31.5 640x480(VGA) 37.9 640x480(VGA) 37.5 800x600(SVGA) 37.9 800x600(SVGA) 47.2 800x600(SVGA) 46.9 1024x768(XGA) 48.4 1024x768(XGA) 56.5 1024x768(XGA) 60.0 1280x1024(SXGA) 63.5 1280x1024(SXGA) 80.0 Modes, which are not listed in the above table, may not be supported. For an optimal picture it is recommended to choose a mode listed in the table.

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    If guarantee is required please contact the Grundig Helpline 1800 509 394 within Australia or the 0800 450 259 within New Zealand.

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