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Electrolux WRT17MG4BW8 Use & Care Manual

Top mount refrigerator
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Welcome .......................
Safety _nstructions..
_r|staHation -- _no_udo_
Optiona_ Ice Maker To Water Supply
4 - 5
Remova_ & Reversa_ ....... 6 - 9
Features at a G_ance .........
Controls .... 9 - 10
_nside ..........
10 - 12
_ce Service
12 - 13
Food Storage
& Energy
Norrna_ Operating
Care & C_eaning .........
15 - 16
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  Summary of Contents for Electrolux WRT17MG4BW8

  • Page 1 Mount Welcome ....... Safety _nstructions.... _r|staHation -- _no_udo_ connoct_og 4 - 5 Optiona_ Ice Maker To Water Supply ..Door Remova_ & Reversa_ ..6 - 9 Features at a G_ance ..Temperature Controls ..9 - 10 Looking _nside ..
  • Page 2 Questions? Congratulations on your purchase of a new refrigerator! We here at Electro,u× Home Products_ _nc. are very proud of our 1-800-944-9044 product and we are completly committed to providing you with the best service possible. Your satisfaction is our #1 priority. (United States) Please read this Use &...
  • Page 3 PROPER DISPOSAL OFYOUR REFRIGERATOR OR FREEZER Risk of child entrapment Child entrapment J/__-_-_ suffocation are not problems of FORYOUR SAFETY the past= Junked or abondoned Do not store or use gasoline, or other flammable liquids refrigerators or freezers are still in the vicinity of this or any other appliance.
  • Page 4 LEVELHNG This Use & Care Manual provides specific operating instructions for your model Use the refrigerator only as AII four corners of your refrigerator must rest firmly on a solid instructed in this Use & Care Manual. Before starting floor. Your refrigerator is equipped with adjustable front rollers refrigerator, folmow these important first steps.
  • Page 5 To Connect Water Supply LineTo ice Maker ln_et Valve Disconnect refrigerator from electric power source. Place end of water supply line into sink or bucket. Turn ON water supply and flush supply Iine until water is clear. Turn OFF water supply at shutoff valve. Unscrew plastic cap from water valve inlet and discard cap.
  • Page 6 Door Stop Handle Tools Necessary: Hinge Screw Screw Phillips" head Quadrex head Socket Adjustable screwdriver Wrench Wrench DOOR REMOVAL AND REVERSAL INSTRUCTIONS: Cabinet Hole Plugs Hinge HoUe Remove toe grille. Remove top hinge with 3/8" hex driver and lift freezer door off of center hinge pin.
  • Page 7 (Handles may be easier to reverse while doors are off.) Remove two screws attaching handle to bottom of freezer door. Swing bottom of handle away from the door and slide TOREMOVE F REEZER H ANDLE: handle straight up and off of dovetail button. Remove screw and dovetail button and install on other (HandIes may be easier to reverse whiIe doors are offl)
  • Page 8 TO REMOVE REFRIGERATOR HANDLE: TO ATTACH TRIM: Slide both trim locks out of trim. (Handles may be easier to reverse while doors are off.) Insert new adhesive trim rocks contained [n your literature Figure ! Style Handles pack. Remove two screws attaching handle to top of refrigerator door, Remove screw attaching bottom of handle to door.
  • Page 9 6. Remove bottom hinge. R einsert twooutside s crews i n To Remove Handles holes andtighten. Firmly hold freezer handle while loosening set screws 7. Reverse steps 1- 6 toreinstall doors with 3/32" allen wrench. Remove freezer handle. Repeat step 1 for refrigerator door. IceTray_ Ice Maker _ce Bucket _...
  • Page 10 Freezer Control (some models) Refrigerator & Freezer Control (some models) Refrigerator Control (some models) TEMPERATURE ADJUSTMENT GUIDE if Refrigerator compartment is Too Warm Turn Refrigerator Control Slightly Towards Colder. ff Refrigerator compartment is Too Cored Turn Refrigerator Control Slightly Towards Cold. ff Freezer compartment is Too Warm Turn Freezer Control Slightly Towards Comder.
  • Page 11 Toadjustcantilever s helves: ADJUSTABLE DOOR BiNS Some models have adjustable door bins that can be moved to suit individual needs. To move door bins Lift bin straight up. Remove bin. Place bin in desired Lift front edge up, position. Pull shelf out. Lower bin onto supports Replace the shelf by inserting the hooks at rear of the shelf into until locked in place.
  • Page 12 HUMmDmTY CONTROL DELta DRAWER (SOME (SOME MODELS) MODELS) TheHumidity Control, Humidit Some models are equipped present onsome models with a Dell Drawer for storage withcrisper drawers, allows of luncheon meats, spreads, youtoadjust thehumidity High cheeses, and other deli items. Humidit, within thecrisper.
  • Page 13 Wash the ice container in warm water with mild detergent. Rinse we!I and dry. Stop the ice maker when cleaning the freezer and during vacations. If the ice maker will be turned off for a long period of time, turn the water supply valve to the closed position. FOOD STORAGE IDEAS ENERGY SAVING...
  • Page 14 UNDERSTANDINGTHE SOUNDSYOU MAY HEAR A. Evaporator The flow of refrigerant through the evaporator may Your new high-efficiency refrigerator may make unfamiliar sounds. These are all normal sounds and soon will become create a boiling or gurgling sound. familiar to you. They also indicate your refrigerator is operating Evaporator as designed.
  • Page 15 Keep your refrigerator and freezer clean to prevent odor build-up. Wipe up any spiiis immediately and clean both sections at least twice a year. Never use any type of scouring pads, brushes, abrasive cleaners or strong alkatine solutions on any surface. Do not wash any removabte parts in a dishwasher.
  • Page 16 NEVER CLEAN CONDENSER (SOME MODELS) if your refrigerator is equipped with a Defrost Never Clean Ware condenser, there's no need to clean the condenser under normal operating conditions, if the refrigerator is operated under particularly dusty or greasy conditions, or if there is significant Defrost Water Pan (some models) pet traffic in your...
  • Page 17 In the U.S.A.. and PuertoRico,your applianceis warrantedby ElectroluxMajorAppliancesNorth America,a divisionof EtactroluxHomeProducts, Inc. In Canada,your applianceis warrantedby ElectroluxMajorAppliances NorthAmerica,a divisionof ElectroluxCanadaCorp. ElectroluxHome Products,Inc. and ElectroluxCanadaCorp. are referredto in this warrantyas 'Electrolux".Weauthorizeno personto change or add to any of our obligationsunder thiswarranty.Our obligationsfor serviceand parts underthis warrantymust be performedby usor an authorizedEtectrolux servicer.
  • Page 18 To Properly Install Your Refrigerator "Installation" Section On Pages 4-5 To Reverse The Doors "Door Removal & Reversal" Section On Pages 6-9 Common Before calling for service, review this list. It may save you time and expense. This list includes common occurrences that are not the result of defective workmanship Occurrences or materials in this appliance.