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Sony MHC-GX45 Operating Instructions Manual

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Mini Hi.Fi
The model and serial numbers
are located on the rear of the unit. Record the serial number
in the space provided
Rei_r to them whenever
you call upon your Sony dealer
this product.
No. ..............................
Serial No. ............................
MHC-GX45/ GX35/ GX25
@2003 Sony Corporation


Table of Contents

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  • Page 1 The model and serial numbers are located on the rear of the unit. Record the serial number in the space provided below. Rei_r to them whenever you call upon your Sony dealer regarding this product. Model No....... Serial No......
  • Page 2 (servicing) registered mark. As all ENERGY ENERGY STAR '_ is a U.S. inslrllctlons in the literature STAR _ partner, Sony Corporation accompanying the appliance. has determined tha_ llds product meets the ENERGY STAR :_ CAUTION guidelines for energy efficiency.
  • Page 3 How to use this manual ......4 Sound AdJustment Playable discs .......... Adjusting the sound ......Getting Started Using the sub woofer ......Hooking up the system ......6 (MHC-GX45 and RG440S only) Selecting the sound effect ..... Setting the clock ........Selecting the surround effect ....
  • Page 4 Discs that this system cannot play • This manual mainly explains operations using • CD-ROMs _he remote, the same operations can also • CD-Rs/CD-RWsotherthanthoserecordedin be performed using the buttons on the unit *he following lbrmats: having the same or similar names.
  • Page 5 Notes on CD-R and CD-RW Music discs encoded with copyright protection • This system can play CD-R/CD-RW discs technologies edited by the user. However, note that playback of some discs may not be possible This product is designed to playback discs that depending on the recording...
  • Page 6 Perform the lbllowing procedures [] to[] tohook u p your system using t he supplied cords and accessories. =M leSd amenna Sub woo_rsoeaKer Fron speaker (righ) Fron speaker (left) * MHC,GX45 and MIIC_RG440S only Connect the speakers. Connect the sub woofer speaker. (MHC-GX45 and MHC-RG440S only)
  • Page 7 Connect the FM and AM antennas. Connect the power cord to a wall outlet. Set up lhe AM loop antenna, lhen connect The demonstration appears in the display. When you press I/(._), the system tams on and the demonstration automatically ends.
  • Page 8 Front speaker (Left (4)[Right (4)) lbr MHC- GX35 and MHC-RG330 Sub woofer (4) lbr MIIC-GX45 and MHC- RG440S Press I/_) to turn on the system. Press CLOCK/TIMER SET. Press _ or _ repeatedly to set the hour. Press ENTER. Press _ or _ repeatedly to set the minute.
  • Page 9 Normal PlaylShuffle Play Press _--on the unit. This syslem lets you play audio CDs and discs with MP3 audio tracks. Place a disc with the label side up on "o MP3 audio tracks cannot be played on MttC- the disc tray. GX25 and MHC-R(3220 (except for European...
  • Page 10 Other operations Press PLAY MODE in stop mode repeatedly until the mode want DO this appears in the display. Stop play Press I. Select To play Pause Press II. Press again to resume ALL DISCS All discs in tile disc tray play.
  • Page 11 Notes • You c_nnot change the play mode during playback. • Some time may be needed m start playback of discs -- Repeat Play recorded in complex configurations such as many layers. • When the disc is inserted, the player _ads all the tracks on tha_ disc.
  • Page 12 Program additional discs or tracks. TO program Repeat steps Other discs 3 and 5 Other tracks on the 4 and 5 same disc -- Program Play Other tracks on 3 to 5 other discs You can make a program of up to 25 sieps from Press I=,_.
  • Page 13 PressTUNER MEMORY. A preset number appears, Preset number [r'lgr'10PU FU You can preset up to 20 FM stations and 19 AM stations. You can then tune in any of flmse stations simply by selecling the corresponding Press PRESET-I+ (or _ or IHH on preset number.
  • Page 14 Other Operations DOthis Tune in a station Follow the described procedure You can listen to a radio station either by with a weak signal in "Manual tuning preset" selecting a preset station, or by manually tuning (p_ge 13). in the station. Set another station St_rl...
  • Page 15 Listening to non-preset radio station Manual Tuning (European model only) Press TUNER/BAND repeatedly select "FM" or "AM". What is the Radio Data Press TUNING -1+ (or-_l_l or I_1_+ on System? the unit) repeatedly to tune in the desired station. Radio Data System (RDS) is a broadcasting service |hat allows radio stations to send Tips additional...
  • Page 16 You can use TYPE i (normal) tape. Load a tape. Press TAPE A/B repeatedly to select To play both decks in succession, press deck A or B. PLAY MODE repealedly until "RELAY" (Relay Play)* appears in ll_e display. Press PUSH -- on the unit. Press ID,_.
  • Page 17 Manual Recording You can record just 1he portions you like from a CD*TAPE Synchro Recording CD, tape or radio program on a tape. You can also record from connected You can record a whole CD on a tape. components (see "Hooking up optional You can use TYPE I (nonnal) tape.
  • Page 18 Selecting the effect from the music menu You can reintbrce the bass and create a more Press PRESET EQ or EQ +/-* (or MUSIC powerful sound. EQ, MOVIE EQ or GAME EQ on the unit) Press GROOVE. repeatedly to select the preset you desire. Each time you press the button, |he displ3y The preset name appears in the display.
  • Page 19 -- Game Mixing Press SURROUND. "SURR" appears in the display. Selectthe desired source sound. Press the button _gain to cancel SURROUND. Press GAME MIXING on the unit. Each time you press the button, |he level of lhe game sound changes cyclically follows: MIXING...
  • Page 20 -- Daily Timer You can wake up to music at a preset time. Make -- Sleep Timer sure you have set the clock (see "Setling the clock" on page 8). You can set the system to turn off atler a certain Prepare the sound source you want to time, so lhat you can IMI asleep to music.
  • Page 21 Other operations Do this Cq/eck the setting I Press CLOCK/TIMER SELECT. 2 Press _ You can record a preset radio station from a repeatedly until "DAILY" specified time. appears, then press ENTER. To timer record, you must first preset the radio Change the sel)ing Start over |Yore slep 1.
  • Page 22 operations Other DO this 1 Press CLOCK/TllVIER Check the se_fing SELECT. 2 Press _ -- Power Saving Mode repeatedly until "REC SELECT" appears, then press ENTER. The demonstration disploy (display window and buttons lighting and flashing even when lhe Change the setting over from step 1.
  • Page 23 Checking the total playing time and titles (CD) Press DISPLAY in stop mode. Each time you press the button, the display changes cyclically as follows: You can check |he playing time and remaining a When a CD is in Normal Play mode time of the current track or |hat of the disc.
  • Page 24 (MHC.GX451GX35/RG440S/RG330/ RG310 and MHC-RG220 (European and Russian models) only) Press ILLUMINATION. Each time you press _he button, the power illuminator changes cyclically as follows: For MHC-GX45/GX35/RG440S/RG330/ RG310 PATTERN PATTERN 2 "-* PATTERN PATTERN 4 -4 PATTERN 5 (FLT) PATTERN OFF (No display) For MHC=RG220 (European and Russian...
  • Page 25 To enhance your system, you can connect oplional componenls. Refer to thc operating instructions provided with each component, machine Optional video game From the audio and video output of the To the video trout of a TV video game machine ¢1 Notes GAME...
  • Page 26 • There is no audio output during timer recording. if the problem persists after doing all of the Sound comes from one channel, above, consult your nearest Sony dealer. unbalanced left and right volume. • Place tile speakers as symmetrically as possible.
  • Page 27 The disc tray does not open and "LOCKED" ISO 9660 level ! or level 2 furmab Joliet or appears. Romeo in the expansion format. • Contact your Sony dealer or local authorized Sony • The MP3 audio track does not have the extension service facility. ".MP3".
  • Page 28 A stereo FM program cannot be received stereo. • Press FM MODE (or STEREO/MONO for MHC- GX25 and MItC-RG220 (except for European One of the following messages may appear or and Russian molls)) until "MONO" disappears. flash in the display during operation. CD/MP3 Tape deck...
  • Page 29 If you have any questions or problems concerning your safety system, please consult your nearest Sony dealer. • The unit is nol disconnected from the AC power Notes on discs source (mains) as long as it is connected to tile wall •...
  • Page 30 Cleaning cabinet Clean the cabinet, panel and controls with a soft cloth slightly moistened with mild detergent solution. DO not use any type of abrasive pad, scouring powder AUDIO POWER SPECIFICATIONS solvent such as thinner, benzene or Mcohoh (MHC-GX45/GX25 USA model only) POWER OUTPUT AND TOTAL HARMONIC save a tape...
  • Page 31 European Russian models: Other models: MHC-RG440S MHC-RG440S Front speaker The following mea,_ured at AC 120, 220, 240 V DIN power outpu_ (ra_ed): 80 80 watts (6 ohms at 50/60 Hz I kHz, DIN) DIN power output (ra*ed): 80 + [gOwalls (6 ohms al Continuous RMS power ouqmt (reference): 1 kHz, DIN)
  • Page 32 4-track 2-channel, stereo 243 mm 13,000 Hz (:k3 dB), Frequency response Mass Approx. 4.3 kg net per using Sony TYPE 1 speaker cassettes Wow and flutter :_(h15% W. Peak (IEC) Sub woofer speaker SS-WG990 for MHC- 0.1% W. RMS (NAB) GX45 :_1h2% W.
  • Page 33 European and Russian models: Front speaker SS-RG440 for MHC-RG220 Front speaker SS-RG440 for MHC-RG440S/ Speaker system 3-way, 3-unit, bass-reflex RG310/RG220 type Speaker system 3-way, 3-unit, bass-reflex Speaker units type Woofer: 13 cm, cone type Speaker units Sub woofer: 13 cm, cone type Woofer: 13 cm, cone lype Tweeler:...
  • Page 34 Dimensions (w/h/d) Approx. 280 × 325 x 407 mm Mass North American models: HCD-GX45: Approx. 9.0 kg HCD-GX35: Approx. 9.0 kg HCD-GX25: Approx. 8.5 kg European mid Russian models: HCD-RG440: Approx. 9.0 kg HCD-RG330: Approx. 9.0 kg HCD-RG310: Approx. 9.0 kg HCD-RG220: Approx.
  • Page 35 Illustration number to use this page Use this page to find the location of buttons and olher TAPE A/B _ (16, par_s of the system that are ment oned n lhe text. Name of button/part Reference page Main unit BUTTON DESCRIPTIONS ALPHABETICAL ORDER I/(_...
  • Page 36 Sub woofer (MHC-GX4S and MHC-RG440S only) I ALPHABETICAL ORDER Indicator SUB WOOFER ON/OFF _ (18) 36G8...
  • Page 37 Remote control for MHC-GX45/GX35/RG440S/RG330/RG310 MHC-RG220 (European and Russian models) ALPHABETICAL ORDER BUTTON DESCRIPTIONS I/(I) (power) _4"J(7, 14, 20, 26, ALBUM I_ (10, 12) ILLUMINATION (24) _l_l/mD-I_ (rewind/Past forward) CD I_} (9, 12, 17) PLAY MODE [_ (10, 12, 16) _] (10, 16) CLEAR Ii_I (!2) PRESET...
  • Page 38 Remote control for MHC-GX25 and MHC-RG220 (except European and Russian models) I ALPHABETICAL ORDER BUTTON DESCRIPTIONS I/_) (power) [_](7, !4, 2(1, 26, CD[l;_(0, 12,n) ON/OFF ]]_ (!8) _,_41/1_,_ (rewind/t;as_ |_rward) CLEAR IfQl (12) PLAY MODE If]J (!0, 12, 16) [_] 00, CLOCK/TIMER SELECT PRESET/_...
  • Page 39 Sony Corporation Printed in China...

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