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Sony Trinitron KV-1460R Operating Instructions Manual

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3-758-850-22 (1)
Trin itron _Color TV
K V-20M 10
KV-20S 11
KV-21RS 10
©1994 by Sony Corporation


Table of Contents

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  • Page 1 SON3t: 3-758-850-22 (1) L_.: Trin itron _Color TV Operating Instructions KV-13M10 KV-MT1300 KV-14R10 KV-1460R K V-20M 10 KV-20SIO KV-20S 11 KV-MT2000 KV-ST2050 KV-21R10 KV-21RS 10 KV-2180R KV-2190R5 ©1994 by Sony Corporation...
  • Page 2 TV. Record these presence of important numbers in the spaces provided below. operating Refer to them whenever you call upon maintenance (servicing) your Sony dealer regarding this product. instructions in the literature accompanying Model No. the appliance. Serial No. Safety precautions •...
  • Page 3 Welcome! Setting Connections Connecting to outdoor antenna Connecting to indoor antenna Connecting to cable TV system Connecting to a VCR Setting up the remote commander Setting cable TV on or off Presetting channels Available Features Functions Setting the language preference Adjusting the picture Displaying...
  • Page 5 Thank you tol put'cla,a_ing the Sony [rinitron Color IV. Before operating the TV, please read this manual thoroughly retain it for future reference. The instructions in this manual are for the models listed on the front cover. Before you start reading, check your model number by looking at the rear of your TV.
  • Page 6 _F Setttng Select one ot the three way_ to connect the TV to the antenna and/or cable system. It is recommended to connect an outdoor antenna or a cable TV system for better picture quality. Connecting to outdoor antenna Connect the antenna cable to the VHF-UHF antenna terminal. If the antenna cable cannot be connected...
  • Page 7 Attaching an F-type connector to the antenna cable F-type connector .J_ 3 mm (1/8 in.) 10 mm r_€_ _\_ '(3181n') _--'_(J _ll_oo (1/4 • Antenna cabl Connecting to indoor antenna • Except for KV-MT2OOOIST2050 Use the supplied dipole antenna and antenna connector. To attach the antenna connector, see "Connecting to outdoor antenna I_1."After...
  • Page 8 Connecting to a VCR To connect the VCR to the TV, first check the model number of the TV and select the appropriate connection diagram below. For details on connection, see the instruction manual of the VCR. Before making the connection, disconnect the AC power cords of equipment being used.
  • Page 9 lnstall two size AA batteries (supplied) as shown. Notes • Match the + and - on the batteries to the diagram inside the battery compartment. • If you do not use the remote commander for an extended period of time, remove the batteries to avoid possible...
  • Page 10 If the TV is conneded to a cable 'IV syMem, then the factory setting CABLE ON is correct. If the TV is not connected, set CABLE to OFF. Note If more than 90 seconds elapse after you press a button, the menu disappears automatically.
  • Page 11 (2) Press !x+ or V-, to select ON or OFF. (3) Press RETURN. • CABLE:OFF RETURN AUTO PROGRAM CH ERASE/ADD CH GUIDE _MENU Exit_ Press MENU to return to the original screen. MENU...
  • Page 12: Press Menu

    TV channels can be preset easily: first stoic all the receivable channels automatically, following the procedure below. Next, erase unwanted channels or add additional channels. Preset channels during the day rather than late at night, when some channels may not be broadcasting. Press MENU.
  • Page 13 Erasing or adding channels Press MENU. Press/_+ or V- to select SET UP and press RETURN. Press Zk+ or _7- to select CH ERASE/ADD and press RETURN. To erase an unwanted channel: (1) Press CH +/- to select the channel you want to erase. (2) Make sure the cursor (I_) is beside ERASE.
  • Page 14 _d'Available Features Note If "VIDEO" apj__c,u a u_t the a¢lccn, l_uca_ 1 V/VIDEO so that a _.hannel number appears. Selecting a channel directly Press the 0-9 buttons to select a channel. Or press ENTER after entering the channel for immediate selection.
  • Page 15: Muting The Sound

    Muting sound Press MUTING. "MUTING" appears on the screen. MUTING To restore the sound, press MUTING again, or press VOL +. Displaying on-screen information Use this feature to check your channels and MTS mode. Press DISPLAY. DISPLAY To cancel the display, press DISPLAY again. Setting Sleep Timer...
  • Page 16 • For models KV.14R10/1460R/21R10/21RS10/2180R/ 2190RS If Spanish is preferred to English, the menu language can be changed. Press MENU. Press A+ or V- to move the cursor (_') to ENGLISH and press RETURN. IVlTS:MA I N i V,OEO _}{( RETURN SETUP ENGL I SH rUse...
  • Page 17 When watching TV programs, tile quality of the picture can be adjusted to suit your taste. Press MENU. Make sure the cursor (1_) is beside VIDEO and press RETURN. v I DEO • P I CTURE lill,li[lllllltlllUlllllll../ ..... I ..... / COLOR II#llllllllll_ ....
  • Page 18 Description of adjustable items Adjustment Item Press ZI+ to Press V- to PICTURE Increase picture contrast Decrease picture contrast for vivid color for soft color Make skin tones become Make skin tones become greenish purplish COLOR Increase color intensity Decrease color intensity BRIGHT Brighten the picture Darken the picture...
  • Page 19 • USA and Canadian models only Some programs are broadcast with Caption Vision. To display Caption Vision, select either CC1, CC2, TEXT1, or TEXT2 from the menu. CC1 or CC2 shows you a caption, that is a printed version of the dialog or sound effects of a program.
  • Page 20 [] For models KV-20S 10120S 11/ST2050121RS 1012190RS The Multichannel TV Sound (MTS) feature allows you to enjoy stereo sound (MAIN) or Second Audio Programs (SAP) at your choice. The initial setting is stereo sound (MAIN). Press MENU. Make sure the cursor (I_) is beside MTS and press RETURN. [v00 1 •...
  • Page 21 Up to 12 channels can be assigned to a specific channel number. This feature allows the easy selection of your favorite channels using the on-screen menu. For example, channel number button 2 can be assigned to channel 124. Assigning a channel number button to a favorite...
  • Page 22 Using customized channel number buttons Press CH GUIDE. The CHANNEL GUIDE menu appears showing channel number buttons and the corresponding channels. Press a channel number button, DISPLAY or ENTER on the commander to select the channel you want. To cancel the CHANNEL GUIDE menu Press CH GUIDE while the CHANNEL GUIDE menu is displayed.
  • Page 23 Information After trying the remedies below a_ld the ELoblem is not corrected, contact your nearest Sony dealer. Problem Adjustment Poor or no picture • Adjust-PICTURE in the VIDEO menu. (screen lit), good • Adjust BRIGHT in the VIDEO menu. sound •...
  • Page 24 KV-2190RS: Remote commander I video, 1 audio (KV-20M10/21R10 only) Speaker output RM-Y123 (1), Dipole antenna (1), Antenna connector (1) Power consumption 97 W when in use Design and specifications are subject to change without notice. Sony Corporation Printed in U.S.A.