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RCA 47LA55RS User Manual

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No. ES-J100255



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  • Page 1 Model Number° Changing Entertainment. Again. Part No. ES-J100255...
  • Page 2 FCC Statement NOTE: The manufacturer is not responsible for any radio or TV interference caused by unauthorized modifications to this equipment. Such modifications could void the user's authority. NOTE: This equipment has been tested and found to comply with the limits for a class B digital Device, pursuant to part 15 of the FCC Rules.
  • Page 3: Safeguards

    Safeguards The lightning flash with arrowhead symbol, within an equilateral triangle, is intended to CAUTION alert the user to the presence of un-insulated "dangerous voltage" within the product's enclosure that may be of sufficient magnitude to constitute a risk of electric to persons. TO REDUCE THE RISK OF AN ELECTRIC The exclamation point within...
  • Page 4 Safeguards Refer all servicing to qualified service personnel. Servicing is required when the apparatus has been damaged in any way, such as when the power-supply cord or plug is damaged, when liquid has been spilled or when objects have fallen into the apparatus, or when the apparatus has been exposed to rain or moisture, does not operate normally, or has been dropped.
  • Page 5 Safeguards 20. OVERLOADING: Do not overload wall outlets and extension cords as this can result in a risk of fire or electric shock. 21. OUTDOOR USE: Do not install this TV outdoor. If the TV is exposed to rain, it may result in a fire or an electric shock.
  • Page 6: Safety Strap

    Safety Strap To secure TV to stand or Wall, use hardware listed below (Not Supplied) Attach the wall anchor on the stand. Tie the ropes or chains with TV pedestal screws. Ropes or chains should be secure tightly. Fasten the anchor bolts into top wall-mount holes. Attach the wall anchors on the wall strong enough to support the weight of the TV.
  • Page 7: Table Of Contents

    Table of Contents 1.Important to user ..................2.Important safety precautions ..............Safeguards ..................Safety Strap ..................3.Table of Contents ..................4.Setting Up ....................Installing the Stand ..............Wall mount specifications ..............Wall mount ..................TV Front ................... TV Rear .................... Connect to other devices ..............
  • Page 8: Setting Up

    Installing the Stand/Wall mount specifications Installing the Stand oooo@ 42LA55RS!47LA55RS 55LA55RS 1. Lay a cloth or another soft material on a flat surface to avoid damage to the LCD screen. 2. Put the TV back upward and the LCD screen downward and keep it flat on the table-board. 3.
  • Page 9: Wall Mount

    Wall mount Wall-mounting Bracket Instai|ation 42LA55RS 47LA55RS 55LA55RS Unit Dimension(Unit:mm) 400 × 200 400 × 400 400 x 400 Screw Diameter Screw Length(Unit:mm) NOTE: Wall mount bracket is not included with TV and mounting of wail mount bracket to wall may vary depending on brand and size of bracket.
  • Page 10 Wall mount When Installing the "iV Against a Wail or Enclosed Area Make sure that your TV has adequate air circulation. Allow enough space around the TV as shown below. Avoid operating the TV at temperatures below Inadequate air 45 ° F (5°C) Instand with stand 12 inches 4 inches...
  • Page 11: Tv Front

    TV Front TVFront Modelnumber 42LA55RS 47LA55RS MENU ©- INPUT ©-- VOL _& VOL V OH A OH _' ® Modetnumber 55LA55RS MENU INPUT vo _, VOL _" CH A CH '_ ¢ Component Component Description Blue light indicates standby mode. Flashing led shows the POWER Indicator unit is powering on.
  • Page 12: Tv Rear

    TV Rear TVRear COMP2 ..@, (÷) S-VIDEO R _,_VIDEO R -- _AUDIO OUT _ Note: The appearance of 42LA55RS, 47LA55RS and 55LA55RS are similar, the picture above is for reference only.
  • Page 13: Connect To Other Devices

    - Connect a Video RCA cable to an appropriate external A/V device such as a VCR, DVD or Camcorder. - Connect RCA audio cables to "R -AUDIO - L" on your set and the other ends to corresponding audio out connectors on the AN device.
  • Page 14 Connect to other devices 3. Connecting Component Devices (DVD, DVR (digital video recorder), Blu-Ray) Component video(Y, Pb, Pr)transmits video as separate Y, Pb, Pr signals. Use this connection for high-definition video signals from a DVD or other equipment. - Connect Component video and audio cables to Component inputs ("PR/CR", "PB/CB", "Y") of your set and the other ends to corresponding component video out connectors on the PVR or DVD.
  • Page 15 Connect to other devices 5. Connect to PC - Connect the D- Sub cable to "VGA" on the side of your set and the other end to the Video Card of your computer. - Connect the stereo audio cable to "PC AUDIO "on the side of your set and the other end to "Audio Out"...
  • Page 16: Using The Remote Control

    Installing batteries installing the remote control batteries 1. Open the battery cover on the back of the remote control. 2. Install two AAA size(1.5V) batteries. Match the "+" and "-" signs on the batteries to the signs on the battery compartment. 3.
  • Page 17: Learning About The Remote Control Panel

    Learning about the remote control panel Remote Control Panel Buttons instructions (1) Power On/Off. (2) Power indicator. INPUT: Switch among TV, Video, Component, HDMI and VGA. (4) 0-9 Numbers: For direct channel access. (5) Last: Return to previous channel. (6) -- : Select digital channels. (7) PICTURE: Picture Mode selecting.
  • Page 18: Quick Starts

    Quick starts Basic Operation Connecting power cord to the TV 1. Connect the power cord to the connector on the back of the TV, if the power cord in accessories. Note:When connecting the power cord to the connector of the TV, make sure the power cord is fully inserted in the place.
  • Page 19 Quick starts Use [EXIT] button Press the [EXIT] button to exit the OSD menu. Select channels by numbers To select a channel: Press the channel number you would like to go to. For example, to select channel number 120, press buttons 1,2 and 0, respectively and then press [ENTER] to confirm. Use [MENU] button Press the [MENU] button to display the TV OSD menu.
  • Page 20: Changing The Tv Settings

    Using the TV Menu Press [MENU] button to display the main menu. Press [A/T] button to select TV item. Press [ _/ENTER] button to enter TV menu. Press [,_,/_r] button to select the option, press [m,-/ENTER] button to enter or press [4/_] button to adjust the option.
  • Page 21: Using The Video Menu

    Using the Video Menu Press [MENU_ button to display the main menu. Press [A/T] button to select Video item. Press [ I_/ENTER_ button to enter Video menu. Press [A/V] button to select the option, [I_/ENTER_ button to enter or press [4/1_-] press button to adjust the option.
  • Page 22 You may need to switch settings pending the contents your viewing. RCA using MFC's unique motion compensation technology, which eliminates the tail and jitter of dynamic images effectively, and makes the image edge clearer. It reduce the dynamic screen blur which is difficult to be perceived by human eyes. Even playing rolling subtitles, the font edge is also clear.
  • Page 23: Using The Audio Menu

    Using the Audio Menu 1 Press [MENU] button to display the main menu. Press [A/T] button to select Audio item. Press [ _/ENTER] button to enter Audio menu. Press CA/T] button to select the option, press [_/ENTER] button to enter or press [4/!_] button to adjust the option.
  • Page 24: Using The Setup Menu

    Using the Setup Menu 1 Press [MENU] button to display the main menu. Press [A/T] button to select Setup item. Press [ _/ENTER] button to enter Setup menu. Press [A/T] button to select the option, press [_/ENTER] button to enter or press [4/1_] button to adjust the option.
  • Page 25 Using Setup Menu Cinema Stretches the 4:3 aspect ratio image vertically and horizontally to fill the screen at 1:2.35 aspect ratio. Dot to dot Use the function to see the full image without cutoff, when HDMI (720p/1080i/1080p), Component (1080i/1080p), DTV (1080i), VGA, AV(480i/576i) or S-Video(480i/576i)
  • Page 26 Using the Setup Menu • Caption: There are three items in it - Analog Closed Caption, Digital Closed Caption and Digital Caption Style. This is a function about caption, display caption by anolog signal and display caption by digital signal. Analog Closed Caption: CCl, CC2,...
  • Page 27: Using The Parental Menu

    Using the Parental Menu 1 Press [MENU] button to display the main menu. Press [A/T] button to select Parental item. Press [ I_/ENTER] button to enter Parental menu. Press [A/T] button to select the option, press [I_/ENTER] button to enter or press [4/1_] button to adjust the option.
  • Page 28 Using the Parental Menu Following is the description of these ratings. Defined TV-Y All children TV-Y7 Directed to older children TV-G General audience TV-PG Parental Guidance suggested TV-14 Parents Strongly cautioned TV-MA Mature Audience only Contents Defined Fantasy Violence Suggestive dialogue Strong language...
  • Page 29 Using the Parental Menu About Canada (French) Rating Description General 8 ans+ 8+General; Not recommended for young children Programming may not be suitable for children under 13 ans+ the age of 13 16 ans+ Programming is not be suitable for children under the age of 16 18 ans+ Programming restricted to adults...
  • Page 30: Appendix

    Trouble shooting Before calling a service technician, please check the following table for a possible cause of the problem and some solutions. Customer important notice: If the TV can not be operated, please unplug the power and restart. Symptoms Possible Solutions , Make sure the power cord is plugged in, then press Power (Standby).
  • Page 31: Specifications

    Specifications Model 42LA55RS 47LA55RS 55LA55RS Screen Diagonal Size 42 inches 47 inches 55 inches Screen Resolution 1920X1080 Pixels 1920X1080 Pixels 1920X1080 Pixels Power Consumption 205W 250W 350W Wall-mount screws pattern M6X12mm (4 pcs) M6X12mm (4 pcs) M8X12mm (6 pcs) Wall-mount dimension(VESA) 400mm X 200mm...
  • Page 32 Interface are trademarks or registered trademarks of HDMI Licensing LLC. ON Corp US, Inc. 4370 La Jolla Village Drive, Suite 400 San Diego, CA 92122 @2010 ON Corporation RCA is a trademark of RCA Trademark Management used under license to ON Corporation.

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