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  • Page 1 Always there to help you Register your product and get support at www.philips.com/welcome AZ787 Question? Contact Philips User Manual...
  • Page 2: Table Of Contents

    Contents 8 Product information Specifications Supported MP3 disc formats 1 Important USB playability information Risk of swallowing batteries Maintenance 2 Your CD Soundmachine 9 Troubleshooting Introduction What's in the box 10 Notice Overview of the main unit Overview of the remote control 3 Get started Prepare the remote control Connect power...
  • Page 3: Important

    1 Important • Do not place any sources of danger on the unit (e.g. liquid filled objects, lighted candles). • Where the MAINS plug or an appliance • Read these instructions. coupler is used as the disconnect device, • Follow all instructions. the disconnect device shall remain readily •...
  • Page 4: Risk Of Swallowing Batteries

    2 Your CD Risk of swallowing batteries Soundmachine • The product or remote control may contain a button cell battery, which is possible to be swallowed. Keep the battery out of reach of children at all times! If swallowed, the battery can cause serious Introduction injury or death.
  • Page 5: Overview Of The Main Unit

    Overview of the main unit a FM antenna i MODE • Improve FM reception. • Select a play mode: repeat or shuffle. j SOURCE • Headphone socket. • Select a source. c AUDIO-IN • Connect an external audio device. • USB socket. l DBB • Turn the unit on/off.
  • Page 6: Overview Of The Remote Control

    • Stop tape play or open the tape door. • Search within a track. • e PROG Pause tape play. • Program radio stations. r OPEN•CLOSE • Program tracks. • Open or close the disc compartment. f REPEAT • Select repeat play mode. Overview of the remote g SHUFFLE • Select shuffle play mode.
  • Page 7: Get Started

    Always follow the instructions in this chapter in sequence. Connect the AC power cord to: If you contact Philips, you will be asked for the the AC~ MAINS socket on the unit. • model and serial number of your apparatus. The •...
  • Page 8: Turn On

    4 Play Close the battery compartment. Play CD Press CD to select the disc source. Press OPEN•CLOSE to open the disc tray. Insert a disc with the printed side facing up, then close the disc tray. » Play starts automatically. Turn on Press .
  • Page 9: Play From An External Device

    Play tape Note • When you play a tape, the sound source cannot be changed. Press SOURCE to select the tape source. Press to open the tape door. Load a tape with the open side upward. Press to start play. • To pause or resume play, press .
  • Page 10: Play Options

    5 Play options Program tracks In CD or USB mode, you can program a maximum of 20 tracks. Press to stop playback. Control play Press PROG to activate the program mode. In CD or USB mode, you can control play »...
  • Page 11: Listen To Fm Radio

    6 Listen to FM Store radio stations manually radio Note • You can program a maximum of 30 FM radio stations. Tune to FM radio stations Tune to an FM radio station. Note Press PROG to activate the storing mode. »...
  • Page 12: Other Features

    7 Other features 8 Product information Set the sleep timer Note • Product information is subject to change without prior This unit can switch to standby automatically notice. after a preset period. When the unit is turned on, press SLEEP •...
  • Page 13: Supported Mp3 Disc Formats

    Supported formats: Tape deck • USB or memory file format FAT12, FAT16, Frequency response 125 - 8000 Hz FAT32 (sector size: 512 bytes) - Normal tape (type I) (8 dB) • MP3 bit rate (data rate): 32-320 Kbps and Signal-to-noise ratio variable bit rate - Normal tape (type I) 35 dBA • WMA v9 or earlier • Directory nesting up to a maximum of 8 Wow and flutter ≤ 0.4% DIN levels...
  • Page 14: Troubleshooting

    • After prolonged use, dirt or dust may accumulate at the disc lens. To ensure good play quality, clean the disc lens with Philips To keep the warranty valid, never try to repair CD lens cleaner or any commercially the system yourself.
  • Page 15: Notice

    Wait until the moisture condensation at Any changes or modifications made to this the lens has cleared. device that are not expressly approved by • Replace or clean the disc. Philips Consumer Lifestyle may void the user’s • Use a finalized CD or correct format disc. authority to operate the equipment. Poor radio reception •...
  • Page 16 because correct disposal helps to prevent negative consequences for the environmental and human health. Windows Media and the Windows logo Environmental information are trademarks, or registered trademarks of All unnecessary packaging has been omitted. Microsoft Corporation in the United States We have tried to make the packaging easy to and/or other countries.
  • Page 17 Specifications are subject to change without notice © 2012 Koninklijke Philips Electronics N.V. All rights reserved. AZ787_12_UM_V1.1...

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