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Automatic Ice Maker - Freezer - Electrolux EI23BC35KS4 Use And Care Manual

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Table of Contents
Automatic ice Maker-
Ice maker
& care
After the refrigerator is installed properly, the ice maker
can produce ice within 24 hours. It can completely fill an
ice bin in about three (3) days.
When using the ice maker for the first time and in order
for the ice maker to work properly, it is necessary to
clear air from water filter tubing. Once ice maker begins
making ice, allow the bucket to fill completely, then
discard the first TWO (2) FULL buckets of ice. It will
take at least two (2) days to completely fill the bucket on
regular ice making mode or 1 1/2days on fast ice mode.
The ice maker produces approximately four (4) pounds of
ice every 24 hours depending on usage conditions.
the ice maker on and off
The following sounds are normal when the ice
maker is operating:
- Motor running
- Ice dropping into ice bin
- Water valve opening or closing
- Running water
Ice cubes stored too long may develop an odd
flavor. Empty the ice bin as explained below.
Fast Ice Function
Your refrigerator is equipped with a "Smart" Fast Ice
Function, that will, if activated at your user interface,
allow an increase in ice production. You do not need to
deactivate it, if not needed, your refrigerator will operate
on normal conditions.
Ice production is controlled by lifting/lowering the ice
Cleanina the ice maker
maker's wire signal arm. To gain access to the ice
maker, pull the freezer drawer out. Lift the wire signal
Clean the ice maker and ice bin at regular intervals,
arm to turn !he ice maker OFF and lower the wire signal
especially prior to vacation or moving.
arm to turn _tON.
1 Turn off the ice maker.
Removethe ice bin.
Empty and carefu y c ean the ce b n w th m d
detergent. Do not use harsh or abrasive cleaners.
Rinse with clean water.
4 Allow the ice bin to dry completely before replacing
in the freezer.
Replace the ice bin. Turn the ice maker on.
Remove and empty the ice bin if:
An extended power failure (one hour or Ionge0
causes ice cubes in the ice bin to melt and freeze
Remove the ice bin and shake to loosen the cubes or
clean as explained above.
Ic t maker tips
If your refrigerator is not connected to a water
supply or the water supply is turned off, turn off the
ce maker by ft ng w re s gna arm.
up the i_. This _
the ice bin.
_e ice bin, _a_
su_ it is _pl_y

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Table of Contents

Table of Contents