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Solutions To Common Problems - Electrolux EI23BC35KS4 Use And Care Manual

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Table of Contents
Solutions to Common Problems
Before you ca[[...
If you experience a problem with your refrigerator or notice a product behavior or condition that you do not understand, you can
usually avoid a call to your service representative by referring to this section for an answer. Beginning with the following table, this
information includes common concerns, causes, and suggested solutions.
Ice maker is
not making
enough ice.
Potential Cause
Common Solution
• Ice maker is producing less ice than
you expect.
The water filtermay be clogged with
The water supply line is kinked.
,, The fresh food and freezer ice makers will each produce
approximately 2.5 pounds of ice every 24 hours depending
on usage conditions.
If water dispenses slower than normal, or if the filter is six (6)
months old or older, it should be replaced.
Ensure that the supply line does not kink when the refrigera-
tor is pushed into place against the wall.
,, Saddle valve on cold water pipe is clogged
,, Turn off household water line valve. Remove valve. Ensure
or restricted by foreign material,
that valve is not a self-piercing saddle valve. Clean valve.
Replace valve if necessary.
Heavy traffic, opening or closing of the
• Press Fast Freeze to temporarily increase ice
doors excessively,
production rate.
Ice cubes are
,, Ice cubes are not being used frequently
,, Remove ice container and discard ice. The ice maker will
freezing together,
enough or interruption of power for pro-
produce fresh supply. Ice should be used at least twice
longed time.
weekly to keep the cubes separated.
• Ice cubes are hollow (shells of ice with water
• This generally occurs when the ice maker does not get
inside). The hollow cubes break open in the
enough water. This is usually the result of a clogged water
bin and leak their water onto existing ice,
filter. Replace the water filter, and, if the condition still occurs,
which causes it to freeze together,
check for a Saddle Valve, water valve not turned on all the
way, or kinked water supply line.
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Table of Contents

Table of Contents