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Ice Service - Kenmore 25370889404 Use & Care Manual

Top mount refrigerator
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ice Service
if your refrigerator has an automatic ice maker, it wiii provide a sufficient
suppiy ol ice for normal use. During the initiai startup of your refrigerator.
however, no ice wiii be produced during the firs1 24 hours ol operation.
Automatic ice makers are aiso optionai accessories that may be installed in
most modeis at any time. Cali your iocai dealer for information.
The ice maker produces 2 to 5 pounds of ice every 24 hours depending on
usage conditions, ice is produced at a rate of 8 cubes every 80 to 160 minutes.
After the piumbing connections have been compieted, the water suppiy vaive
must be opened. Piace the ice contauner under the ice maker, pushing t as
far back as possibie. Lower the wire signai arm to its "down" or ON position.
New piumbing connections may cause the first production of ice cubes to be
discolored or have an odd flavor. These first cubes shouid be discarded until
the cubes produced are free of discoloration and taste.
To stop the ice maker, Hiltthe wire signai arm untii it chicks and Hocksin the
"up" or OFF position. The ice maker aiso turns off automaticaliy when the ice
container is fuli. if your modei has an adjustabie freezer sheif, piace the sheif
in the iower position,
so that the wire signaH arm wiHH hit the ice when the
container is full.
Signal Arm
ice Maker
your ice maker, hook up water supply immediately or turn ice maker OFF by lifting the wire signal arm until it clicks
and !ocks in the UP pos!tion.
from a rnaffunCtiening softener can damage the ice maker, ff the ice maker iS Connected
soft water, ensuce that the softener
is maintained and wocking properly,
ice cubes stored too iong may develop an odd flavor. Empty the ice container and ensure that the wire signai arm is
in its "down" or ON position. The ice maker wili then produce more ice.
Occasionaliy shake the ice container to keep ice separated.
Keep the wire signai arm in its "up" or OFF position untii the refrigerator is connected to the water suppiy, aiso OFF
whenever the water suppiy is turned off.
The following sounds are normai when the ice maker is operating:
ice ioosening from tray
into ice container
Running water
Water valve opening or closing
Do Notplace theiceContainer inyourdiehwasherl
Wash the ice container in warm water with mild detergent, Rinse well and dry,
Stop the ice maker when cleaning the freezer and during vacations,
if the ice maker will be turned off for a long period of time, turn the water supply valve to the closed position,