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Kenmore 141.16734 Operator's Manual

Serving cart


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Call us first if you have any problem with this
product. We can help you with questions
about assembly and operation or if there are
damaged or missing partswhen you unpack
this unit from the shipping box. Please call
before returning to the store.
CST, Monday throu.qh Friday
Leave this manual with the consumer.
Keep this manual for future reference.
(see silver label on main bodyof Serving Cart)
Manual # P80158006H-



Summary of Contents for Kenmore 141.16734

  • Page 1 OPERATOR'S MANUAL SERVING CART MODEL 141.16734 • NOTE TO ASSEMBLER/INSTALLER: Leave this manual with the consumer. Call us first if you have any problem with this product. We can help you with questions • NOTETOCONSUMER: about assembly and operation or if there are Keep this manual for future reference.
  • Page 2 Full Warranty ..........One-Year Full Warranty on Kenmore Serving Cart Part Diagrams Lists this Serving Cart fails due to a defect in material Assembly Instructions ........ or workmanship within one year from the date of Cleaning Instructions ........
  • Page 3: Part Description

    PURPOSES OF PART PART # PART DESCRIPTION Hardware Pack P06022003A For use in assembly Attaches Caster to Cart Bottom Shelf S122G04081 Phillips Head Screw 1/4"xl/2" Attaches Rear and Left/Right Side Panels to Cart S122G04061 Phillips Head Screw 1/4"x3/8" Bottom Shelf S122G04061 Phillips Head Screw 1/4"x3/8"...
  • Page 5 PART DESCRIPTION PART # P00t4901EA Lid Axle P05546001W Protective Pad for Cart Handle P055180101 Protective Pad for Lid P055180021 5..Cart Panel Upper, Rear P0072560FC ......6......Cart Pane! Upper_ Fr°n! ..............................P0073858FC ............ 1 ......Cart Panel Upper, Left..P0072056FC Cart Panel Upper, Right P0072156FC...
  • Page 6: Tools Required For Assembly

    Before attempting to assemble Side Shelf with Bracket, Drain Basket Kit and Cart Handle with Brackets to your Seving Cart check that all the necessary parts and hardware has been included and inspect parts for damage as you proceed. Contact the Customer Support Help Line regarding replacement of any missing or damaged parts. Tools Required for Assembly included in Hardware...
  • Page 7 Bracket, Cart Reinforcing Install Frame Hinge Brackets Door Bracket. Attach Frame Bracket to front Cart Panel Reinforcing Bracket Frame Bracket rear. 4 Phillips Head Screw tighten securely. [] Attach the Door Hinge Bracket to top Right Cart Panel. Using 2 Phillips Head Screw and tighten...
  • Page 8 Install Drain Basket Plug Remove pre-assembled M6x35mm Screw from Drain Basket Unit. M6X35mm insert the end of the Drain Pipe to the end ÷ Strainer Adaptor under tighten Drain Pipe. install adaptor to the strainer shown. Replace M6x35mm Screw tighten securely.
  • Page 9 Install the Condiment Rack Slide Condiment Rack onto fixed Philips Head Screw as shown on front Upper Cart Panel. Install Bottom Door Hinge [] Attach the Door Hinge to the bottom Right Cart Panel. Use 2 Countersink Flat Head Screws tighten securely.
  • Page 10 Manual de Operacion CARRETA PARA SERVIR Modelo 141.16734 NOTAAL ENSAM BLADO R/INSTALADOR: Llamenos pd mero si tiene cualquier problema Deje este manual con el consumidor. con el producto. Nostros podemos ayudarle con sus preg untas del ensamblaje yoperacion, NOTAAL CONSUMIDOR: o si hay dai_os o partes que faltan cuando Guarde este manual para futuras consultas.
  • Page 11 Garantia completa ........Garantia completa por un aho en la carreta para servir de Kenmore. Diagrama partes listas ....3-5 lnstrucciones para el ensamblaje ..... 6-9 Si la carreta para servir falla debido a un defecto tnstrucciones limpieza ......en material or mano de obra dentro de un a_o de la fecha de compra, Ilame al 1-800-4-MY-HOME ®...
  • Page 12 DESCRIPClON DE LAS PARTES USO DE LAS PARTES PARTE P06022003A Paquete de ferreteria Para usarse en el ensamblaje S122G04081 Tornillo de cabeza Phillips 1/4"xl/2" Fija las ruedas a la repisa inferior de la carreta Fija el panel inferior de la carreta y el panel lateral S122G04061 Tornillo de cabeza Phillips 1/4"x3/8"...
  • Page 14 Cbdigo Descripcibn # De parte Unidades Tapa P0014901EA Eje de la tapa P05546001W Material protector P055180101 Material protector P055180021 Panel de la carreta, superior, posterior P0072560FC Panel de la carreta, superior, frontal P0073858FC Panel de la carreta, superior, izquierdo P0072056FC Panel de la carreta, superior, derecho...
  • Page 15 Antes deintentar instalar larepisa l ateral alsoporte, eljuego delacanasta defiltracion ylamanija a lacarreta p ara servir, asegOrese a medida q uevaprogresando quetodas laspartes y paquete deferreteria esten completos, yquenoexistan dafios enninguna d elaspartes. Si haypartes q uefaltan o seencuentran dafiadas p ongase encontacto c onnuestro Centro d eServicio a lCliente.
  • Page 16 soporte soporte Instale armaz6n y el bisagra puerta Fije el soporte del armaz6n al panel de frontal carreta. Tornillos cabeza Phillips apretelos seguridad. Fije el soporte bisagra la puerta parte superior panel derecho carreta. Usando 2 Tornillos cabeza Phillips apretelos seguridad.
  • Page 17 Instale el juego de la canasta Enchufe de filtracion M6X35mm Remueva tornillo M6x35mm vine ÷ ensamblado unidad canasta FiItrador filtracion. Inserte el final del tube de desagQe al final adaptador debajo recept&culo hielo aprete el tube desagQe. Instale el adaptador a la canasta de filtraci6n y al...
  • Page 18 Instale receptaculo para depositar tapas de las botellas Deslice la canasta para condimentos sobre el tornillo fijo Phillips como se muestra en la parte frente de arriba del panel de la carreta. bisagra puerta Instale inferior Fije bisagra inferior la puerta panel de abajo derecho...
  • Page 19 Your Home For repair-in your home-or a_] major brand appliances lawn and garden equipmen_ or heating and c®ling systems, no matter who made it_ no ma_e_ who sold itt Fo_ the replacement parts, accessories owners manuals _:hat you need to do-it-yourse_f For Sears professional installation d home appliances...