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To Select Index Page; Searching For A Channel While Watching Tv; To Select Double Height Text; To Reveal "Concealed" Information - JVC AV21BT7ENS Instructions Manual

Colour television
Hide thumbs


• Press"PA" button to movethe Teletext screenforward
onepage ata time.
• Press "Pv" buttonto move theTeletext screenbackward
onepage ata time.
I--I I--I I--I I--I
To Select Index Page
• To select the page number of the index (generally page
100), press "_"
for a Channel while watching
• In the Teletext mode pressing "{_)" button will switch the
screen to the TV mode. In the TV mode enter a page num-
ber using digit keys. As you enter last digit of page number,
"@" sign will replace the page number and flash until the
entered page number is found. Then the page number will
replace "@" sign again. Now you can display this teletext
page pressing "(_" button.
To Select Double Height Text
• Press "[_" button for the top half of the information page to
be displayed in double height text.
• Press "{_)" button again for the bottom half of the informa-
tion page to be displayed in double height text.
• Press "{_)" button once more for the full page of normal
height text.
To Reveal "concealed"
• Pressing "[_" button once will reveal answers on a quiz or
games page.
• Pressing "{_"
button again will conceal the revealed an-
To Stop Automatic
Page Change
The teletext page you have selected may contain more infor-
mation than what is on the screen; the rest of the information
will be displayed after a period of time.
• Press "(_" button to stop the automatic page change.
• Press "1_)" button again to allow the next page to be dis-
To Select a Subcode Page
Subcode pages are subsections of long Teletext pages that
can only be displayed on the screen one section at a time.
• Select the required Teletext page.
• Press "[_)" button.
• Select the required subcode page number by pressing four
digit buttons (e.g. 0001).
• If the selected subcode page is not displayed in a short
time, press "(_" button. TV programme will be displayed on
the screen.
• Teletext page number will be displayed on the upper left cor-
ner of the screen when the selected page is found.
• Press "[_" button to display the selected Teletext page.
To exit Teletext
• Press "@" button or "STANDARD"
button. The screen will
switch to TV mode.
Fastext and Toptext
Teletext mode will be selected according to transmission au-
Your CTV supports the 8 page Teletext system. When the
page number of any of the 8 pages in memory is entered, the
system will not search for the requested page; instead it will
display the page automatically.
• Press "PA"
to move the Teletext screen forward
one page at a time.
• Press "P v"
button to move the Teletext screen backward
one page at a time.
For Fastext
and Toptext
The subject-heading for the information may have a particular
colour or can be in a form located in a coloured box.
• Press an appropriate RED, GREEN, YELLOW or BLUE but-
ton in order to reach the relevant page quickly.
If Toptext transmission
is present, colour coded buttons will
appear in status row.
If Toptext transmission
is not present, status row will not ap-
In Toptext mode the "P A" or "P v"
commands will request
the next or previous page respectively. If Toptext transmission
is not available, in case of operation of these commands,
wraparound occurs. For example page 100 appears to be one
greater than page 199.
- 10-



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