JVC AV-27D500 User Manual
JVC AV-27D500 User Manual

JVC AV-27D500 User Manual

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Color Television
/I/ustration of AV-27DSO0 and RM_-,343
Feb.1999 No.51514


Table of Contents

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Summary of Contents for JVC AV-27D500

  • Page 1 OPERATING INSTRUCTIONS ForModels: ® AV-32D500 AV-32D200 AV-27D500 Color Television AV-27D200 User'sGuide /I/ustration of AV-27DSO0 and RM_-,343 Feb.1999 No.51514...
  • Page 2: Important Safety Precautions

    Changes or modificaifons not approved by JVC 18 Upon completion Of any seP*tcec#repaL*sto Fr=s1V set, 4 DOnot aliowanything to rest on or rollover t_e power -- DO nottrytoroll a eattwithsmalfcastersacrossthresh- could voidthewotranly Please as_ the servfoetechnicianto pectonnthe safety chod<...
  • Page 3 JVC devlce which you want to (=ollneCL If you do Language TV/Video ....... AutoTunerSetup not have one, but you do have a JVC Compu Link 100+......Set C,_ck ....VCR Buttons ..... capable VCR o{ HiR, contact your locei JVC deaJe_ Finish Muting......
  • Page 4: Cable & Vcr Connections

    CONNECTIONS CONNECTIONS CABLE & VCR CONNECTIONS CONTINUED CABLE & VCR CONNECTIONS 1) Connect Cable RF wire out from w_dl.in to splitter RF input, 2) Cc_nect RF Gutfrom splitmr RF _tl_Jt, m to cable box RF input. 3) Connect RF wire c_ from cable box RF output,/n to VCR RF input. 4) Connect RF wire out born Sl_ttte_ RF output, in to TV VHFtJHF input+ 5) Connect yellow video citableo_ born VCR Video output,/n to 33/Video input iack.
  • Page 5: Connecting To A Camcorder

    RX-884V, RX- 1024V, and later _tver models. "** Please consult the user's manual for your JVC DVD Player on how to connect a JVC DVD Player using AV Compu Link EX 1) 'v%_ite audio cable out from TV Left Audio output jack, in to Amplifier [Left] input.
  • Page 6: Remote Controls

    GETTING STARTED GETTING STARTED REMOTE CONTROLS POWER O Make sure that the TV/CA_/sw_h is set to TM Switoh to CAW _Jy to operate a cable box. £3 press the Powm button cn _e remote contrc_or the TV front penel. The On T, ner letup wili glew rod. O The first time you turn on the _ the "Rug In Menu"...
  • Page 7 GETTING STARTED GETTING STARTED VCR SETUP SETrlNG THE CATV & VCR CODES The remote is pre-programmed with the VCR codes for power on and power off, pla_,,stop, fast-forward, re.rid, and chenne/ up and down. 1) Determine the correct code from the "VCRCodes" chart (below). 2) Slide the 2-Way Mode Selector Switch to TV.
  • Page 8 PLUG MENU ONSCREEN MENUS THE 81fMBOLS USED IN THIS GUIDE AUTO TUNER SETUP PLUG IN MENU &_f V'.rflSnEN_" yOU _e Up and down arrows _sth_ During Auto TunerSetup, the TV will book, press the M_'_U UP or MENU DCWN buttofl to: automatically scan _rough all available ca/Iv when you first turn on the 73/after •...
  • Page 9 &• To CH/C_NELSUMMARY you set here in the Plug In Menu via the • • To operate regular JVC Menu system. Note: Noise MutJng will not work while you are in the Channel S_mmary menu. • • TO setthehour(AM/PM) •...
  • Page 10 INITIAL SETUP INITIAL SETUP U.S. PARENTAL RATING SYSTEMS To set up Movie Ratlng_s... ¥.CHIP DWecUorLsto Block Viewing: Programs with the following Ratings Une up the cumor in the column (_/ Your7Y is equipped with V-Chip are appropriote for Children. PG, TV G. efo.) with the content row Press the MENUbutton &...
  • Page 11 INITIAL SETUP INITIAL SETUP 0 R Re.rioted. signal will be in the "Unratad Nota: Accessing V-Chip Informa#on: These films contain material that is Programming" category. For Childrens programming you can To access Rating information about a explicit in nature and is not block TV-y and Y programs by Examples of Unrated programs: certain program, pre_s the V-CHI_ button...
  • Page 12: Set Video Status

    SOUND ADJUST PICTURE ADJUST TINT NOISE MUll3NO MTS (Mul_.hannel BASS Inserts a blue screen and aliminates Adjust the levels of red and green. r_ise from channels that are not Tne Bass _ve/ adjus_n_t fea_He Television Sound) allows you to raisa or lowsr P_e leval of broadcasting o[ are too weak.
  • Page 13 CLOCK/TIMERS INITIAL SETUP ON/OFF TIMER Note: A Timer Preview window TV SPEAKER COMPONENT.IN YOU tell the TV to turn on and off (D-500 series only) will appear in the You can listen to the TV speakers, or Get the best quality video from your Use it as an alarm to wake up, as a PiP.
  • Page 14: Onscreen Menus

    0(zero) changes the display mode: Note: This remote is preset with the 7(seven) code 000 to control a JVC VCR. For any other brand, you mult set up the If you select time or channel, the time manufacturer's code (page 12.) or channel (or video input) will remain on the screen.
  • Page 15: Troubleshooting

    BUTTON FUNC TIONS TROUBLESHOOTING ON/tiOV£ (Picture in Pinture) FREEZE PIP allowsyou to wewtwopictures Youcan freeze the picture in _e main No power • See if the power cord became unplugged, simuitanecus/y screen into the PIP windo_ • Perhaps you have experienced a blown cimuit breaker or fuse or a power outage No pictureor sound •...
  • Page 16: Specifications

    _f the _de arr_y _f JVC pmducts_ m is key t_ maintajning the h_ _eve/_f pe_rmance _ _J_ Jacks is word famous¸ The JVC semite and engineering orga_zation stands behind ow products, NATIONAL HEADQUARTERS AVCompe UnkE_ JVC _ICE & ENGINEERING COMPANY OF AMERICA 3.5 mm mini jack x 1...

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Table of Contents