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Caring For The Dishwasher - GE GHD4309N10WW Owner's Manual

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Caring for the dishwasher.
Cleaning the Door Panel
Before cleaning the front panel, make sure
Uou know what tupe of panel Uou have.
Refer to the last two letters of uour model
number. You can locate uour model
number on the left-hand tub wall just
inside the door. If uour model number ends
with BB,WW, CC, SA or BG,then Uou have
a Painted Door panel. If uour model
number ends with SS,then Uou have a
Stainless Steel Door panel. If uour model
number ends with CS,then Uou have a
CleanSteel Door panel.
Follow the instructions below for cleaning
the door panel for uour specific model.
Painted Door Panel (model numbers
ending in BB-black, WW-white, CC-bisque,
SA-silver metallic or BG-graphite metallic)
Use a clean, soft, lightlu dampened cloth,
then dru thoroughlu. You mau also use a
good appliance wax or polish.
Stainless Steel Door Panel (model
numbers ending in SS)
The stainless steel panels can be cleaned
with Stainless Steel Hagic or a similar
product using a clean, soft cloth. Do not
use appliance wax, polish, bleach or
products containing chlorine on Stainless
Steel doors.
CleanSteel Door Panel (model numbers
ending in CS)
Use a clean, soft, lightlu dampened cloth,
then dru thoroughlu. Do not use appliance
wax, polish or anu chemical agent on
CleanSteel doors.
Do not wipe the dishwasher with a soiled
dish cloth or wet towel. These may leave
a residue. Do not use scouring pads or
powdered cleaners because these
products can scratch the finish.
Cleaning the Control Panel
To clean the control panel, use a lightly
dampened cloth. Then dry thoroughly.
Protect Against Freezing
If your dishwasher is left in an unheated
place during the winter, ask a service
technician to:
off electrical power to the
dishwasher. Remove fuses or trip
circuit breaker.
J_l Turn off the water supply and
disconnect the water inlet line from
the water valve.
r31 Drain water from the water inlet line
and water valve. (Use a pan to catch
the water.)
Reconnect the water inlet line to the
water valve.
Checkthe air gap anb_ time
Does Your Dishwasher
Have an Air Gap?
An air gap protects your dishwasher
against water backing up into it if a drain
clogs. The air gap is not a part of the
dishwasher. It is not covered bg gour
warrantg. Not all plumbing codes require
air gaps, so you may not have one.
The air gap is easy to clean.
Turn off the dishwasher and lift off the
Remove the plastic cap and clean with
[-2]a toothpick.
_!ourdishwasher isn't draining

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