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GE TFX24E Use And Care Manual

With custom ice & chilled water dispenser.
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Modal T FX24E with
Custom Ice&Chilled
Diagnostic S ystem
How toUse Your
C ontrols
Food Storage S uggestions p13
Save timeandmoney
Before yourequest s ervice,
_:ourD_TectL_neto Gene_'a_ Electric
The GE Answer"Cen_er 800,626.2000

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    UseandCareof Modal T FX24E with Custom Ice&Chilled WaterDispenser ElectronicMonitorand Diagnostic S ystem How toUse Your Dispenser C ontrols Food Storage S uggestions p13 Save timeandmoney Before yourequest s ervice, usetileProblemSolver.p19 _:ourD_TectL_neto Gene_'a_ Electric The GE Answer"Cen_er 800,626.2000 6E_ERAL ELECTRIC...

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    Controls: +::_i.: i..... in this card, please write these Call, toll-free: numbers here: Automatic Energy Saver The GE Answer Center :System..:. : ....800 626 2000 consumer information service Electronic Monitor and Model Number Diagnostic System ...

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    i:i!:,!:ii_ ;};!_;8 Important Safety instructions Read all instructions before using this appliance. other foods Use refrozen foods as WARNING--When are damp or wet, Skin may adhere using this to these extremely cold surfaces. soon as possible to save as much appliance, always exercise basic of their eating quality as you can"...

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    Dnstan ation Requirements Please Read CarefuBy (continued) --_MPORTANT... Use of extension cords Rollers Use of adapter plug Adjustable rollers, which enable Because of potential safety hazards Because of potential safety hazards under certai n cond itions, we strongly you to move your refrigerator away under certain conditions, we strongly from the wall for cleaning, are...

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    Operating You Refrigerator Set the Automatic temperature controls Energy Saver System You won't find an "energy saver switch on this refrigerator FREEZER Warm liquid from the refrigerator's E COLDEST condenser is automatically circulated around the front edge of the freezer compartment to help keep moisture from forming on the outside of the...

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    E ectroHic Monitor & Diagnostic System Btkeeps an eye on things for you. Red signal light flashes to tell What these codes mean--and what When your refrigerator to do when they appear--is sum- you when either door is open is first plugged in... marized on the inside of the freezer All panel lights come on for five compartment...

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    How to set the Why the red Warm How the Electronic Monitor Door Alarm Temperature light glows. and Diagnostic System works. You don't have to set the visual At first, it's probably because your alarm° As long as either door is newly-installed refrigerator hasn't...

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    E ®ctronic Monitor & Diagnostic System (continued) The Electronic Monitor Diagnostic System a_erts you when something starts to go wrong. If a diagnostic code appears on the display, something needs special attention. To get your attention, the display code flashes until you erase it The first 6 flashes are accompanied by beeps.

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    ESectronic Monitor & Diagnostic System (continued) $ignam Lights and Diagnostic Codes What they mean, and what to do when they alert you, is summarized on this panel on the inside of the freezer compartment door. Panel located on the inside of the freezer compartment door.

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    & ChiObd Water Disp®e s÷ Automatic Icemaker Before Using Your Important Facts about icemaker and Dispenser Ice & Water" Dispenser Your Custom Dispenser If refrigerator is operated before Your refrigerator has an automatic water connection is made, keep icemaker and a custom dispenser o Your icemaker will produce an manual icemaker switch in the that dispenses chilled water, ice...

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    Ice & Wat÷ Dispcns® (continued) Once Your Icemaker To Dispense Ice and Water When Dispensing Ice,,. Dispenser Are in Operation = For ice, touch CUBES or Some crushed ice may be dis- CRUSHED pad For water, simply Throw away the first few batches pensed even though you touched the position glass beneath words CUBES pad.

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    To Remove Ice Cube If Ice Is Used Infrequently°,,° To Stop Dispensing Storage Container "Old ice cubes will become cloudy Release pressure from cradle and and taste stale Empty ice storage withdraw slowly to catch last bits bin periodically and wash it in luke- of ice or drops of water warm water Be sure to allow stor- age bin to cool before replacing...

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    @ gg÷s £B<Dns _s _ ._ t_ _ • _ "2 Suggested stop'age times To freeze meat, fish and poultry, To store cheese, wrap well with wax for meat and poultry* paper or aluminum foil, or put in a wrap well in freezer-weight foil (or other heavy-duty wrapping material) plastic bag...

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    Moist'n Fresh Moist'n Fresh drawer-close tightly drawer--close Fresh Convertible Meat Kee drawer--do not force tightly closed The Moist'n Fresh drawers are The variable temperature control i_Aoist n Fresh Drawers partially sealed by gaskets attached regulates the air flow from the The two top drawers are designed to the covers at the front and back freezer compartment...

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    SheDfPositions Drawer Removal How to rearrange your she ves Drawers will stop before coming Simply replace in reverse order, all the way out of refrigerator making sure grooves at rear of covers Adjustable Shelves help prevent contents from spilling engage supporting rods at rear of onto floor Drawers can easily be refrigerator..

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    She f Positions cont ooed Removable Wine Rack Multi-Position Shelves in 3, Select desired shelf height and insert shelf rods into holes on left (on models so equipped) Freezer Compartment wall, If shelf supports at desired Shelf supports at various levels in level on right wall have tabs, lower the freezer compartment let you...

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    Polish Wax & Cleaner be done at least solution--about a tablespoon (Cat. No. WR97X216)is available once a year from GE and Hotpoint Appliance baking soda to a quart of water Parts Marts Rinse thoroughly with water and Condenser wipe dry. Follow this same pro-...

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    The water filter is an option at extra cost and is available from your GE dealer Specify WR97X214 It has complete installation instructions and installs in minutes on t/4" O D...

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    Rapid To save %ime and money, check the Problem $onver IE_ectrica_ Diagnosis begone you request service. Your refrigerator is wired for accurate electrical diagnosis in your home-- If you have a problem, it may be takes only minutes for a service minor.

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    The Probbm So ve Cooot+r, POSSIBLE CAUSE AND REMEDY PROBLEM Normal alr fiow cooiing:mOtor.::in the iefrigeration process, it is normal that heat !:::BOTTOM oF :: :: : i:b_i:expelled in the area under the refrigerator. Some floor coverings will discolor ::REFRIGERATOR: :::!::_:i::::_ at these norma! and safe Operating temperatures, Your floor covering supplier...

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    PROBLEM POSSIBLE CAUSE AND REMEDY :A_T_MATIC:icEMAKER ON:OFF c°ntr°l Ii'L:o:FF position:' ' "!'""" :DOES NOT:WORK : :: Wate[ supply turned off or not connected ::::= = Freeze r Compartmenttoo warm. := Cubes too sma --water shut-off valve connecting refrigerator to home water ne maybe clogged, /:;...

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    7h÷ P ob em So v÷ oon.,ue¢ PROBLEM POSSIBLE CAUSE AND REMEDY ..:"" .."7 MOISTURE :: : o Too frequent and too ong door openings, COLLECTS INSIDE refrigerator when doors are opened...., o In hum d weather air carries mo sture nto WATER ON FLOOR o Defrost water pan full, missing or not in position.

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    And, you'll receive service from service contracts for varying lengths of time _-"_ GE trained service technicians using all GE major appliances.. With a contract, we II only Genuine GE parts. The Quick Fix ® System A program for doqt-yourself appliance...

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    Consumer Affairs office at the ° Damage to product caused address below, or call, toll free: by accident, fire, floods or acts The GE Answer Center of God. 800o62&2000 consumer information service...

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