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  • Page 3: Table Of Contents

    3. The solar cell is delicate. It should not be pressed or tampered with. 4. If service should be required on this equipment, use only a SHARP servicing dealer, a SHARP approved service facility or SHARP repair service where available.
  • Page 4: The Keyboard

    THE KEYBOARD Solar cell...
  • Page 5: Operating Controls

    OPERATING CONTROLS CONSTANT MODE SELECTOR: “K” position: The following constant functions will be performed. Multiplication: The calculator will automatically remember the first number entered (the multiplicand) and the instruction. Division: The calculator will automatically remember the second number entered (the divisor) and the instruction.
  • Page 6 Example: Set decimal/add mode selector at A, 5/4 A . Enter Read 12.30 B. Enter Read 123. 1 00 12’300.00 C. Enter Read 0.67 ACCUMULATION SELECTOR: “∑” position: This selector will accumulate the following: 1. Numbers entered or answers obtained with the keys will be accumulated in the 1st memory register.
  • Page 7 ITEM COUNT KEY: The counter will count the number of times that the key has been depressed in the addition. Note: Each time the key is used in the subtraction, 1 will be subtracted from the count. When the key is pressed once, the number stored is displayed and may be used for further calculation.
  • Page 8 CHANGE SIGN KEY: Changes the sign of a number from a positive to a negative or a negative to a positive. Positive Negative → Example: 5.– POWER ON/CLEAR KEY: Clears the contents of the calculator, excluding the memory register. • Press the key whenever there are no display indicators, meaningless display figures or signs appear or the keys do not function despite sufficient light.
  • Page 9 DIVISION KEY: Orders division. MULTIPLICATION KEY: Orders multiplication. 1ST MEMORY KEYS: These keys have access to the 1st memory register to store, calculate and recall numbers for further use. MEMORY PLUS : When depressed after a numeric key or a calculation this key adds the numbers or the result to the 1st memory register.
  • Page 10: Power Supply

    POWER SUPPLY This calculator has a solar cell and is energized by electrical energy produced by the solar cell. The solar cell converts luminous energy directly into electrical energy by utilizing the photovoltaic effect. Brightness for operation If the light exposed to the solar cell is insufficient, the calculator is not powered to operate. With the brightness criterion below, operate the calculator at 150 Iux or more.
  • Page 11 Replacing the Backup Battery The backup battery can support the solar cell for approximately seven years at room temperature (20°C/68°F). If a weak battery is left in the calculator, the memory contents may be lost. When to replace: • At least once every seven years, even if the calculator is functioning properly. •...
  • Page 12 How to replace: “MEMORY SAFE GUARD” function — The contents of the memory are retained even when the calculator is turned off. A value stored in memory will thus remain until it is changed or until the backup battery runs out. Automatic Power-Off function (A.P.O.): This calculator is automatically turned off approximately 7 minutes after the last key operation to save the battery.
  • Page 13: Calculation Examples

    CALCULATION EXAMPLES NOTE: Depress the key prior to beginning any calculation. If nothing appears on the display during calculation do not continue making entries. CALCULATION EXAMPLE OPERATION DISPLAY • • Addition & subtraction 500. Addition and − • • 2.50 4.50 3.00 subtraction with...
  • Page 14 CALCULATION EXAMPLE OPERATION DISPLAY × • • Square and power calculations × × • • • Reciprocal calculation 0.14285714285 — Square root √ • • 2.64575131106 calculation × 2’360. • × 1’770. Constant calculations ÷ • ÷ × • • 97.50 Percent calculations ÷...
  • Page 15 CALCULATION EXAMPLE OPERATION DISPLAY • Before beginning, depress the key to clear the contents of the memory register. × $4.00 ?(1) 540.00 × • ∑ 7.75 ?(2) 7.75 1’162.50 × 3.45 ?(3) 3.45 1’552.50 ?(4) 3’255.00 Memory calculations ?(1) 34.00 −...
  • Page 16 PERCENT MARK-UP BASED ON COST ( Calculate the selling price and the gross profit from the cost of $8,160 on the basis of a 15% profit on the selling price. Calculation method: 8160 8160 = ➀ = ➁ Selling price Grossprofit –...
  • Page 17 AVERAGING Calculate the average of a series of values. EXAMPLE: Sales Monday ............$123.15 Tuesday ............118.00 Wednesday ............. 131.58 Thursday ............125.02 Friday .............. 158.25 Total Sale $656.00 for 5 days ➂ ➀ ➁ Average Sales = $131.20 ..Note: If you are working in dollars and cents, use the “Add Mode.”...
  • Page 18 USING THE 2ND MEMORY − × (874 557) EXAMPLE: ÷ (1746 876) Operation Display 1746 2’622. 874. 557. 317. 4’755. * : To store a negative number, use the before the...
  • Page 19: Errors

    ERRORS There are several situations which will cause an overflow or an error condition. When this occurs, an error symbol “E” will be displayed. key must be pushed to restart the calculation. The contents of the memory at the time of the error are retained. 1.
  • Page 20: Specifications

    SPECIFICATIONS Type: Electronic calculator Operating capacity: 12 digits Decimal point: Read in: Floating up to 11 decimal places Result: Decimal-Set (F, 3, 2, 0) with add mode Calculations: Four arithmetic calculations, Constant calculation, Add mode in addition and subtraction, Square calculation, Chain calculation, Power calculation, Percent calculation, Reciprocal calculation, Add-on calculation, Discount calculation, Memory...
  • Page 21 SHARP will not be liable nor responsible for any incidental or consequential economic or property damage caused by misuse and/or malfunctions of this product and its peripherals, unless such liability is acknowledged by law.
  • Page 22 MEMO...
  • Page 24 SHARP ELECTRONICS CORPORATION Sharp Plaza, Mahwah, New Jersey 07495-1163 PRINTED IN CHINA 09ET(TINSE1493EHZZ)

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