Philips HR2828 Manual

Philips HR2828 Manual

Serving pitcher
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serving pitcher


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  • Page 1: Juice Extractor

    juice extractor serving pitcher HR2828...
  • Page 2: Important Safeguards

    6. Use this appliance only for its intended use as described in this manual. Do not use accessories or attachments not recommended by Philips Electronics North America Corporation as they may cause fire, electric shock or injury.
  • Page 3 10. Any service of the Juice Extractor should be performed by the retail location where it was purchased. 11. To disconnect the appliance, press the "ON/OFF" switch to OFF(O), then grasp plug body and remove plug from electrical outlet. Never yank or twist cord to unplug.
  • Page 4: Special Instructions

    SPECIAL POLARIZED PLUG INSTRUCTIONS This Philips Juice Extractor has a polarized plug (one blade is wider than the other).To reduce the risk of electric shock: • Plug will fit into polarized outlet only one way.
  • Page 5: Table Of Contents

    Table of Contents Features Preparing the Appliance for Use 3 Ingredients and Tips Using the Juice Extractor Cleaning For Assistance Warranty Back Cover...
  • Page 6: Features

    Features Stainless Steel Sieve / Shredders Food Tray Pusher Food Chute 2 Way Safety Lock System Pulp Container ON /OFFSwitch (I)/(O) Serving Pitcher 2 1/2 Cups / 600 ml capacity • Cord Storage • 2 Way Safety Lock System: Both serving pitcher and pulp container cover must be locked into their respective positions before unit will operate.
  • Page 7: Preparing The Appliance For Use

    Preparing the Appliance for Use Before first use, wash the serving pitcher, pulp container, sieve (CAUTION: Shredders on bottom of sieve are sharp), lid, food tray, and pusher in warm soapy water. Rinse clean and dry thoroughly. Keep the appliance out of the reach of children and do not let it run unattended.
  • Page 8: Ingredients And Tips

    I ngredients and Tips • Use fresh fruit and vegetables as they contain more juice. Pineapples, beet roots, celery stalks, apples, cucumbers, carrots, spinach, melons, tomatoes, oranges and grapes are particularly suitable for processing in the Juice Extractor. • You don’t have to remove thin peels or skins. Only thick peels, e.g.
  • Page 9: Cleaning

    When the flow of juice into the pitcher has stopped, turn the appliance off by pressing the on/off (O) switch and WAIT UNTIL THE SIEVE HAS COMPLETELY STOPPED ROTAT- ING. Do not fill the pitcher beyond the MAX indication to prevent juice from being spilt.
  • Page 10 To clean the sieve, use a soft brush. Be careful of the sharp shredders located on the bottom of the sieve. Do not use a metal brush.Allow sieve to air dry thoroughly. Clean the motor unit with a damp cloth. Never immerse the motor unit in water or rinse it under the tap.
  • Page 11: For Assistance

    For assistance For assistance call toll free: 1-800-243-7884 or visit our website:
  • Page 12: Warranty

    FULL ONE YEAR WARRANTY Philips Electronics North America Corporation warrants each new Philips product, model HR2828 (except cord), against defects in materi- als or workmanship for a period of one year from the date of purchase. IMPORTANT: This warranty does not cover damage resulting...

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