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Before placing the items in the washer, sort the laundry by type of fabric and
care label instructions (see page 8).
Make sure nothing is in the garment pockets to avoid damage to clothes, the
machine or the filter.
Close zippers and hooks to prevent snagging.
Open the door (Fig. 8).
Load the laundry and close the door securely.
Pour detergent and fabric softener into the appropriate compartments in the
detergent drawer (Fig. 9). Use only low sudsing detergent made for front-
loading washers and follow label instructions.
The amount of detergent varies among the different brands, but for most
detergents, you need only one or two tablespoons. Too much detergent could
leave a residue on your clothes and possibly damage the washer.
NOTE: When using a liquid detergent, insert the special container supplied
with the washer into the main wash compartment (Fig 9a). Pour the
manufacturer's recommended dosage of liquid detergent into the container
(Fig 9b).
NOTE: Do not add detergent to the prewash compartment unless you are
using a wash program that has a prewash cycle; otherwise, the machine could
oversuds and spill onto the floor. Also, do not use liquid detergent for a prewash
program because the detergent will be washed out the back of the drawer.
NOTE: It is not recommended that you use bleach in your Eurotech washer. If
you need extra whitening, we recommend that you use a low-sudsing powder
detergent with bleach additive.
NOTE: Excessive use of fabric softener can damage garments.
Close the detergent drawer securely (Fig 9c).
Caution! To avoid water spillage, do not open the detergent drawer while the
machine is operating.
Select program options (see pages 9 and 10).
Turn the Temperature knob to the desired temperature (see pages 9 and 10).
10. Set the Program knob to the desired program (see pages 9 and 10).
11. Press the On button (see page 9). (The power indicator light should come on.)
NOTE: For safety reasons, there will be a two to three minute delay at the end of
the program before you can open the door.
To reduce wrinkling, you should determine the load size based on the type(s) of
fabrics being washed.
Cotton and Linen Fabrics—These items should be washed in full loads because
the tumble action of the tub along with the gentle rubbing, lifting and falling
movement of the clothes gives the best cleaning result.
Permanent Press Fabrics—These items need more room to move freely during
washing for the most wrinkle-free results. Therefore, fill the machine only half full
for permanent press items.
Delicate Fabrics—These fabrics, such as machine washable wool and silk, should only be washed in one-
third size loads for the best results.
FIG. 8
Main Wash
FIG. 9
FIG. 9a
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