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Frigidaire FPUH17D7KF0 Use & Care Manual

Single door


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Looking inside
Food Storage
& Energy Saving Tips .......
Ice Service ....................
Care & Cleaning ...............
Warranty ........................
Before You Call ...........
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  • Page 1 • 2=3 ..Looking inside ....Food Storage & Energy Saving Tips ..Ice Service ....Care & Cleaning ....Warranty ......Before You Call ... 9=10 READ AND SAVE THESE INSTRUCTIONS pIN297o814oo (J.o2oo6)
  • Page 2: Proper Disposal Ofyour Refrigerator/ Freezer

    READ ALL INSTRUCTIONS BEFORE USING THIS CongJatulations on yourpurchase of a new freezer! We here at Electrolux Home Products_ Inc. are very proud of our product FREEZER. and we are complelty committed to providing you with the bed service possible. Your satis_c_ion is our #1 priority. Please read this Use &...
  • Page 3: Installation

    ThisOwner's Guide provides specific o perating insh uefions for yourmodel. Usethe freezer only asinstructed inthisOwner'5 Guide. Before starting thefreezer, followthese important first steps. INSTALLATION Choose a place thatisnear a grounded e[estdcal outlet. Do Notuseanextension cordoranadapter plug. Forthemost e fficient operation, thefreezer should be located w here surrounding temperatures willnotdrop Allow thefollowing clearances forease of#_stallation,...
  • Page 4 LEVELING DOOR REMOVAL If door must be removed The freezer must have all bottom corners resting firmly on a solid floor. The floor must be strong enough to support a fully Geotly lay freezer on its back, on a rug oJ blankeh loaded keeze_ NOTE: It is Very Important for your freezer to be Remove...
  • Page 5: Interior Lighting

    MID LEVEL LIGHTING The lights comes on automatically when the door is opened. To iNTERiOR LiGHTiNG replace the light bulb, turn the temperature control to OFF and unplug the electrical cord. Remove thelens from the lamp housing The lights comes on automatically when the door is opened. To replace tbe light bulb, turn the temperature control to OFF and by unsnapping it from the lamp housing using your fingers or a...
  • Page 6: Turningyour Ice Maker Off

    TURNINGYOUR ICE MAKER OFF Moving: When moving the treezer, tollow these guidelines to prevent damage: To stop the ice maker, lift the wire signal arm until it clicks and Disconnect the power cord plug from the wall outlet. locks in the "up" or OFF position. The ice maker also turns off Remove foods, then defrost, and clean the freezer.
  • Page 7 Keep yourfreezer clean toprevent odoJ build-up. Wipe upany spills immediately andclean atleast t wice a yea_ Never u se metallic scouring p ads, b rushes, abrasive c leane_ orstrong alkaline s olutions onanysurface. Donotwash anyremovable parts inadishwasher. Always unplug the electrical power cord from the wall outlet before aleanthg.
  • Page 8 Yourapplianceis coveredby a oneyearlimitedwarranty.Foroneyearfrom youroriginaldateof 3urchase, E lectro]ux will payall costsfor repairing or replacing any parts appliance of this that prove be defective in materials or workmanship when such appliance is instafled, used and maintained accordance with the provided instructions, Exclusions This warranty does not cover the following: Products wfh or gtsa[ sera[ numbers that have been removed, altered or cannot be readily determined.
  • Page 9: Thou Bleshooting

    ThOU BLESHOOTING Before calling for service, review this list. It may save you time and expense. This list includes common occurences that are not the result of defective workmanship GUII)E materials in this appliance. PROBLEM CAUSE CORRECTION FREEZER DOES NOT RUN Freezer does not run.
  • Page 10 PROBLEM CAUSE CORRECTION SOUND AND NOISE (Cont.) Popping or crackingsound • MetM partsundergo expansion • Thisisnormal Sound will l evel off or disappearas when compressor comes Gonh'action, in hot water lreezer continues to iun. pipes. Bubbling or gurgling sound_ • Refrigerant (used to cool •...

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