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Frigidaire FRS20ZSGB3 Owner's Manual

Automatic ice and water dispenser
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P/N21SSS4S00B (9S09)


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  • Page 1: Table Of Contents

    OWNER'S MANUAL Versi6nenEspa_ol .... Product Registration ..In_cortant SafetyInstructicms. . . 2-3 F_Stc_s ....Energy Saving Ideas ... SettingtheControls ... Fresh Food Storage ... Shelves ....Automatic Ice and Water Dispenser ....7-10 Care and Cleaning ..11-12 Removing Handles and Doors ..13 AvoidServiceChecklist ..
  • Page 2: Versi6Nenespa_Ol

    Serial Number: 218854600. SpanishO_aler'sGuides Register Your Product FrigidaireHomeProducts Theseif-addressed PRODUCT REGISTRATION C ARDshouldbe filied incc_ol etely, P.O. Box 212378 signedend returnedto Frigidaire, or inCanada, Frigidaire C anada. Augusta, C_orgia 30917 ImportantSafety [,,%v-'1:]_It_[_ For Your Safety Donotstore orusegasoline orother flan_mble v apore endiiquids inthevicinity Instructions ofthis, o raqyotkmra_plia%ce.
  • Page 3: F_Stc_S

    _.vWk%V__t_II_[_ Other Precautic_Is ImportantSafety • Never unplug therefrigerator bypulling cnthepowercord. Always griptheplug Instructions (cantinued) litany, a ndpull straight o utfrcmthe receptacle. • Toavoidelectrical shock, urplugtherefrigeratorbeforecleaningandbefore rsplacingalightbulb. Note: 7tumimgtheccntrol toOFFturnsoffthecc_pressor, butdoesnotdi_t pwer tothelight bulborother electrical c c_ccnent s. • Donotoperate therefrigerator i nthepresence ofexplosive f _ms. •...
  • Page 4: Energy Saving Ideas

    • Installtherefrigeratorinthecoolestpartoftherccm, cutofdirect sunlight a nd Energy Saving Ideas awayfrcmheat ingducts orregisters. Donotplacetherefrigerator nexttoheat- prmgicingsppliances suchasa range, own, ordiskwasher. Ifthisisnotpsssible, a secticnof c abinetry, oranaddedlayerof i nsulaticnbetweenthe twomppliances will help the refrigerator qseraten_re effici_nt117. • Level refrigerator sochors clcse tightly. •...
  • Page 5: Fresh Food Storage

    Fresh Food Storage Door Storage Bins and Shelves: Snugger jars, Doorbinsendshelves a reprovided f orccnvenient s torage o f bott iesendcans. Itens usedoften a reavailable f orquick selecticn. Doorbins canbenmvedtosuitindivichal needs. Renmve binsbylifting straight t p. Place binsinthedesiredpositicn, endlower overthe_rts. Dairy Compartment: TheDairyCc_oartnEnt iswarmerthanthegeneralfoodstoragesection, and is intencled...
  • Page 6: Shelves

    Shel fAdjus tment Shelves Refrigerator shelves a reeasily adjusted t osuitindivichal needs. Before adjusting shelves,removeali food.Removeanddiscardshippingclipswedgedintothe cantilever r ail absve theshelf hook(seebelow). These clips stabilize theshelves ippmg. Toadjust thecsntilevershelves (stiqsortedat therearof therefrigerator), lift the backoftheshelf upandout. Repl aceshelf by inselt i ngrear hooks intoslots. Lower andlock intopssitiou.
  • Page 7: Automatic Ice And Water

    Automatic Ice and Theiceendwaterdispenser cnthefreezer doorconveniently d ispenses chilled water,crushedice,and icecubes.To operatedispenser, slidetheknobtothe Water Dispenser selecticnofyourchoice. Pressaglassagainst thedispensingarm, asshownleft. B e sure toholdtheglassupas faraspsssibletocatchall cubes. Tostop dislS_nsing ,pull glassawayfrc_dispensing arm. Whendispensing ice,releasedispensing arm beforeglassis full,butdonot removetheglassuntilthe icehascc_pletely di_. As_ll heatedarea b eneath thedispenser floor catches e ndevaporates s_ll spills. Do notpourwater or excesscubes intothisarea,becausethereis no drain.
  • Page 8 Automatic Ice and IceDispenser Tips Icecubes storedtoolongmay developan odd flavor, l_ptythecontainer Water Dispenser andreturnitto theproper position. Icen_nker willthenprochce moreice. (continued) Occasicrmllyshakeccntainertokeep ice separated. If dispensing arm is pushed in for_mre than 4 _J!lutes, dispenser_mtor_v overloadandstcp. The overloadprotectorwill reset autcnmticallyafter 3 or4 _Jllites.
  • Page 9 Automatic Ice and 3.Unscrewfilterctp, counterclock_se ( Figure i).Ifyouhavetroubleunscrewing ctp,usethecuprenmval wrenchincluded inpartsbag (Figure 2 ). Water Dispenser 4.Youn_streplaceexistinglargeO-rin_enfilterhousing. Fimst re_mve oldring (cc_tir_ed) anddiscard. (You mayneed tousea toothpicktogetunderring. NOTE: Use cautic_so thatgroovethatholds ringisnotdamaged! ) Carefullyremove newO- ringfrc_sealedbag.GentlyrollO-ringintoplace,intocontainment grooveabove threads. 5 Re_mve packaging f rcmfilter cartrick3e. Place filtercartridt3e inctp.Theendwiththe s_}gll o-ring shouldbe tp,outof thecqo.
  • Page 10: Dispenser

    Automatic Ice and Changing tb_ Filter and Large O-Ring: Water quality varies throughout the world. To ensure thehighest possible water Water Dispenser quality,chancjewater f ilterandO-ringeveryl2nmths. Also, if filterhasbeenin (continued) a refrigerator that has not been in use for awhile (chringn_ving for exmnple), ckmlz£_ filterbefore re_lingrefriQ_rator.
  • Page 11: Care And Cleaning

    Keepyourrefrigerator andfreezer clean toprevent odorbuild-t[o. Wipeanyspills Care and Cleaning innmdiately, a ndcleanbothsections at leasttwicea year. Nevernsemetallic scssri_cb, brushes, a brasive cleaners, orstrc_g_ine seluticnsenanysturface. Do notwashanyremovableparts ina dishwasher. Always unplug the power cord from the wall outlet before cleaning. NOTE: Turningtheccntrolto OFF does notdisccrmectpowertothe ccntrols,lightbulb, or other electrical _ts.
  • Page 12: Care And Cleaning

    Care and Cleaning Vacation and Moving Tips Shcrt vacaticrls: Leave refrigerator cperating c hringvacaticns of3weeks orless. (continued) • Uset[o a llperishable i te_ frcmthe refrigerator secticn. • Wrapandstoreotheritemsinthefreezer. • Turnoff autc_mt icicen_nker, evenifyouwillbe gonejusta fewdays. Longvacations.. Removeallfood andice ifyouwill be gone imonth ormore. •...
  • Page 13: Removing Handles And Doors

    Removing Handl es and zf it is necessary tomove refrigerator throughnarrow doorways,follow thesestepstoremoverefrigerator and freezerhandlesand/orrefrigerator Door s and freezer doors. To Remove Handles "_ /GASKET i opendoorandpeelbackrubbergasketon insideof door. 2 Findscrewholes inlinewithtopandhottcmofhandles. 3.Usinga1/4" hexdriver, re_vehottcmscrewfimst. T hiswill freethehottcmof SsREW thehandle.Keepa firmholdonhandlewhilerenmving tcpscrew sohandledoes notfall.
  • Page 14: Avoidservicechecklist

    AvoidServiceCheckli st Before calling f orservice, reviewthis list. Itu_vsavey=utin_andep_se. _ list includes cammn cccurrences t hatarenottheresult of defective w orknmnship o r n_terials inthis s ppli_ce. SOLUTION OCCURRENCE RUNNING OF REFRIGERATOR Refrigerator ccs_pressordoes not run. Freezer control is of f. Set freezer control. See Setting the C_trols. R_frigerator is indefrost cycle.
  • Page 15 OCCURRENCE SOLUTION TEMPERATURES WARM Temperatureinfreezeristoowarm. Freezer ccntrol is set tcowarm. Set freezer ccntrol to a colder settinguntil freezer temperature satisfactory. Allow24 hours for the te_0erature to stabilize. %hen, if refrigerator t_0erature rot right, set refrigerator ccntrol to a warmer setting. Temperature in the refrigerator is too...
  • Page 16 OCCURRENCE SOLUTION ICE DISPENSER storagebinis empty. Z]nen the first stpplyof iceis_intobin, di_r shculdcperate. Di_r will not dispense ice. Freezer t_Tperature wemTn. Turn freezer control to a higher setting that cubes will made. W_len first supply made, dispenser should operate. Hcuseholdw_ter linevalve cpen.
  • Page 17: Normal Operating Sounds

    OCCURRENCE SOLUTION LIGHT BULB IS NOT ON Light bulb isburnedout. See "Replacingthe Lig_lt Bulb" inCare and Cleaning. Lightswitchisstuck.Iight switchisiccatedan interior doorfranenexttothete_oerature osntrol in each compartment. Push in plunger to release. No electric cuzment is reaching refrigerator. See Occurrence section_ ce _smA_m. Normal Operating Sounds AUTOMATIC...
  • Page 18: Warranty (United States)

    Inc. We authorize no person to change or add to any of our obligations under this warranty. Our obligations for service and parts under this warranty must be performed by Frigidaire or an authorized Frigidaire servicer. *NORMAL This warranty applies...
  • Page 19: Serviceinfozr0Ation ( Canada)

    FRIGIDAIRE PARTS AND SERVICE A11 Frigidaireappliancesarebackedby FRIGIDAIREPARTSAND SERVICE,one of Canada' siargest partsandservice networks. TheFrigidaire reputat ionnmansyoucanenjoycc_olete professional service frc_oneofourhundreds of trainedtechnicians acrossthecountry. FRIGIDAIRE PARTS AND SERVICE 7075ordanDrive Mississauga, Cntario L5T IK6 Place thename, addressand telephonen_nber of your servicedepot inthe spacesbelow.
  • Page 20: Warranty (Canada)

    Parts and service supplied or obtained frc_ other than FRIGIDAIRE PARTS AND SERVICE or FRIGIDAIRE PARTS SERVICE authorizeddepots. Prcper installaticn, @ cntrol setting andcareoffinish. CONSUMER/OWNER RESPONSIBILITY Toprovide proof of the original date of purchase bynmans of a bill of sale or paynmnt.
  • Page 21 Notes...

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