Craftsman 315.341300 Operator's Manual

Craftsman 315.341300 Operator's Manual

19.2 volt chain saw
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DE 19,2 V
Model No.
NL_mero de modelo
To reduce the risk
of injury,the user must read and
understand the operator's manual
before using this product.
Para reducir el
riesgo de lesiones, el usuario debe leer
y comprender el manual del operador
antes de usar este producto.
Help Line: 1-800-932_3188
Tel_fono de atenciSn al consumidor: 1-800-932_3188
and Co., 3333 Beverly
Rd., Hoffman
IL 60179
Visit the Craftsman web page:
Visite el sitio web de Craftsman:www.sears,com/craftsman
05-01-09 (REV:02)
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Summary of Contents for Craftsman 315.341300

  • Page 1 Tel_fono de atenciSn al consumidor: 1-800-932_3188 Sears, Roebuck and Co., 3333 Beverly Rd., Hoffman Estates, IL 60179 Visit the Craftsman web page: Visite el sitio web de Craftsman:www.sears,com/craftsman Save this manual for future reference 987000-680 Guarde este manual para futuras consulta 05-01-09 (REV:02)
  • Page 2 Si la motosierra se utilize y se mantiene de acuerdo al manual del operador, y aun asi falla debido a un defecto en material o mano de obra dentro de los dos afios a partir de la fecha de compra, regr_'sela ata tienda Sears u otro punto de venta de Craftsman@ en los Estados Unidos pare que sea reemplazada sin cargo..
  • Page 3: Basic Safety Precautions

    [] Do not operate a chain saw with one hand! the unit serviced by your nearest Craftsman Use a firm grip with thumbs and fingers service dealer_ circling the chain saw handles. Serious...
  • Page 4 [] Always wear eye protection with side shields Use only the replacement guide bars and low marked to comply with ANSI Z87,,1, along kickback chains specified bythe manufacturer with hearing and head protection. for the saw,, KICKBACK [] With a basic understanding of kickback, can reduce...
  • Page 5: Your Chain Saw

    When making a replacement, be sure to order one of the Craftsman bars listed for the saw in this operator's manual,, 5 - English...
  • Page 6: Battery Safety

    BATTERY SAFETY [] Do not crush, drop or damage battery pack_ Do not use a battery pack or charger that m Battery operated units do not have to be has been dropped or received a sharp blow. plugged into an electrical outlet;...
  • Page 7 Kickback, Rotational Bar Tip Guard An attachment that may be provided on the end The rapid upward and backward motion of the saw which can occur when the moving saw chain of the guide bar to prevent the chain at the end of near the upper portion of the tip of the guide...
  • Page 8 ,,,,,, ,,,,,,,,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,HII, II, I I,I#I,I#I,I The following signal words and meanings are intended to explain the levels of risk associated with this product. SYMBOL SIGNAL MEANING _,mu DANGER: Indicates an imminently hazardous situation, which, if not avoided, will result in death or serious injury.
  • Page 9: Product Specifications

    :----.-,,,,-,,,,, ,,,,, ,1, ..Wear non-slip safety footwear when using this Wear Safety Footwear equipment° ® Keep Bystanders Keep all bystanders and animals at least 50 ft. away. Away Pour chain lubricant into oil tank where Oil indicator indicated,, Do not use any other fluids,, ThiSProduot uses...
  • Page 10 Felling small trees up to 5 in. diameter WARNING: Do not use any attachments m Bucking the fallen tree into shorter lengths accessories recommended This product will accept Craftsman 19,2 V lithium- manufacturer of this product. ion battery packs and Craftsman 19o2 V nickel-...
  • Page 11: Chain Oil System

    NOTE: Do not use dirty, used or otherwise contaminated lubricants° Damage may occur Operator's Manual for your Craftsman battery pack to the bar or chain. and charger models_ Carefully pour the bar and chain lubricant into...
  • Page 12 PREPARATION FOR CUTTING Squeeze the trigger and let the chain accelerate to full speed before entering PROPER GRIP ON HANDLES cut° See Figures 8 - 10. [] Begin cutting with the saw against the log. Refer to GENERAL SAFETY RULES earlier in this [] Keep the unit running the entire...
  • Page 13: Tree Felling

    [] Before any cuts are started, pick your escape TREE FELLING route (or routes in case the intended route See Figures 12-16.. blocked); clear the immediate area around Unusual Hazardous Tree Felling Conditions tree and make sure there are no obstructions Do not fell trees during periods...
  • Page 14 When the log is supported on one end, cut 1/3 [] As tree starts to fall, stop the chain the diameter from the underside or underbucking. and put it down immediately. Retreat along Then make the finishing cut by overbucking the cleared path, but watch the action...
  • Page 15 [] Your second cut should overbuck to drop the [] Limbs should be cut one at a time. Remove branch off. the cut limbs from the work area often to help keep the work area clean and safe, [] Now make your finishing cut smoothly [] Branches under tension...
  • Page 16: General Maintenance

    This product will accept Craftsman® 19.2 V identical replacement parts_ Use of any other lithium-ion battery packs and Craftsman 19.2 V parts may create a hazard or cause product nickel-cadmium battery packs. damage. The batteries for this product...
  • Page 17: Bar And Chain

    RECOMMENDED BAR AND CHAIN REPLACING BAR AND CHAIN COMBINATIONS See Figures 24 - 28, Bar Part Number - 10 in. WARNING: Remove the battery pack from 671834006 chain saw and make sure the chain Chain Part Number stopped before do any work or making 6958301 or 690583002...
  • Page 18: Chain Maintenance

    [] MORE THAN 30 ° - Feathered Edge Dulls age when replacing the chain, If signs of wear or Quickly. damage are present in the areas indicated, have the drive sprocket replaced by a Craftsman Ser- vice dealer. 18 - English...
  • Page 19 SIDE PLATE ANGLE [] Wear inside the bar rails which permits chain to lay over sideways. See Figure 36 [] Bent guide bar. [] CORRECT - 80 ° Produced automatically correct diameter file is used in file holder. [] Cracked or broken rails.
  • Page 20 Checkguidebarand chain damage. for damage. CALLUS FIRST For any questions about operating or maintaining your product, call the Craftsman® Help Line! Your product has been fully tested prior to shipment to ensure your complete satisfaction. 20- English...
  • Page 21 • CRAFTSMAN CHAINSAW- MODEL NUMBER 315.34'1300 The model number will be found on a plate attached to the motor housing. Always mention the model number in all correspondence regarding your CHAINSAW or when ordering repair parts° _11111 ii .................. SEE BACK...
  • Page 22 22 - English...
  • Page 23 23- English...
  • Page 24 A- Rotationalkickback(contragofpe rotatorio) A- Kickback danger zone (zona de peligro de contragolpe) G-Hex key (llavehexagonal) A-Chain cover(tapade tacadena) B- Chainoil tank cap (tapade!tanquedel H-Hex key storagearea (compartimiento de laIlavehexagonal) aceitede la cadena) C- Bar (barra) I - Trigger(gatillo) J -Trigger lock-out button (bot6n de D-Chain (cadena) E -Hand guard (protecci0nde la mane) segurode]gatillo)
  • Page 25 A +Batteryport (recept_culode tas pilas) B- Latches (pestillos) A- ChainLine (plano de la cadena) C- Batterypack (paquetede p]las) B-Straight arm position (posici6n con el brazorecto) © PLANNED PATHOFSAFERETREAT 135° FROMPLANNED LINEOFFALL TRAYECTORIA D ERETIRADA SEGURA A 135" DEI-,4LJNEA PLANEADA DECAJDA DELARBOL A-Planned line of fall (lfnea planeadade caida)
  • Page 26 LOGSUPPORTED ATONEEND TRONCO APOYADO PORUN EXTREMO 135° A-Planned line of fall (tinea planeadade caida) B-Safe retreat zone (zona de retirada A-Wedge (curia) LOGSUPPORTED AT BOTHENDS segura) TRONCO APOYADO PORAMBOS EXTREMOS A- Finishingcut (cortefinal) A- Kickback(contragolpe) B - LOAD(carga) C-1st cut 1/3 dia (primer corte, 1/3 de] diem) A-Hinge 2 in, or I!I0 dia (bisagra51 mm [2 pulg ] 61110 del digital)
  • Page 27 CUTLIMBSONEATATIMEANDLEAVE SUPPORT LIMBSUNDER TREEUNTIL LOGIS CUT CORTE UNARAMAA LAVEZY DEJE RAMASDESOPORTE BAJOELARBOL A-Chain tensioning screw (tornilio de HASTA QUEESTECORTADO ELTRONCO tensadode la cadena) A-Adjusting pin(pasadorde ajuste) B- Sprocket(ruedadentada) C-Chain tension pin hole (orJficio de) pasadorde tensadode facadena) D -Chain(cadena) E -Chain cover (tapade ta cadena) F-Chain cover screw (tornillo de tensado de la cadena) B -Washer (arandela)
  • Page 28 CORRECT SIDEPLATE FILINGANGLE AHGULO CORRECTO DELIMADURA DE LA PLACA LATERAL APPROXo °050in, Aprox 0.050 pulg. (1.25 ram) INCORRECT SIDEPLATE FILINGANGLE ANGULO INCORRECTO DELIMADURA DE LAPLACA LATERAL A-Left hand cutters (dientes de corte izquierdos) B-Right hand cutters (dientes de corte derechos) A- Hook (gancho) B -Backward slope (pendientehaciaatr_s) CORRECT TOPPLATE FILINGANGLE...
  • Page 29 A-Restore original shape by rounding the front (restablezcala forma original redondeando la partefrontal) Fi_[.4__00 A_Lubricating hole (orificio lubricaci6n)

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